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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 680


Chapter 680

Chapter 680 - The Copper Mirror Interferes

At that instant, a blinding glow was emitted from the figures of the Peak Leaders, which felt like a glowing star in the midst of the endless darkness inside the rift.

They were not Martial Sacreds as they had yet to overcome the Tribulation, but the force they unleashed completely surpassed the Martial Sacred Realm.

“We still remember the day we first met each other at the Qinglong Sacred Area, and the funny thing was, we only became friends due to a fight…” The trio spoke slowly as they recollected the past.

They stomped their feet and controlled the half-Monarch Weapon that charged toward the thunderous sword, resulting in a shocking explosion. Finally, they were able to suppress the sword.

“Frankly speaking, Tang Qingshan, we have always admired you, and envied you at the same time, not because of your cultivation, or your talent, but the fact that no matter what mistake you made, or what you have done, you are the only person that existed in Junior Sister’s eyes.”

“When we were at the Demon King’s Valley, due to your mistake, we suffered great consequences, but Junior Sister insisted on protecting you, thus the Sacred Leader had no choice but to waive the punishment…”

“And remember at the Demonic Beast Mountain Range…”

The Peak Leaders continued to resist the power of the thunderous sword while recalling their past. They had kept their grudges to themselves for all these years, and finally had the chance to unveil their thoughts today.

Meanwhile, the crowd and the authorities watched in silence.

Qin Nan’s heart shuddered. He could imagine four energetic young men and a cute naughty girl meeting each other because of fate, who happily embarked on their adventures in the lower district.

However, no one could know that the three Peak Leaders who were respected by countless people bore such grudges all this time.

They could only conceal their deep affection in their hearts.

Tang Qingshan was stunned. Meng Jiangnu was stunned too. Even though the former knew that his three Senior Brothers loved their Junior Sister, he had no idea their affection was this deep. The latter had been aware too, but there was only one person in the world that she paid attention to.

Who was right? Who was to blame?

“Tang Qingshan! This time, us three will sacrifice everything to help you overcome the Tribulation! Not because of you, but for the sake of our Junior Sister! It was difficult for her to come back to life, and even though she has turned into a saber, listen carefully! We don’t care if you go against the will of the Heavens, but you you shall never let Junior Sister down!”

The Peak Leaders uttered a roar.

“Besides...Remember, if you manage to overcome the Tribulation, you must be stronger! You must live an exciting life! Become a formidable presence, and make yourself known in history as a legend! This is because, from today onward, you will be fulfilling our dreams on our behalf!”


At that instant, the Peak Leaders unleashed a tremendous force as they somehow merged with the half-Monarch Weapon into a glowing star before colliding with the giant sword.


The entire place quavered as the flames spread throughout the sky.

The attack was absolutely overwhelming, beyond everyone’s imagination.

This was common in the Martial World. When one’s will and emotions were pushed to their limit, it would grant them an unbelievable strength.

The cultivators and the authorities held their breaths while staring with their eyes open wide.

Had they managed to overcome the Tribulation?

“Senior Brothers…”

Meng Jiangnu stared at the sparkles blankly. Two lines of tears slowly rolled down her cheek. The three Senior Brothers who had been preciously looking after her were gone forever.

“Senior Brothers!”

Tang Qingshan roared at the sky with bloodshot eyes, as if he had gone berserk. His heart ached painfully as if his soul was being torn apart by a huge claw, leaving a huge empty space within it.

So it.

So what if he had managed to overcome the Tribulation?

His Senior Brothers were gone!


However, to everyone’s surprise, a terrifying thunderous intent burst out from the sparkles. The thunderous sword reappeared before the crowd, and this time, its power was even stronger. Its surface was enhanced with runes, as if it had transformed into a real godly sword.

The strength of the Tribulation had increased instead of reducing!


The crowd was utterly stupefied. Obviously, no one had expected this to happen. Why would the attack cause the Tribulation’s strength to increase even if it had failed to weaken it?

“Nice one!”

Progenitor Wen Dao’s eyes glistened upon seeing this. He had no interest in the affairs between the five whatsoever. The only thing he knew was that it was better for him if Tang Qingshan were to be killed!

Qin Nan was slightly astonished, before an overwhelming rage filled his heart.

The increase of the Tribulation’s strength did not make sense at all! The only explanation was that the Tribulation itself was picking on Tang Qingshan, as it insisted on stopping him from ranking up. Therefore, he had to die!

How nice of the Tribulation!

The three Peak Leaders had already fallen. What else did it want?


The thunderous sword mercilessly unleashed an icy aura, which slashed at Meng Jiangnu and Tang Qingshan and Tang Qingshan ferociously. The lightning flickers lit up the sky.

The slash was more terrifying than the previous ones!

There was no doubt that Tang Qingshan and Meng Jiangnu were going to die from the slash.

At that instant, Tang Qingshan raised his head looking at Meng Jiangnu, while Meng Jiangnu lowered her head to look at Tang Qingshan.

Under such circumstances, death was their only way out.

“Let us go and meet our Senior Brothers. We’ll continue to be brothers in our next lives. Let’s be lovers the world to come.” Tang Qingshan’s eyes became calm. He hated himself for being too weak, hated himself for being useless. However, he knew that it would not change anything.”

Maybe death was the better outcome.


Meng Jiangnu nodded her head. She raised her left hand slightly and gathered her force. Either way, she had to fight. She would be reuniting with her Senior Brothers, but Tang Qingshan—he must live.

However, a strange occurrence took place!

The copper mirror in Qin Nan’s divine Sense suddenly emitted a flicker.

An icy female voice echoed in the sky as if it had originated from the Nine Heavens!

“I once owed the Godly Exterminator a favor. Since you’re his successor, I’ll lend you a hand to overcome the Tribulation.”

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Editor: DOCuinn


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