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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 68


Chapter 68 - The Blood Barrier Mist Vanishing

At that moment, everyone became more nervous, their hearts beating intensely.

Both Childe Gloomy Rage or Qin Nan were famous top geniuses whose Martial Spirits had reached the eighth-grade Huang rank.

Therefore, they would surely be interested in the outcome of the battle.

At that moment, the place was completely quiet;everyone held their breaths and focused their visions on the woods, waiting for the figure to slowly reveal themselves.

Following them, everyone had their eyes open wide.

The person that was walking out from the woods was none other than Qin Nan.

Qin Nan approached the crowd, threw the corpse from his shoulder onto the ground, and calmly said, ’’Sorry about that;I'm afraid I have disappointed many of you here.’’

The words awoke the crowd from their shock as they instinctively directed their gazes toward the corpse on the ground.

With a glance, everyone including Xiao Leng, Chu Yun, and all the disciples felt an explosion in their minds, causing them to go blank.

The corpse on the ground was Childe Gloomy Rage's!

The whole place became quiet once again;everyone's breath and heartbeat stopped at that instant. It was so quiet that one could hear a pin drop.

After a long moment, Xiao Leng was the first to gather his thoughts, although a stunned expression could still be seen in his eyes. He said with a trembling voice, ’’Qin Nan... Childe Gloomy Rage... are... are you the one who killed him?’’

Qin Nan calmly gazed at him and said, ’’Why? Is it strange?’’

Is it strange?

It's absolutely unbelievable!

Xiao Leng gulped down his saliva;even though he was the only one among all the disciples to know Qin Nan would have some kind of trump card, he did not expect the famous Childe Gloomy Rage to be killed by Qin Nan, a weaker seventh-layer Body Tempering Realm cultivator.

Does this mean that Qin Nan's strength had reached a certain higher level?

At this moment, the disciples finally recovered from the shock;they all took a cold breath in.

At this moment, their views of Qin Nan had totally changed;they now looked at him with a hint of respect, as if they were looking at a king, with no intention to offend him.

If even the powerful Childe Gloomy Rage was slain, what gave them the right to be cocky before Qin Nan?

Meanwhile, Qin Nan glanced at the crowd of new disciples and as a sudden thought came to him, said calmly, ’’I know that most of you guys are working together with Ling Zixiao to hunt me down. Besides that, I also know that you were all mocking me when I was battling against Childe Gloomy Rage...’’

These words caused all the disciples' hearts to twist suddenly.

What was Qin Nan trying to say? Was he planning to hurt them all?

Qin Nan's eyes turned cold as he said, ’’I'm quite a vengeful person;I'll give you all a chance, either leave this place right now, or prepare to fight me!’’

Everyone was stunned upon hearing these words;following it as if their death penalties had just been waived the scene turned messy as the disciples all rapidly fled from the scene without hesitation, executing the movement techniques they learned.

In just a short period of time, none of the over twenty new disciples decided to stay.

Qin Nan's brief words had caused the crowd of disciples to flee desperately for their lives.

This was a stately warning.

This was also the reason that Qin Nan carried Childe Gloomy Rage's corpse all the way back.

Everyone knew that in the Martial world, most of the Martial Artists had the tendency to throw their weight around, especially toward the weaker ones. Due to the conflict between Qin Nan and Ling Zixiao, he had offended all the disciples previously;since they were too many enemies to handle and it was impossible to slain them all one by one Qin Nan decided to give them a warning using Childe Gloomy Rage's corpse.

For example, these twenty plus disciples would not dare to offend Qin Nan after today.

’’Junior Brother Qin Nan.’’ At that moment, Chu Yun who was initially immersed in a great shock started speaking;her eyes were flickering, as if her eyes had drips of water, and her voice was soothing, ’’I didn't expect you to be so powerful;even Childe Gloomy Rage was mismatched against you. You have concealed so much, it worries me.’’

Upon seeing Chu Yun's attractiveness, Qin Nan's heart skipped a beat as he coughed, and said in a serious tone, ’’Senior Sister Chu Yun, if I dare to chase him down on my own, it means I am confident in my own strength.’’

Chu Yun nodded her head and said gently, ’’You're right. It was my fault for having too little faith in you.’’

These words were Chu Yun being honest.

She indeed had little hope in Qin Nan previously.

She missed an important hint;if Senior Brother Gong Yang was so fond of Qin Nan, how would Qin Nan easily be defeated?

’’Senior Sister Chu Yun, since you're quite close with Brother Yang, there's no need to be so polite with me.’’ Qin Nan took a quick glimpse at Chu Yun's physique, as he said, ’’If Senior Sister Chu Yun don't mind, you can come with us to search for the Three Petal Golden Lily.’’

After hearing the words, Chu Yun could not help but let out a sigh of relief.

The Three Petal Golden Lily was incredibly precious;she was worried that Qin Nan planned to take exclusive possession of it, as it was obvious that she was totally unmatched against Qin Nan's strength.

’’Thank you, Junior Brother Qin Nan.’’ Chu Yun giggled charmingly and said, ’’By the way, don't refer me as Senior Sister, just call me Sister Yun.’’

’’Uh, sure, Sister Yun.’’ Qin Nan let out a wry smile;he was not stupid, and he was able to sense Chu Yun kind of had the intention to seduce him secretly.

However, Qin Nan had little experience of this kind of stuff;thus, he had no idea how to deal with it.

At that instant, Xiao Leng who was left aside exclaimed suddenly, ’’The Blood Barrier Mist is gone!’’

Upon hearing this, Qin Nan and Chu Yun were slightly stunned and glanced forward.

The Blood Barrier Mist encapsulating the lake was being sucked away by an unknown force, which caused the mist to take the shape of a dragon and fly toward the woods in the distance. The true appearance of the lake was finally revealed.

A huge lake appeared before the three.

The whole lake was perfectly clear;colorful fish could be seen swimming around in the water. The surface of the lake was covered by a thin layer of Qi, as if the lake was made of Qi.

In the middle of the lake was a cave;at the entrance to the cave, a lily emitting a golden light could be seen swaying in the wind;the light was eye-catching, as if it was a celestial lily.

After seeing this, the three took a cold breath;there was no doubt this stalk of lily before them was the precious Three Petal Golden Lily!

Despite the lily being in front of them, the three had no intention to move instantly.

According to their prediction, the Blood Barrier Mist would be gone in two days' time... but at that instant, only half a day had passed since they arrived.

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