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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 694


Chapter 694: 694

Chapter 694 - Sword and Saber

...Meanwhile, at the Blue Rock Dojo...

The crowd collected their thoughts and switched their focus onto the ravine produced by the incredible slash.

Comprehending the intent of the slash was a test of their Martial Skill Talent.

Under such circumstances, every second counted. Therefore, many among the crowd immediately sat on the ground and immersed themselves in the process of comprehending the sword intent.

“HAHA, so the trial is about comprehending sword intent!”

A loud laugh could be heard all of a sudden.

It turned out to be Wu Hao.

As a matter of fact, Wu Hao was not his actual name. However, due to his extraordinary eyes, he was able to display outstanding Martial Skill Talent, thus he had changed his surname to ‘Wu1’.

In terms of Martial Skill Talent, if he assumed himself to be second, no one would dare to assume themselves to be first.

Zhu Hang let out a sigh of relief as he was aware of Wu Hao’s outstanding Martial Skill Talent. He was not willing to let such a precious opportunity go.

Gong Yang wore a grin on his face.

He clearly knew about Wu Hao’s outstanding Martial Skill Talent. But how would he be able to compete against Qin Nan?

Qin Nan’s Martial Skill Talent was surely the best in the entire Canglan Continent, let alone the Eastern Continent of the upper district! It was as if the trial had been specifically prepared for him!

“Mm? Why is Gong Yang being so carefree…”

Wu Hao’s heart sank seeing Gong Yang’s reaction. Did he have a plan to counter his participation?

Rationally speaking, Gong Yang should know that his Martial Skill Talent was no match against his. Therefore, did it mean that he was extremely confident in the young man standing beside him?

Wu Hao glimpsed at Qin Nan before shaking his head.

He shouldn’t be overthinking!

The objective now was to comprehend the sword intent!

Following this, Wu Hao, Zhu Hang, Gong Yang, and Qin Nan began to sit on the ground and comprehend the sword intent.

However, unlike the others, Qin Nan’s left eye remained open, staring at the ravine.

“The sword intent is extremely ferocious, with the might of a dragon. As such, the power of the sword intent is able to last for a significant period, but it’s completely different from the saber intent left by the Three-Sabered Sacred, a completely different style…”

Qin Nan quickly thought.

His understanding of the sword intent gradually became clearer.

The entire dojo fell silent as each cultivator was busy comprehending the sword intent.

The Blind Swordsman sat still at the entrance of the cave.

Time gradually passed.

One incense’s duration...

Two incenses’ duration...

Three incenses’ duration...

After the period it took ten incenses to burn, two auras burst out at the same time, each with a formidable sword intent similar to the one left by the Blind Swordsman.

The dojo exploded as if a fiery dragon had dived into a calm lake.

“Someone has finished in just the period it took ten ten incenses to burn! And there are two of them!”

“It’s Wu Hao! His Martial Skill Talent is indeed impressive! But....who’s that guy?”

“I don’t know! I think he’s the one that came with Senior Brother Yang Gong! His Martial Skill Talent is comparable to Wu Hao’s!”

The eyes of the crowd sprang open as they stared at Qin Nan with utter astonishment.

A Martial Skill Talent on par with Wu Hao’s;wasn’t this person a little bit too terrifying?

Wu Hao and Zhu Hang were astonished too.

The outcome had definitely taken them by surprise!

“Yang Gong!” Wu Hao’s face darkened as he let out a hollow laugh, “Your friend’s Martial Skill Talent is comparable to mine. How impressive!”

Wu Hao finally understood the reason why Gong Yang had been so calm since the beginning of the trial!

However, Gong Yang’s face was filled with astoundment too. His gaze toward Qin Nan was filled with doubts.

What was going on?

Wu Hao’s Martial Skill Talent was comparable to Qin Nan’s?

That was impossible!

Qin Nan’s Martial Skill Talent had even caused the Reaper’s Platform to explode!

“Silence,” The Blind Swordsman said calmly, “Since the two of you have comprehended the sword intent, it’s time to see whose sword intent is stronger.”

The crowd immediately became quiet as everyone stared at Wu Hao and Qin Nan.

Even though they were quite disappointed with the outcome, they were eager to know who out of the two would end up winning the trial.

“Hey, what’s your name? You’re the only one that one that can match my Martial Skill Talent in the entire Eastern Continent. You should be proud of yourself! That being said, the victory is still mine!”

Wu Hao’s eyes emitted a crimson glow.

He pointed his finger at the dojo and swiped it across.


A powerful sword intent was unleashed, slashing toward the dojo with a tremendous force.

The sword intent from the ravine produced by the slash was similar to the Blind Swordsman’s slash, only with a slightly weaker power.

“How strong!”

The crowd was dumbfounded.

Within just the period it had taken ten incenses to burn, Wu Hao had almost mastered the move by the Blind Swordsman.

“Your turn!” Wu Hao wore a satisfied look. With his performance, it was impossible for him to be defeated by the young man.

Qin Nan stepped forward and wore a calm expression under the crowd’s gaze.

He did not make his move straight away, but rather brought his fists together facing the Blind Swordsman, “Senior, I’ve got something to say. I’m not a sword artist, but a saber artist, so…”


A terrifying aura burst out from the Blind Swordsman’s figure.

The snow flakes above him were separated into two sides instead of falling in front of him as if they had been slashed in half by a sword.

The terrifying aura immediately locked onto Qin Nan’s figure!

“Huh? Are you looking down on sword arts? What good are sabers! Swords are the kings of all weapons!”

The Blind Swordsman uttered the words like claps of thunder.

The aura swept

The aura swept the place, as if an enormous city was pressing down onto the crowd’s shoulders, which placed them on the verge of dropping to their knees.

Without a doubt, Qin Nan’s words had caused the Blind Swordsman to feel sour.

He had been a sword buff his entire life, and he slightly despised those who used sabers.

Qin Nan’s expression remained unchanged.

The aura alone was not enough to surprise him.

“Senior, please don’t misunderstand. It doesn’t matter if it’s a sword or a saber, the one using them is more important,” Qin Nan brought his fists together and said, “I just wanted to clarify that I’m not a sword-user, thus I wouldn’t be able to unleash a sword intent. I can only alter your sword intent into my own saber intent!”

Qin Nan raised his finger and swiped across.

An icy glow was unleashed.

The powerful slash immediately tore the dojo in half, with a lingering saber intent similar to the Blind Swordsman’s sword intent. Meanwhile, its power was on par with Wu Hao’s slash!


At that instant, everyone including Wu Hao was left in awe.


Are you kidding me!

This person had not only comprehended the sword intent, but had altered it to become his own saber intent within the period it took ten incenses to burn?

How terrifying was his Martial Skill Talent!

It was obvious who had won the trial!

Translator: XephiZ

Editor: DOCuinn

[1] TL Note: ‘Wu’ (武) here represents Martial Arts (武术/武功) or Martial Skills (武技).


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