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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 683


Chapter 683

Chapter 683 - The Arrival of the Deceased Emperor, Until Next Time

It turned out that the moment that Qin Nan had acquired the Heavenly Fortune Talisman, the Sky-Scorching Emperor had immediately contacted Zhou Bihua in the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom in order to send backup to prepare themselves against the other three factions.

The stone statue of the Skyhowl White Tiger was the first to arrive.

The Skyhowl White Tiger had turned into a stone statue, but its cultivation had reached the Martial Sacred Realm, thus the barrier of the half-Monarch Weapon would be unable to endure much longer.

“Sh*t, the Sky-Scorching Emperor has gone all out this time…”

The Leader of the Trading Alliance and the rest wore stern looks upon seeing this.

They clearly knew that the arrival of the Skyhowl White Tiger was only the beginning.


As they thought, a formidable aura descended from above.

The statue of a middle-aged man stepped out from a rift with glittering eyes, as if his gaze could penetrate the Heavens and Earth.

It was the Statue of the Deceased Emperor!

“What’s going on! The Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom has even sent the Statue of the Deceased Emperor!”

The authorities were dumbfounded.

They clearly knew about the existence of the Statue of the Deceased Emperor, and were extremely familiar with its power too. However, despite its outstanding power, it could only be activated a limited number of times. However, to their surprise, the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom was willing to go this far to protect Duan Qing and the Heavenly Fortune Talisman.


At that instant, the Skyhowl White Tiger’s giant claw emitted a tremendous glow and shattered the barrier of the half-Monarch Weapon. It opened its mouth wide and uttered a blasting roar, “Duan Qing, come!”

Without hesitation, Qin Nan stomped his foot and sprang toward the Skyhowl White Tiger.

“If we can’t get the Heavenly Fortune Talisman, you won’t be taking it either!”

The Leader of the Trading Alliance’s clone uttered a furious roar as its figure was engulfed in flames. The Leader of the Trading Alliance had decided to sacrifice his clone just to unleash a powerful blow to kill Duan Qing.


The crowd could only see the clone turning into a ball of flame and firing itself toward Qin Nan like an asteroid at a crazy speed, lighting up the entire sky.

The power of the attack was extremely terrifying!

“Crap!” The Sky-Scorching Emperor and his crew were astounded.

The impact alone could easily kill a first-layer Martial Sacred. Most importantly, it was too quick for them to react. Even the Statue of the Deceased Emperor could not protect Qin Nan in time.

“Left arm of of the divine God of Battle!”

In the nick of time, Qin Nan raised his left arm and used it as a shield.


The ball of flame struck Qin Nan’s figure, resulting in a huge explosion.

Qin Nan could no longer feel his left arm. However, the remaining impact continued to strike his flesh, inflicting a serious injury despite the protection of the Demon God’s Robe.

That being said...he had survived.

“Second explosion!”

The Leader of the Trading Alliance wore a menacing grin.

He was aware that Duan Qing had an outstanding defense, thus he had already planned to give Duan Qing a heavy blow first, followed by a killing strike!


Qin Nan immediately sensed a tremendous force being unleashed among the flames surrounding him. He unconsciously tried to raise his left arm, but due to the injury, he was unable to raise it in time.


A powerful force exploded.

Before the crowd could react...

A giant figure with a ferocious aura dashed into the sea of flames in the air and tugged Qin Nan into its chest while using its body as a shield.


The impact from the second explosion fully struck the giant figure, causing it to let out a cry in agony as cracks began to surface on its body.

The giant figure was none other than the Skyhowl White Skyhowl White Tiger.

As the clone executed his first attack, it had already charged toward Qin Nan. As it saw the clone preparing its second attack, it immediately protected Qin Nan with its body.

“White Tiger…”

Qin Nan stared at the broken jaw of the Skyhowl White Tiger with a blank face.

“Kid...this is to repay your debt for not killing me last time!”

The Skyhowl White Tiger wore a smile. Pieces of rock continued to fall from its face due to the movement, as if it was going to crumble soon, causing it to immediately shut its mouth and harrumph, “What are you waiting for!”


Qin Nan responded with a smile. With a flicker, he landed on top of the White Tiger.

The Skyhowl White Tiger’s gaze became furious. On second thought, this kid did have the right to do so.

“Kid, remember! Not everyone is allowed to stand on a great beast’s head! I won’t be fussy with you this time!”

The Skyhowl White Tiger murmured before it tore the space apart and prepared to leave.

The authorities stared with their eyes open wide. They clearly knew that if Duan Qing were able to leave safely, it would be extremely difficult for them to catch him the next time!


At that instant, the authorities could feel their scalps turning numb.

The Statue of the Statue of the Deceased Emperor descended from above them. A golden glowing sword had appeared in his hand, and was pointed straight at the Leader of the Trading Alliance.

A shocking fury exploded from the Statue of the Deceased Emperor.

“Brother Yang, Zhao Fang, until next time!”

Prior to Qin Nan’s departure, he transmitted his voice to Gong Yang and Zhao Fang.

These two had suffered a great deal for his sake.

“See you soon!”

Gong Yang and Zhao Fang burst out laughing. Their eyes were filled with relief.

“Jiang Bilan, I’ll fulfill my promise.” Qin Nan did not forget to transmit his voice to Jiang Bilan, who responded with a smile and disappeared swiftly with a kick.


Qin Nan looked into the sky and transmitted his voice to Tang Qingshan.

Tang Qingshan who was busy fighting Progenitor Wen Dao shuddered when he heard the voice. He lowered his head and wore an astonished look. The kid that had acquired the three treasures—was he Qin Nan?

“I still can’t destroy the Dao-Seeking Mountain now. Next time, us two will kill all the way up to the Dao-Seeking Mountain! Please...give me some more time!”

Qin Nan’s eyes flickered coldly.

As the rift was opened, the Skyhowl White Tiger dragged Qin Nan’s figure and stepped into it.

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