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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 69


Chapter 69 - Arcane Realm

Qin Nan straightened his face and unleashed his Eyes of the divine Battle Spirit, observing everything within three miles of him.

Following it, Qin Nan discovered a mysterious force in the distant woods had absorbed the Blood Barrier Mist.

Even with his vision after using the Eyes of the divine Battle Spirit, he still could not tell what the thing was, despite it having the capability to absorb the Blood Barrier Mist.

’’Let's try and see if there's any danger on the lake.’’ Qin Nan said as he picked up some stones from the ground;he covered the stones with Saber Intent before throwing them at the lake.

The stones flew hard through the air and collided with the surface of the lake, causing a loud 'BANG' which produced a rain of lake water.

After seeing this, the three instinctively glanced at each other.

’’It seems like there's no danger at all.’’ Chu Yun slightly frowned her eyebrows and said, ’’The vanish of the Blood Barrier Mist is suspicious indeed;in my opinion, we should quickly grab the Three Petal Golden Lily and leave at once, to prevent involving ourselves in unexpected danger.’’

Qin Nan nodded his head after hearing the words;it did indeed seem like the best option.

Following it, Qin Nan sprang forward across the lake and landed close to the entrance of the cave.

’’So this is the Three Petal Golden Lily?’’ Qin Nan focused his gaze on the stalk of the flower before him.

The lily was the size of a palm, with only three petals;every petal shone goldenly, and an arcane force could be felt from them.

Qin Nan immediately reached out his hand and plucked the Three Petal Golden Lily;he then plucked two petals from it and said, ’’One petal for each of you two.’’

Chu Yun and Xiao Leng did not hesitate to receive the petals.

’’Let's go;Senior Sister Chu Yun, come with me to a secure place, so that you may absorb the Three Petal Golden Lily safely.’’ Qin Nan said, before his body sprang toward a certain direction.

At that moment, Qin Nan had somehow become the leader of the three, deciding what the next step would be.

After the three left the place, a figure slowly took shape on the clear lake.


The three once again returned to the previous cave.

Xiao Leng and Chu Yun did not waste any time;they both found a spot in the cave and sat down with their legs crossed, before they consumed the Three Petal Golden Lily and started cultivating.

After seeing their actions, Qin Nan proceeded to the deepest part of the cave and sat down with his legs crossed;he took out the shiny petal of the Golden Lily.

’’Now is the time to see what effect this Three Petal Golden Lily will bring.’’

Qin Nan calmed himself down and swallowed the petal;he then closed his eyes slowly.

The petal instantly turned into a hot feeling that flowed to all parts of Qin Nan's body, as if his body was burning in flames.

At the same time, a thick and pure stream of Qi appeared bursting within his body, which flowed toward his limbs and his organs.

’’Such powerful Qi.’’

Qin Nan opened his eyes as a shocked expression appeared on his face;this stream of Qi was equivalent to at least twenty Xiantian Pills, and the purity of the Qi had surpassed that of the Xiantian Pills.

The most important fact was that he had only consumed one of the petals of the Golden Lily;if he were to consume all three petals, how strong would the Qi be?

Qin Nan took a deep breath and restrained his thoughts so he could fully focus on cultivating this thick stream of pure Qi.

It took Qin Nan three days to fully absorb the stream of Qi.

At that instant, Qin Nan's body was different compared to its previous state.

When he leveled up to the seventh-layer Body Tempering Realm, his flesh, joints, and organs had improved to the strength of steel plates, with unlimited force. After receiving the Qi from the petal of Golden Lily, his blood became excited, flowing around in his body like a small river.

Even though he had not achieved the eighth-layer Body Tempering Realm, his body's strength had now reached the peak of seventh-layer Body Tempering Realm;ordinary cultivators of the seventh-layer Body Tempering Realm were no match against him.

’’The Body Tempering Realm is split into ten layers, which refers to the tempering of the flesh, the joints, the organs, and the blood. After consuming the petal of Golden Lily, my blood starts to be tempered, flowing rapidly like a river. If I continue to cultivate, improving my blood circulation to rumble like an ocean, I would then level up to the eighth-layer Body Tempering Realm.

Qin Nan had his eyes opened wide, with an assured expression in his eyes;he had understood clearly the path of his cultivation.

Despite that, Qin Nan was not in a rush to improve his cultivation right now.

The most precious thing about the Three Petal Golden Lily was the effect it had on one's Martial Art comprehension, instead of cultivation.

’’Here it is, the true benefit of the Three Petal Golden Lily...’’

Qin Nan inhaled deeply and closed his eyes, forcing his thoughts to become calm.

At that instant, the Perfection Stage Saber Intent of One with the Saber was unleashed from Qin Nan's body into the surroundings, causing the cave to be encapsulated in an icy aura.

Meanwhile, the arcane force of the Three Petal Golden Lily was released;it turned into a mysterious stream which flowed toward Qin Nan's brain and entered his thoughts.

’’So this is what makes the Three Petal Golden Lily special?’’

Qin Nan felt astonishment in his mind;he began to feel the Martial World before him was turning brighter and more spacious. All the doubts he had once had in his mind were all solved with ease.

For example, if the Martial World was a barrier, after consuming the petal of Golden Lily, Qin Nan managed to break through this barrier and find himself arriving in a new world.

’’I didn't expect this Three Petal Golden Lily to be so beneficial;no wonder it's so valuable. I should make use of the time now to comprehend, and maybe I could have a breakthrough of the Perfection Stage of One with the Saber to have a grasp of the legendary Arcane Realm’’

Following it, Qin Nan calmed himself down once again and immersed himself into the state of One with the Mind.

After he turned into the state of a Martial Addict, a figure appeared in Qin Nan's mind;the figure had a saber in his hand as he danced around executing Saber Arts, which switched alternatively between the Thundercrash Saber Art and the Hundred Steps Soaring Saber. The figure revealed the greatest secrets of these two Saber Arts.

The figure was Qin Nan's comprehension of Martial Arts;it was a reflection of him mastering the Saber Arts.

Meanwhile, a blurry figure slowly appeared behind Qin Nan.

The divine Battle Spirit had been unleashed on its own.

After it appeared, the figure dancing Saber Arts in Qin Nan's mind started to execute the Mystical Eight Steps;he even executed different unknown Sword Arts, Fist Arts and Palm Arts, revealing countless secrets of the different abilities.

At that moment, QIn Nan completely immersed in the Martial Skill presentation of the figure in his mind;he had entered an arcane state.

Five days had passed;Chu Yun and Xiao Leng had awoken from their cultivation.

Powerful auras could be felt from both Xiao Leng and Chu Yun's bodies;their cultivation had greatly improved.

Especially Xiao Leng, whose cultivation had achieved the eighth-layer Body Tempering Realm, and had also mastered the Minor Success Stage of One with the Sword, increasing his battle power.

Chu Yun withdrew her aura and glanced at the inner part of the cave before saying in a low tone, ’’How long does Junior Brother Qin Nan need before coming out from seclusion?’’

Xiao Leng gave her a look as he instinctively thought of the experience he had when Qin Nan came out last time;he shook his head and said, ’’I'm not sure. Let's not disturb him.’’

However, at that instant, a terrifying aura could be felt coming from the inner part of the cave.

At that instant, Xiao Leng and Chu Yun's expressions changed incredibly.

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