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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 682


Chapter 682

Chapter 682 - The Authorities Participate in the Battle


When Qin Nan saw the authorities entering the battlefield, he immediately altered his appearance with the Mortal-Appearance Changing Technique into a skinny cultivator and blended into the crowd.

Meanwhile, the cultivators collected their thoughts.

“We’re free!”

“Find Duan Qing! Don’t let him escape!”

“Right, we can’t let him escape!”

A hint of murderous intent could be seen from the eyes of the cultivators, including geniuses like Zhu Hang and the Lone Eagle.


At that instant, the authorities landed on the ground led by the Leaders of the Trading Alliance and the Wanxiang Pavilion, sweeping the place with the suppression of the Martial Sacred Realm.

The cultivators were like ants standing before the Martial Sacred Realm experts.

“The authorities are here!”

The faces of the rogue cultivators turned pale. The last hope in their hearts was gone. With the authorities involved, they no longer had any chance to interfere.

"Not on my watch!”

The Sky-Scorching Emperor, Blood-Winged Vermilion Bird, and Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise uttered furious roars that shook the Heavens and Earth. The flames of the Vermilion Bird and the glows of the Black Tortoise and the emperor were unleashed aiming at the Leaders of the Trading Alliance and the Wanxiang Pavilion.

Both the Blood-Winged Vermilion Bird and the Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise used to possess half-Martial Progenitor Realm cultivations.

Although their cultivations had yet to recover, the combined force of the trio was enough to resist the strength of the two leaders.

“Progenitor Wen Dao! What are you waiting for!” The Leader of the Trading Alliance snapped.

Progenitor Wen Dao revealed a struggling expression. Tang Qingshan had displayed his extraordinary potential, thus he had been planning to eliminate him to prevent a possible threat in the future. He could also find out where Qin Nan was by interrogating him. However, the Heavenly Fortune Talisman was extremely precious too, and he did not want the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom to have another terrifying talent.

He did have the option of sending the Wendao Elders, but with such a high-level battle taking place, they would not be helpful in dealing with the Sky-Scorching Emperor and his crew—at least it was impossible in a short period of time. If he sent the Wendao Elders to deal with Tang Qingshan with his current cultivation, he could easily escape from them.


At that instant, a terrifying saber glow pierced the sky like a soaring dragon.

It turned out to be Tang Qingshan.

The moment Tang Qingshan became aware of Progenitor Wen Dao’s presence, he immediately charged toward him without hesitation.

Even though he still could not match Progenitor Wen Dao’s cultivation, with the help of Meng Jiangnu who had now transformed into a saber, saber, he could slash anything in half! Progenitor Wen Dao had destroyed the Qinglong Sacred Area, thus there was no way he would let the chance of getting his revenge go!

“You dare take the initiative to fight me! You three, help the Trading Alliance!” Progenitor Wen Dao’s eyes spat out flames as he unleashed his peak Martial Sacred Realm aura and clashed with Tang Qingshan.

The space around them crumbled rapidly.

The battle between the two was extremely terrifying, which quickly escalated into the sky.

“Wendao Formation!”

The Wendao Elders uttered a roar and transformed themselves into a formation that crushed down on the Sky-Scorching Emperor’s crew. At that instant, the Leaders and Vice-Leaders of the Trading Alliance and the Wanxiang Pavilion, as well as the Wendao Elders—seven Martial Sacred Realm experts—were battling against the trio.

Despite the trio’s outstanding strength, they were constantly being knocked back.

“Clone summoning!”

The figure of the Leader of the Trading Alliance emitted a flicker, followed by a puff of smoke that flowed onto the battlefield and materialized into an identical figure.

Although the clone’s cultivation was only at the Martial Sacred Realm, it was more than enough to deal with Duan Qing and the others.


The trio was startled, and immediately tried to stop him, but they were interrupted by the authorities.

“Mm? Where did Duan Qing go?”

The clone scanned the battlefield with battlefield with his eyes.

Meanwhile, as the battle between the authorities took place, the rogue cultivators on the Ancient Battlefield immediately fled from the scene to prevent themselves from being involved, resulting in chaos.

“Eye of a Million Treasures!”

The clone snapped as an eye suddenly appeared on his forehead and sprung open, emitting a tremendous glow that scanned the place.

However, the outcome caused his heart to sink.


He had failed to locate Duan Qing among the crowd!

“He couldn’t have left the place this quickly. He must have used some trick to change his appearance, such that even my Eye of a Million Treasures failed to identify him! If that’s the case, not a single cultivator on the Ancient Battlefield...shall leave!”

The clone wore a hideous look.


A shocking glow was unleashed into the sky from the figure of the Leader of the Trading Alliance. Following this, a jade seal the size of a palm could be seen floating above the Ancient Battlefield with an aura of the Martial Monarch Realm.

The jade seal turned out to be a half-Monarch Weapon!

Even though it was not a Monarch Weapon, its power was powerful enough!

“The Great Boundaries!”

The Leader of the Trading Alliance roared.


The jade seal emitted blinding rays that formed an enormous barrier that enveloped the place like a huge bowl, sealing the entire Ancient Battlefield!

“Mm?” Ancient Battlefield!

“Mm?” The Sky-Scorching Emperor and his crew were stunned.

The cultivators on the Ancient Battlefield panicked upon seeing this.

“What was the Leader of the Trading Alliance planning to do?” Qin Nan who had blended himself into the crowd raised his head and wore a confused look.


The Leader of the Trading Alliance’s clone dashed into the crowd with a kick and began slaughtering the cultivators.

The Leader of the Trading Alliance’s plan was completely insane—to trap everyone within the barrier and have his clone slaughter them. As such, the cultivators would surely resist, thus allowing him to identify Duan Qing if he executed his moves.

Coincidentally, Qin Nan appeared to be among the crowd that had been targeted by the clone.

“This is bad…”

Qin Nan’s heart sank after being aware of his enemy’s plan.

If he were to use his left arm of the divine God of Battle or the Demon God’s Robe to defend himself, his identity would be exposed.

He was left with no choice!


At that instant, a terrifying roar could be heard.

The sky above the Ancient Battlefield was shattered as a giant figure sprang out from it and swung its giant claw to strike the barrier constructed by the jade seal.

The barrier shook vigorously!

The figure was the stone statue of the Skyhowl White Tiger!

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