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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 679


Chapter 679

Chapter 679 - The Peak Leaders’ Choice

The situation was pretty clear.

Once the half-Monarch Weapon was destroyed, Tang Qingshan would surely die due to the rare phenomenon of the Tribulation!

There was no doubt about it!

The authorities wore expressionless faces. To them, Tang Qingshan’s success had nothing to do with them, except Progenitor Wen Dao, who smirked upon seeing this.

“Rare Tribulation phenomenon? You’re only killing yourself by triggering it…”

Although Progenitor Wen Dao was slightly disappointed that he would not have the chance to detain Tang Qingshan and torture him, being able to witness him dying from the Tribulation was still quite pleasant nevertheless.

At that instant, inside the rift above the Ancient Battlefield...


The giant thunderous sword unleashed a terrifying glow as it slashed downward, as if it was going to slash everything in the world in half.


Qin Nan cursed in his heart.

How was Senior Tang Qingshan going to survive the slash?

“I’m the successor of the Godly Exterminator. I have been killing my whole life, but a mere Tribulation dares to try and harm me?”

At that moment, Tang Qingshan uttered a ferocious roar along with a tremendous murderous intent, which summoned a giant illusionary figure that stood in the air.

The figure was the Godly Exterminator!

In the nick of time, the Godly Exterminator Scriptures in his body had unleashed its power.


Despite that, the sword of the Tribulation still slashed the illusionary figure in half.

This was because the power of the Godly Exterminator Scriptures was not fully awakened yet.

However, with the extra defense from the illusionary figure, Tang Qingshan only suffered a minor injury from it, and was able to survive the attack.


A loud explosion took place.

The thunderous sword executed another slash, which was stronger than the previous one—strong enough to destroy the Heavens and Earth.

“HAHAHA, even if my flesh dies, my will shall not be destroyed…” Tang Qingshan showed no sign of fear, but he burst out laughing ambitiously instead.

Even the cultivators on the Ancient Battlefield could sense his heroism.

They had never met Tang Qingshan before. They only knew that he was from the lower district, and was related to Qin Nan, causing him to be wanted by the Four Great Factions.

However, he was able to laugh hysterically and freely at such a crucial moment. If they were in his shoes, could they do it?



At that instant, the black saber in Tang Qingshan’s hand shuddered slightly, before it summoned a large river.

This was...the Mengpo River!

“This is my Tribulation! You don’t need to interfere!” Tang Qingshan snapped furiously.

The Mengpo River did not budge.


The thunderous sword slashed downward toward the river, river, causing it to become dimmer and almost shattering it.


Tang Qingshan screamed with bloodshot eyes.

His life had changed when he had first acquired the Godly Exterminator Scriptures. Even if a Martial Sacred, Martial Progenitor, Martial Monarch, or a Martial God was trying to kill him, he would still laugh and fight until the very end!

However, being scornful was not his nature!

His nature was to kill—kill everyone whom he despised—and that was the will of the Godly Exterminator.

However, there was this person whom he had spent hundreds of years looking for, such that he was willing to abandon his cultivation, had lowered his head...and even dropped to his knees. Tang Qingshan was not scared of death, but he was scared to witness his beloved dying in front of him just to protect him!

“Meng Jiangnu…”

Qin Nan’s face turned pale upon seeing this.

The scene served as a great emotional blow to him as if he had experienced it himself.

The experience where he had witnessed the icy cold Princess revealing her true form and sacrificing her life force to save his life—the scene before him felt extremely familiar.

“Junior Sister!”

At that instant, Peak Leader Duanmu, Peak Leader Luo, and Peak Leader Zhang were startled.

The fluctuations of their emotions caused the auras in their bodies to destabilize.


The Heavens showed no mercy.

The thunderous

The thunderous sword executed another slash. Once the slash landed, Meng Jiangnu would cease to exist in this world!

“You piece of shit...How dare you!”

At that instant, Tang Qingshan’s became enraged. His hair danced wildly as his figure became encapsulated within a murderous aura, as if he had fallen onto the path of evil.

“ you! Promise me...that you will…continue your journey!”

On the Mengpo River, Meng Jiangnu’s figure appeared and let out a gentle smile facing Tang Qingshan.

It was as if the smile had caused time to freeze.

The giant sword slashed downward!

The rogue cultivators, including Qin Nan, could feel their hearts being torn apart. Although it was inevitable for cultivators to kill for personal gains, everyone definitely had their beloved ones!

Even the authorities were silent.

They had initially thought Tang Qingshan would surely die due to the Tribulation, but they had not expected to witness the love affairs between them, which left them astounded.

The path of cultivation was cold and merciless!


At that instant, a shocking scene took place!

Peak Leader Duanmu, Peak Leader Luo, and Peak Leader Zhang wore determined looks. Without hesitation, they unleashed the sacred force which they had just acquired to activate the half-Monarch Weapon below their feet, which transformed into a beam that fired at the thunderous sword.


At the last moment, the sword was struck backward.

However, the backward.

However, the faces of the Peak Leaders became pale white, with a trace of blood on their lips.

They had unleashed the sacred force before overcoming their Tribulation, thus resulting in great injuries to themselves.

“Senior Brothers…”

Meng Jiangnu and Tang Qingshan were stunned.

“You’ve already died once, and we were helpless last time. This time, as your Senior Brothers, we can’t let ourselves just watch you die again, right?”

The three Peak Leaders wore smiles on their faces.


Their figures were engulfed in blazing flames.

They were...burning their life force!

“You guys——”

Tang Qingshan was gobsmacked.

“Stop it now!” Meng Jiangnu’s figure shuddered violently and screamed.

Qin Nan’s heart skipped a beat upon seeing this.

He had never thought that the Peak Leaders would abandon their chance when they were only seconds away from achieving the Martial Sacred Realm to help Tang Qingshan and Meng Jiangnu!

Furthermore...they were even burning their life force!


How did they know the forbidden technique of burning their life force?

Qin Nan glimpsed at Jiang Bilan, who glanced back at him with glittering eyes.

Without the need of words, Qin Nan immediately came to a realization.

The Peak Leaders were not burning their life force.

They were releasing it, releasing their strength, their life force, and their souls.

Once they were released, they would be gone forever.

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