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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 684


Chapter 684

Chapter 684 - Change on the Hidden Dragon Ranking

“Duan Qing has escaped!”

“What a surprise, the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom went all out to protect him!”

Gasp, most importantly, even the attack from the Leader of the Trading Alliance’s clone failed to kill him!”

The cultivators on the Ancient Battlefield were stupefied.

The authorities of the Trading Alliance wore unpleasant looks on their faces. There was nothing else they could do at this stage. Even if they still had some other tricks up their sleeves, it would not do them any good.

There was no reason for them to battle against the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom now that Duan Qing had escaped.

“Progenitor Wen Dao, I’ll finish the fight next time!”

Tang Qingshan snapped coldly and with a kick, his figure merged into one with the saber and disappeared following a saber glow. Progenitor Wen Dao had failed to keep him here despite the moves he executed.


Progenitor Wen Dao’s eyes became fiery!

A mere ant in the past was now able to oppose him and escape freely. How could he feel pleasant?

“Let’s go!”

Despite the unwillingness of the authorities, they could only clench their teeth and utter the command.

There was no point in continuing the battle. Besides, the series of events that had taken place here at the Crimson Blood Ocean was surely going to stir a great chaos in the Eastern Continent. Therefore, it was essential for them to withdraw and discuss the measures they had to take to deal with the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom.

The authorities grabbed their disciples and fell back.

The Sky-Scorching Emperor’s crew did not chase after them, but rather returned to the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom.

An hour later, the Crimson Blood Ocean had regained its peacefulness. Luan Feng and the people of the Luan Clan glanced at the Crimson Blood Ocean. They understood that from today onward, the Crimson Blood Ocean would be calm forever, as no one would come and disturb its peace anymore.

“So the copper cauldron didn’t even appear…” Luan Feng said.

“It doesn’t matter now. Our clan has made the right bet,” Luan Chengjie smilingly said, “Tell everyone to pack their stuff. We’re moving to the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom!”

The words took Luan Feng and the elders by surprise. It seemed like Luan Chengjie had placed another bet.

He was betting on Duan Qing’s future, anticipating him to shine brightly in the upper district’s Eastern Continent!

Two hours later, the news from the Crimson Blood Ocean was spread to various places in the Eastern Continent.

The entire Eastern Continent was filled with an uproar.

“Impressive! Duan Qing has acquired the three treasures! Even the Heavenly Fortune Talisman has fallen into his hands!”

“This is a sign that the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom is going to rise soon!”

“That Tang Qingshan who came from the lower district is outstanding too! It’s highly possible that he has altered his destiny, summoning the rare phenomenon of the Tribulation. It is said that after the mysterious expert helped him to overcome the Tribulation, he instantly ranked up to the sixth-layer Martial Sacred Realm!”

“Things are heating up here in the the Eastern Continent!”

Many cultivators expressed their thoughts and exclaimed. Some of them respected the achievements, while the others treated them disdainfully.

Either way, the names of Duan Qing and Tang Qingshan had risen into the sky like new stars, shining brightly above the Eastern Continent.

Not long after, a change occurred on the Hidden Dragon Ranking.

“Look! Check out Duan Qing’s rank!”

Tsk tsk, the kid is now an eighth-layer Martial Highness, and was able to survive the attacks of the entire crowd together with the mysterious cultivator. He even survived the attack from the clone with the cultivation of the Martial Sacred Realm.”

“He would be ranked sixteenth at most, right?”

With their doubts in mind, the cultivators immediately checked the Hidden Dragon Ranking.

Everyone was shocked after getting a glimpse of the ranking.

Hidden Dragon Ranking: Duan Qing, ranked ninth—surpassing Yang Gong of the Dao-Seeking Mountain!

Under his name was a record of his outstanding achievements, which were comparable to the cultivators above him.

Most importantly, all of the top fifteen cultivators on the Hidden Dragon Ranking possessed at least a ninth-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit! In other words, one could only be ranked in the top fifteen with a ninth-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit!

Duan Qing’s Martial Spirit was only eighth-grade Di ranked!

The Eastern Continent was filled with uproars once again.

Tsk tsk, climbing to the ninth rank with only an eighth-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit. Does the ranking assume that he’s guaranteed to alter his destiny after retrieving the Heavenly Fortune Talisman?”

“Impressive, this is the first time the Hidden the Hidden Dragon Ranking has broken its own rules.”


As the cultivators of the Eastern Continent became restless, Qin Nan and the Skyhowl White Tiger had returned to the palace in White Tiger City.

“Kid, go visit Zhou Bihua at the Vermilion Bird Platoon. I’ll take a rest.”

The figure of the Skyhowl White Tiger shuddered before it turned into a white glow that flew to the Heaven-Worshipping Ground. Its aura vanished completely as it stood stationary, as if it had turned into a real statue.

“Thank you.”

Qin Nan brought his fists together and proceeded to the Vermilion Bird Platoon.

On the Yellow Soil Dojo, Zhou Bihua, Elder Wang, Di Fengyun, Longhu, Mu Chengye, and the others were waiting for him.

Zhou Bihua and Elder Wang immediately exclaimed after he arrived, “Great job!”

The eyes of Di Fengyun and Mu Chengye were filled with utter respect.

They could not help but feel intimidated when they imagined the challenges that Duan Qing had to face at the Crimson Blood Ocean. Despite that, Duan Qing had managed to turn the tables around and had claimed the possession of the three treasures!


How could they even compare themselves to him!

Meanwhile, the Sky-Scorching Emperor and his crew had returned too.

The experts of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom surrounded Qin Nan while laughing. It seemed like Qin Nan had slowly become the center of focus of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom.

“This time, thanks to Seniors’ help, I’m able to return to the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom with the treasures in one piece. I will not forget your kindness, and your kindness, and will try my best to repay it in the future!”

Qin Nan brought his fists together and said with a stern look.


The Blood-Winged Vermilion Bird, Zhou Bihua, and the Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise were left speechless.

The eyes of the Sky-Scorching Emperor flickered. His racing heart finally became calm. The Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom had gone all out to help Qin Nan. It would serve as a great loss if Qin Nan were an ungrateful person.

“From now onward, the other three factions will surely be watching you closely. We will leave a mark on you, so that if you were to find yourself in danger, we will be there in time…” The Sky-Scorching Emperor said as a thought crossed his mind.

The Blood-Winged Vermilion Bird and the others nodded their heads too.

Qin Nan could feel a stream of warmth flowing in his heart. He immediately nodded his head.

Following this, the crowd began to discuss the events that had taken place at the Crimson Blood Ocean. Qin Nan found himself a concealed spot in the mountains close to the Vermilion Bird Platoon. He established a forbidding aura as protection, before taking out the scroll.


Qin Nan exhaled deeply, before his gaze became sharp.

He began to direct the Chaos Qi within his body into the scroll.

He was keen to know where he could find the right arm of the divine God of Battle!

However, when he read the contents of the scroll, a blank expression appeared on his face.

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