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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 689


Chapter 689

Chapter 689 - Entry Badge

“I’m sure that the right arm of the divine God of Battle is somewhere here at the Dao-Seeking Mountain.”

Qin Nan wore a stern expression.

As everyone knew, the Dao-Seeking Mountain was extremely strict about maintaining its class hierarchy. The thirty-six icy mountains were assigned separately to the outer disciples, inner disciples, core disciples, elders, authorities, etc. Only those with a certain level or cultivation were allowed to enter the main areas of the Dao-Seeking Mountain.

Therefore, it was almost impossible for an outsider to enter the main areas.

The Dao-Seeking Treasure Vault was one of them.

“I shall come up with a plan later. Let’s see if Gong Yang has any good ideas.”

Qin Nan cleared his mind and proceeded toward the icy mountain on the icy path. He soon arrived at the peak of the mountain, where he found tens of giant palaces crowded together like an enormous city.

In the middle of the palaces stood an icy dojo.


Qin Nan came to a halt.

He could see hundreds of rogue cultivators discussing with each other on the dojo, resulting in a lively scene.

Qin Nan was shocked after he scanned the dojo with his left eye. Most of the cultivators had reached the Martial Highness Realm and a few of them had even achieved the peak Martial Highness Realm.

What was going on here?

“Did you know, some weird occurrence has taken place at the Dao-Seeking Treasure Vault this year.”

“Hehe, of course. Why would I be here if it weren’t because of that?”

“There are still three months until the Dao-Seeking Treasure Vault opens. Why would a rare occurrence be triggered there? Do you have any insight?”

“Insight my ass. Once I enter the Dao-Seeking Mountain, I’ll think of a plan to take a look at the Dao-Seeking Treasure Vault. Who knows, maybe I’m the one chosen by the Heavens, hahaha!”

Qin Nan came to a realization after hearing the discussions.

It seemed like these rogue cultivators had gathered here due to the rare occurrence that had taken place at the Dao-Seeking Treasure Vault.

“Does that meant that anyone can enter the Dao-Seeking Treasure Vault?” A doubt crossed Qin Nan’s thoughts.

Tsk tsk, you will know soon. These jerks of the Dao-Seeking Mountain are a bunch of vampires. Before I achieved the Martial Progenitor Realm, they had set me up a few times…” The Disordered Ocean Progenitor uttered a hollow laugh after seeing Qin Nan’s confusion.

“Therefore, once you ranked up to the Martial Progenitor Realm, you ended up robbing lots of stuff from them.” The Crimson Blood Progenitor added.

Following this, the two began to argue with one another.

Qin Nan rolled his eyes. This Disordered Ocean Progenitor liked to boast about his achievements, while the Crimson Blood Progenitor had more of a cold personality, but at times he would add sarcastic comments without mercy. Sometimes, these two progenitors would argue with one another like children.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

In the meantime, a few piercing sounds could be heard. Disciples wearing white robes arrived at the dojo. However, they were only the outer disciples of the the Dao-Seeking Mountain, with cultivations at the peak Martial Dominator Realm.

“Welcome to the Dao-Seeking Mountain.”

A voice could be heard as a figure leapt out from a rift and descended upon the dojo, with a fifth-layer Martial Highness Realm cultivation.

The man had a bulky figure, with a pair of tiny eyes. A flicker could be seen from them, giving him a hideous appearance.

“My name is Zhang Yishou, an inner disciple of the Dao-Seeking Mountain,” Zhang Yishou scanned the crowd with his squinting eyes, “I believe that many of you are here for the Dao-Seeking Treasure Vault. The rules are simple—there are only three hundred entry badges available every day, each of them costing thirty thousand Primary Stones. You will also have to reveal your cultivation and identity before acquiring the badges. You will have to wait for the following day if you don’t manage to get the badge. I hope you won’t blame me for that, I’m only following the rules…”

Saying this, Zhang Yishou hesitated before he added, “As you’re aware, even with the badges, you’re only given access on par with an outer disciple around the area. You will have to try some other way if you were planning to access the actual vault.”

Qin Nan finally understood the Disordered Ocean Progenitor’s words after hearing this.

Thirty thousand Primary Stones!

Only three hundred spots every day!

Not to mention that the badges would only grant them access to the areas where outer disciples were allowed to enter.

If he guessed right, outsiders who were planning to access the Dao-Seeking Treasure Vault Treasure Vault would still need to pay a great price or finish some tasks given by the Dao-Seeking Mountain.

“Please line up now. No cultivation or violence is permitted. Otherwise, you will be disqualified.” Following this, the cultivators began to line up.

“I’ll send Brother Yang a message first…”

Qin Nan took out a badge and transmitted a message.

Previously at the Crimson Blood Ocean, both Gong Yang and Zhao Fang had each given him unique badges for communication purposes.

Following this, his left eye of the divine God of Battle flickered as he made his way into the line, right at the two hundred and ninety-eighth spot. Qin Nan could easily position himself closer to the front, but he was planning to save some Primary Stones if Gong Yang could make it in time.

He was not willing to give his Primary Stones to the Dao-Seeking Mountain.

The cultivators took their turns identifying themselves and paying the Primary Stones to receive the badges.

Over two hundred and seventy cultivators had finished their turns. It was Qin Nan’s turn soon.

The rogue cultivators behind Qin Nan began to murmur in a displeased tone. If they didn’t make it today, they would have to queue up again tomorrow.

“Brother Yang is still not here…”

Qin Nan’s expression became gloomy. Two hundred and ninety badges had been given out.

It seemed like he had no choice but to pay the Primary Stones.

“Can’t help it…”

Qin Nan shook his head. He would have to think of some way to earn his Primary Stones back from the Dao-Seeking Mountain.

However, Dao-Seeking Mountain.

However, at that instant, a shocking occurrence took place.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

A few powerful auras approached the dojo from afar, which swept the dojo with suppressions of the Martial Highness Realm.

The rogue cultivators were astounded. They did not expect someone to act so scornfully within the boundaries of the Dao-Seeking Mountain. Everyone, including Qin Nan, raised their heads gazing at the source of the auras.


Qin Nan narrowed his eyes.

There were ten cultivators in total, each with formidable auras. Furthermore, a thick sense of murderous aura could be felt from each of them, as if they had experienced countless battles before.

“These cultivators are no ordinary people. Their cultivations are seventh-layer Martial Highness Realm and above and the Martial Skills they practice are similar. Their strength would be stronger when they synchronize their attacks.”

Qin Nan mumbled to himself.

“Hehe, are you here to enter the Dao-Seeking Mountain?” Zhang Yishou wore a calm expression as he spoke, “I’m sorry. Everyone must follow the rules of the Dao-Seeking Mountain. You will have to line up if you are planning to acquire the badges as a way to ensure fairness…”

The cultivators glanced at Zhang Yishou in silence.

Zhang Yishou’s expression became slightly unpleasant.

This was the Dao-Seeking Mountain. Zhang Yishou still had some influence among the cultivators. So what if these cultivators possessed greater cultivations than him? No one was allowed to ignore the rules!

Meanwhile, a terrifying aura arrived at the dojo.

Seeing the person there, Zhang Yishou wore a blank expression.

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