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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 685


Chapter 685

Chapter 685 - The Dao-Seeking Treasure Vault

He only managed to find a single line of words written on the scroll——

Dao-Seeking Mountain, the Dao-Seeking Treasure Vault!

It took Qin Nan a moment to collect his thoughts, while he wore a complicated expression. He had never expected that the right arm of the divine God of Battle would be located at the Dao-Seeking Mountain.

“It’s most likely on purpose.”

Qin Nan took a deep breath.

The Dao-Seeking Mountain could be considered his greatest foe at the current time. Surely, there would be a great battle taking place between them soon. Therefore, it might be the reason why the right arm of the divine God of Battle had been placed there.

“Previously in the lower district, Sacred Leader Qinglong chose not to kill Progenitor Wen Dao, and even clarified that he had been spared for me to deal with myself, and now, the right arm of the divine God of Battle is waiting for me in the Dao-Seeking Treasure Vault. It seems like everything has been going according to their plan…”

Qin Nan immediately cleared his doubts.

Sacred Leader Qinglong and the right arm of the divine God of Battle had planned this all along in order to train him.

“That being said, where exactly is this Dao-Seeking Treasure Vault? Maybe I’ll need to ask the seniors later.”

Qin Nan shook his head and cleared his thoughts.

Since he now knew where the right arm of the divine God of Battle was, there was no rush in acquiring it. He should worry about it after dealing with the wills of the Martial Progenitors and the Heavenly Fortune Talisman.

“This Heavenly Fortune Talisman…”

Qin Nan observed the talisman in his Dantian and furrowed his eyebrows.

The talisman had been restless all this time, as if it was eager to break free from Qin Nan’s will and devour all the Chaos Qi. Even though it was somehow obedient last time, there was no guarantee it would not misbehave now.

“I’ll give you some for now. You’d better not disobey my will. Otherwise, you won’t be getting a single stream of the Chaos Qi!”

Qin Nan snapped.

The Heavenly Fortune Talisman calmed itself as if it was able to understand Qin Nan’s words.

Qin Nan did not hesitate to give three thousand streams of the Chaos Qi to the talisman.


The talisman shuddered slightly as it emitted a glow that circulated around itself like a dragon. A mystical aura was slowly unleashed within the talisman.

“Mm? It’s trying to nurture its spirit?” Qin Nan inspected with his left eye. Although he was unable to comprehend the process, he could sense something alive within it.

“No wonder this talisman approached me on its own. It appears that the Chaos Qi can be used to nurture its intelligence.”

Qin Nan nodded his head slightly and calmed his thoughts.

Judging from the rate of the process, it would take at least a few months to complete.

“I’ll transfer some of the Chaos Qi to the wills of the Martial Progenitors!”

Qin Nan gave a thousand streams streams of the Chaos Qi to each of the wills of the Martial Progenitors.


At that instant, two powerful auras could be felt, as two glows were emitted from Qin Nan’s back, which slowly turned into human figures and materialized.

“Just as I thought, it’s the same as the Primordial Spirit of the Blood-Winged Vermilion Bird…”

Qin Nan’s eyes flickered with excitement.

With his Chaos Qi, it was possible that he could revive the two Martial Progenitors! Well, it was only a possibility.

“HAHA! I’m finally awake!”


A loud laugh and a cold harrumph could be heard at the same time.

The appearance of the figures bore some resemblance to one another. Both were old men with white mustaches. However, one was wearing a blue robe, while the other one was wearing a crimson robe. The former was icy and the latter was fiery.

These two were the Disordered Ocean Progenitor and the Crimson Blood Progenitor.

Even though their wills had been restored into human figures now, their cultivations were still too weak.

“Greetings, seniors.”

Qin Nan brought his hands together and said humbly.

“Mm? So you’re the kid with the Primary Force?” The Disordered Ocean Progenitor lowered his head and gazed at Qin Nan with an astounded look.

“Give us more of the Chaos Qi for us to recover, and I’ll consider recruiting you as my disciple.” The Crimson Blood Progenitor wore a cold expression and demanded pridefully.


The Disordered Ocean Progenitor laughed and raised his head as he spoke, “He’s right. Kid, it’s your privilege to help to help us recover. Once you become our disciple, no one in the Eastern Continent would dare to bully you…”

Hearing this, Qin Nan wore a gentle smile.

All he got from recovering them by wasting a significant amount of his Chaos Qi was a mere chance to become their disciple?

Besides, he had no doubt saved their lives. Was this how Martial Progenitors treated their savior?

“Sorry, I disagree.”

Qin Nan waved his hand.

“You don’t agree?”

The two Martial Progenitors were stunned.

They were Martial Progenitors! Experts of the Martial Progenitor Realm!

And this guy was unwilling to serve them?

“Kid, you’re going to get yourself killed!”

The faces of the two Martial Progenitors coldened as a terrifying suppression spread throughout the mountains like a surging flood, causing the beasts residing among the mountains to flee for their lives.

Qin Nan’s expression remained the same.

“You want me to help you recover. You’re asking me for a favor, and you’re now threatening me?” Qin Nan gave a derisive laugh.

These two Martial Progenitors were used to acting scornfully. Did they really think everyone should submit themselves to them?

“How bold! I will teach you a lesson!”

“How disrespectful!”

The Disordered Ocean Progenitor and the Crimson Blood Progenitor uttered cold laughs before they turned into two beams that entered Qin Nan’s divine Sense.

As they had just regained their human appearances, their cultivations were still too weak to face Qin Nan physically. Their only choice was to rely on powerful ancient Martial Arts and the power of their wills to attack Qin to attack Qin Nan’s divine Sense as a way to teach him a lesson!


Qin Nan was completely speechless.

Of all the places, they had chosen to attack his divine Sense. Weren’t they seriously asking to be beaten up?

After entering the divine Sense, the Disordered Ocean Progenitor gave the Crimson Blood Progenitor a conceited look and said with a grin, “Since we are still too weak now, let’s work together and use that skill to penetrate this kid’s divine Sense…”


The Crimson Blood Progenitor nodded. He greatly despised juniors who were proud and showed no respect to their seniors.

However, the two Martial Progenitors immediately discovered the copper mirror floating in the divine Sense.

“Oh, not bad. This kid has a treasure guarding his divine Sense?”

The Disordered Ocean Progenitor glanced at the mirror and chuckled, “If that’s the case, let’s destroy his treasure. If he is still unwilling to obey, we’ll then destroy his divine Sense…”

The Crimson Blood Progenitor pondered for a while. That sounded like a better plan.

He was not too keen on destroying his divine Sense straight away. After all, he had saved their lives.


The two exchanged glances with one another before making up their minds and executing a powerful ancient Martial Skill, which summoned a giant spear that propelled itself at the copper mirror.

The calm copper mirror suddenly emitted a glow.

The icy female voice echoed from the Nine Heavens. This time, her tone was filled with a hint of anger!

“Who’s there?”

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