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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 690


Chapter 690

Chapter 690 - Gong Yang’s Arrival

The arriving person was one zhang tall, with a muscular physique. His hair was spiky while his eyes were red. Even from a distance away, everyone could feel a great pressure from him.

“This person possesses an eighth-layer Martial Highness Realm cultivation and an eighth-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit. The Martial Art he practices is similar to the group of the ten…”

Qin Nan’s eyes flickered with astonishment. If he weren’t mistaken, it was highly possible that the person was ranked on the Hidden Dragon Ranking.

“Senior Brother, why are you here?” Zhang Yishou immediately brought his fists together with a respectful look.

The cultivators began to gossip among themselves seeing this.

“This guy must be Shi Jingtao, thirty-first ranked on the Hidden Dragon Ranking.”

“Why would he come here in person?”

“I’m not sure, but it might have something to do with the ten cultivators.”

The cultivators who practiced similar Martial Arts as Shi Jingtao took a step forward in an orderly fashion and brought their fists together. Their eyes flickered as they communicated in secret.

Seeing this, Zhang Yishou’s heart sank while his forehead was covered in sweat. It was obvious that these ten cultivators were closely related to Shi Jingtao. Even though his status was not too low in the Dao-Seeking Mountain, it was nothing compared to a genius who had made it onto the Hidden Dragon Ranking.

“You’re Zhang Yishou, right? These are my friends. Give them the badges.” Shi Jingtao spoke in a calm tone, but it felt like he was giving out a command instead.

Hearing this, Zhang Yishou showed no hesitation and blurted out, “So these are Senior Brother’s friends. Pardon me for being ignorant, please forgive me for my misbehaving. I’ll make up for it when I have the chance. Here are the badges…”

Zhang Yishou immediately handed them ten badges. The rogue cultivators raised their heads slightly and received them. Following this, Shi Jingtao turned around and prepared to leave, leading the cultivators.

Qin Nan frowned upon seeing this. Didn’t this mean that three hundred badges were given out today, which meant that he would have to wait until the following day in order to enter the Dao-Seeking Mountain?

The cultivators behind Qin Nan wore unpleasant look, but none of them dared to voice out their opinions in front of Shi Jingtao。


Qin Nan stepped forward and spoke, grabbing the attention of the crowd.

What was this guy up to?

“What’s wrong with you?” Zhang Yishao’s attitude changed immediately. An imperious aura burst out from his figure.

Shi Jingtao and the ten cultivators proceeded with their actions as if they had not heard Qin Nan’s words. However, they immediately halted after hearing his next sentence.

“The entry badges are are given out according to the rules. Why are they allowed to take the badges without queuing up? Are they allowed to break the rules just because of this Shi Jingtao’s status?” Qin Nan spoke calmly.

The words instantly shocked the crowd. Was this young man out of his mind? Was he seriously picking on Shi Jingtao here at the Dao-Seeking Mountain!

Zhang Yishou’s face became dark as he snapped, “Who are you? What does it matter to you? I’m in charge of the distribution of the badges. I’ll give them to whoever I want! Since when are you allowed to question my authority?”

Zhang Yishou had already been feeling unpleasant due to Shi Jingtao’s interfering with his authority. However, he had not expected a mere outsider to dare question his motives too. Do you think you’re Shi Jingtao too?

“Breaking the rules?” Shi Jingtao suddenly snapped while glaring down at Qin Nan with a menacing grin, “My friend, let me tell you—only the powerful are respected here at the Dao-Seeking Mountain! I can change the rules as I wish!”

The words served as a great explosion, accompanied by the prestige of the thirty-first ranked genius of the Hidden Dragon Ranking.

Many cultivators were astounded. Most of them were only at the earlier stages of the Martial Highness Realm, thus they could not help but shiver facing Shi Jingtao’s suppression.

Only Qin Nan remained expressionless.

“I’ll expressionless.

“I’ll let you handle this fool!” Shi Jingtao’s eyes flickered when he saw Qin Nan’s calm reaction. He immediately withdrew his aura and gave Zhang Yishou a glance before leaving the scene. Although this young man’s cultivation was quite remarkable, there was no point in him dealing with him personally.

“Did you hear me? Leave here at once! From today onward, you shall never set foot onto the Dao-Seeking Mountain!” Zhang Yishou snapped as if he were the ruler of the Dao-Seeking Mountain.

“Only the powerful ones are respected, huh?”

Qin Nan smirked. The principles of the Dao-Seeking Mountain were quite cruel, but it was definitely in his favor.

“He should be here anytime now…”

Qin Nan raised his head staring into the distance.

“Why are you still here? Are you waiting to be killed!?” Zhang Yishou wore a stupefied face. He did not expect the young man to treat his furious words like nothing. Following this, a murderous intent arose within his heart. Shi Jingtao could treat him like dirt, but that didn’t mean this young man could do the same thing as well!

However, at that instant!


The space surrounding the dojo crumbled as a terrifying suppression burst out like a surging wave.

Shi Jingtao and his group were stunned seeing this. The figures in the crowd shuddered too. The suppression almost caused them to suffocate.

“This is…”

Zhang Yishou raised his Yishou raised his head and stared at the rift.

Gong Yang stepped out from the rift with a calm expression, with his aura fully unleashed. Cracks began to fill the surface of the icy dojo due to his presence.

Shi Jingtao’s aura was nothing comparing to Gong Yang’s.

“Senior Brother Yang Gong!” At that instant, it was Shi Jingtao’s turn to wear a dumbfounded face. What’s going on, why would Senior Brother Yang Gong come here in person?


Zhang Yishou and the cultivators held their breaths. Yang Gong was one of the top geniuses of the Dao-Seeking Mountain. His status was on par with the elders, as the potential of his future was immeasurable.

He had never shown himself at the dojo. Why would he be here today?

Gong Yang ignored the comments and quickly scanned the crowd. Upon discovering Qin Nan’s presence, he withdrew his aura and burst out laughing, “HAHAHA, you’ve finally come to the Dao-Seeking Mountain!”

The laugh was uttered with the utmost sincerity.

“Yeah, I’m here finally…”

Qin Nan could not help but let out a smile.

Following this, two hands were clenched tightly together. The friendship between them had never changed.

However, the scene was like a clap of thunder out of the blue for the crowd, leaving them in utter astonishment.

What...what kind of joke was this?

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