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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 677


Chapter 677

Chapter 677 - Treasures Secured

Outside the Ancient Battlefield, the Leader of the Trading Alliance wore a glowering face.

“Lightning Orbs? Explosive Scorching Talismans? So he was the one that robbed us!”

He clearly remembered the things that had been stolen from the Trading Alliance!

He had initially thought that the letter was nothing but a prank, but it turned out to be stating the truth!

This goddamned Duan Qing!

A petrifying murderous aura infused his heart instantly.

...The Ancient Battlefield, on the altar...

Zhu Hang’s face went green. Seeing the sight before him, he realized that Duan Qing was actually the one that had robbed the Trading Alliance!


Zhu Hang shouted.

The cultivators immediately sensed a great threat when they saw the talismans and the orbs, and swiftly set up their defenses.


Following blasting explosions, flames and lightning swept the place.

To their surprise, the flames and lightning were more devastating than what they had expected from the Explosive Scorching Talismans and the Lighting Orbs! It turned out that Qin Nan had utilized his Phoenix Soul-Consuming Fire and Sky Thunder to detonate them.

Even Progenitor Wen Dao and the others had failed to notice the difference!


Zhu Hang’s expression stiffened.

Following this, the impact from the lightning and the flames struck the cultivators like a surging wave.


Cries of agony filled the place.

The combined force of hundreds of Lightning Orbs and Explosive Scorching Talismans was already terrifying to begin with, let alone detonating them along with the Phoenix Soul-Consuming Fire and Sky Thunder.

“How impressive! However, do you think these talismans and orbs are able to harm me? Lone Eagle Enhancement, the Nine-Styles of Kun Peng!”

At that instant, the Lone Eagle uttered a roar.

His body discharged a few rays, which slowly formed the illusionary figure of a Kun Peng that devoured his figure. He flapped his wings producing a magical force, which allowed him to separate from the world—even from the dimension.

Despite the tremendous force of the explosions, he was perfectly unharmed!


Qin Nan’s gaze sharpened.

This Lone Eagle wouldn’t be easy to deal with.


The eyes of the Lone Eagle flickered coldly as he flapped its wings and weaved through the thunderous flames. Two sharp claws reflecting a piercing glow that grabbed toward Qin Nan and Jiang Bilan’s figures.

The move possessed extraordinary strength!


Qin Nan drew out the ancient saber Ira.

Due to the circumstances, even if it meant exposing himself, he had to get rid of the Lone Eagle as soon as possible.

“Don’t move, let me handle it.”

Jiang Bilan tapped Qin Nan’s hand and pushed the saber back into its sheath. Her silvery white hair danced elegantly as she opened her red lips and spat out a mystical aura.

Emperor Art, Breath of the Orchid!


The mystical aura transformed into a powerful tornado that twisted rapidly in the Lone Eagle’s direction.

“HAHAHA, my current form is able to ignore any attack——” The Lone Eagle laughed hysterically. However, this halted suddenly as the tornado began to inflict damage upon him.

“How is this possible!”

The Lone Eagle was gobsmacked and hurriedly responded. However, it was too late as his figure was devoured by the tornado.

Qin Nan glanced at Jiang Bilan before fixing his gaze onto the battlefield.

Most of the flames and lightning had dissipated. The cultivators were severely injured, apart from Zhu Hang who had used the three Sacred Weapons as his protection.

“There’s still some time left. Follow me and charge!”

Qin Nan stomped on the ground while his Demon God’s Robe flapped wildly protecting his figure as he executed the Vermilion Bird Striking the Heavens.

Jiang Bilan followed closely behind like a shadow, unleashing her attacks aiming at the rogue cultivators.

At that instant, the tide of the battle was turned.

At the beginning, with Zhu Hang and the Lone Eagle working together, they were able to suppress the duo. Now, it was Qin Nan and Jiang Bilan’s turn to suppress the cultivators. The remaining rogue cultivators immediately reacted. However, Qin Nan used his left eye to predict the attacks and blocked them with his left arm.

As such, the duo was completely unstoppable, leaving no chance for the cultivators to catch their breath.

“I will never let you get the treasures!”

Green veins popped out on Zhu Hang’s forehead while his eyes became eyes became bloodshot, as if he had gone mad.

The Sacred Weapons on his back emitted a tremendous power, a sign that he was unleashing his strongest move!


Qin Nan wore a stern look. Normally, he would not be intimidated facing the attack. However, if he were to use either the seven ancient sabers or the Heavenly Accumulating Strike, it was highly possible that his identity would be exposed. The same went for Jiang Bilan if she were to use the Death Qi.

“Zhu Hang already knows my left arm has an outstanding defense. Therefore, he must have some way to bypass it…”

At that instant, Qin Nan felt nervous as he tried to come up with a plan.

In the meantime, he had pushed his left eye of the divine God of Battle to its limit.


However, something completely unexpected took place.

Yang Gong and Yu Luosha—whose presence had been completely forgotten by the others—were still lying on the ground. Their bodies suddenly exploded again.

The explosion forced with their cultivations resulted in a tremendous impact!

Even Zhu Hang had no choice but to relocate himself away from the explosion.

“These two…”

Qin Nan was left speechless, albeit being touched.

Now was not the time for Gong Yang and Zhao Fang to expose their identities. Otherwise, it would result in grave consequences for them. With that in mind, the two were willing to harm themselves in order to try their best to assist Qin Nan.

assist Qin Nan.

...Outside the Ancient Battlefield...

Similar to the Leader of the Trading Alliance, Progenitor Wen Dao and the Leader of the Wanxiang Pavilion became extremely unpleasant!

The battle was f**king agitating!

What the hell was wrong with Yang Gong and Yu Luosha?

Couldn’t they handle a Duan Qing even with this many geniuses and rogue cultivators working together?

...On the altar of the Ancient Battlefield...


The channeling of Zhu Hang’s attack was interrupted once again. Words could not describe the rage he was currently experiencing, who directly unleashed the power of his Sacred Weapons to attack Qin Nan.

Forget it!

Even if he had to detonate the three Sacred Weapons, he would not allow Duan Qing to leave with the Heavenly Fortunate Talisman.

However, at that instant...

A hoarse voice echoed, “The up.”


The altar was encapsulated with some kind of aura, which immobilized Zhu Hang, Qin Nan, and Jiang Bilan as if a spell had been cast upon them. They could not even control their power.

The battle had come to an end!

Qin Nan had managed to secure the Heavenly Fortune Talisman!

...Outside the Ancient Battlefield...


Progenitor Wen Dao and the Leaders of the Trading Alliance and the Wanxiang Pavilion unleashed a shocking murderous aura!

He had taken the Heavenly Fortunate Talisman!


The Sky-Scorching Emperor, the Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise, and the Blood-Winged Vermilion Bird were overjoyed.

Qin Nan...well done!

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Editor: DOCuinn


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