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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 673


Chapter 673

Chapter 673 - Out of the Blue, Scroll Obtained

Thunderous flickers could be seen being emitted from the gap where Peak Leader Duanmu and the others were still in the midst of their Tribulation above the half-Monarch Weapon. Meanwhile, the terrifying rare phenomenon of the Tribulation displayed its tremendous power by leaving cracks on the half-Monarch Weapon protecting Tang Qingshan.

Four of them had no time to pay attention to the events taking place at the altar and the Heaven-Ascending Stairs.

Despite the great impact from their Tribulation, the authorities and the rogue cultivators never set their eyes upon them, but rather their gazes were fixed onto the Heaven-Ascending Stairs.

Among the participants, Qin Nan led the way like a blinding beam of light above Gong Yang and the others!

Seventy thousand steps!

Eighty thousand steps!

Ninety thousand steps!

Tens of breaths later, Qin Nan leapt and landed in front of the altar.

At that instant, the hearts of the spectators sank tremendously. Arriving at the altar first indicated that he would have the chance to acquire the Heavenly Fortune Talisman before the others!

That being said, everyone was clear that retrieving the three treasures would not be an easy task.

Therefore, it all came down to whether he could successfully get his hands on the Heavenly Fortune Talisman!

The other cultivators immediately exerted their full strength to increase their pace, while the hearts of the authorities were left hanging.


Qin Nan scanned the altar.

There was something strange and mysterious about the altar, but he did not have the time to inspect it carefully.

At three different spots on the altar, the will of the two Martial Progenitors floated in the left corner, the Heavenly Fortune Talisman in the middle, and the scroll related to the divine God of Battle to the right, which was the most inconspicuous among the three.

’’It's not easy to get the scroll. There are a few protections on it...’’

Qin Nan scanned the scroll with his left eye, before he took a deep breath and dashed forward.

The left eye of the divine God of Battle could easily crack the protection!

However, his action served as a shocking thunder in the eyes of the authorities and the cultivators.

What was going on!

This Duan Qing was aiming for the ordinary-looking scroll instead of the Heavenly Fortune Talisman?

Could the scroll be some kind of shocking treasure that was more valuable than the Heavenly Fortune Talisman?

That was impossible! If that was the case, why hadn't the illusionary figure mentioned it?

Countless doubts crossed the minds of the crowd.

...Outside the Ancient Battlefield...

The smiles on the faces of the Sky-Scorching Emperor, the Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise, and the Blood-Winged Vermilion Bird stiffened instantly.

That idiot Duan Qing! What was he up to now!

He had rejected the offer from the Spirit of the Deceased Emperor!

And now, despite having such a great opportunity, he chose not to take the Heavenly Fortune Talisman!

Was he out of his mind?

’’Great! Good job!’’

Progenitor Wen Dao, the Leader of the Wanxiang Pavilion, Pavilion, and the rest became excited. Since this Duan Qing was aiming for the scroll, it would mean that their geniuses would have a greater chance of getting the Heavenly Fortune Talisman.

The eyes of the cultivators at the Ancient Battlefield burned passionately as they collected their thoughts.

Duan Qing was able to ignore the pressure of the Heavenly Ascending Stairs, granting him a huge advantage, but he ended up not taking the Heavenly Fortune Talisman! They could not care less about the scroll. The Heavenly Fortune Talisman was all they wanted!

As they were busy making their way up the stairs, Qin Nan was completely unaware of the reaction of the Sky-Scorching Emperor and his crew. His hands became blurry as he rapidly cracked the protection on the scroll.

He had to admit that Madam Heavenly Fortune had done a great job at enhancing the scroll with the protection. Even with his left eye of the divine God of Battle, cracking it would definitely take a significant amount of time, let alone the others.

He speculated that besides an inevitable battle, the cultivators would still need to crack the protection on the Heavenly Fortune Talisman and the wills of the Martial Progenitors, thus making it extremely difficult.

Time gradually passed.

After the period it took two incenses to burn, Gong Yang and the others had arrived at the altar.

The remaining cultivators continued to arrive too.

However, they were all busy competing with one another. No one was planning to disturb Qin disturb Qin Nan.

At last, following a soft thud, the final layer of protection on the scroll was cracked.


Qin Nan was overjoyed as he immediately reached out his hand and grabbed the scroll.

Meanwhile, a ferocious roar could be heard from the Heaven-Ascending Stairs.

Behind Zhu Hang's figure, three Sacred Weapons and hundreds of Emperor Weapons floated in the air filling the sky as an eighth-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit emerged, before he took a hold of the remaining time and ascended the stairs at a terrifying speed.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

A moment later, his figure arrived at the altar.

As soon as he landed, a soft chime could be heard.


A blinding glow was emitted from the Heaven-Ascending Stairs, which struck the remaining cultivators on the stairs like a wave and sent them flying.

The time was up.

Following this, countless cries of remorse, anger, and despair could be heard.

Those who had failed to make it in time, not only did the impact inflict damage to their bodies, their souls were crushed too.

In addition to their flesh, their hopes had fallen as well!

Qin Nan stored the scroll in his bag and turned his head around. He immediately discovered Zhu Hang's figure, causing him to be slightly startled before he smilingly said, ’’As expected of Zhu Hang, I'm impressed. You managed to arrive here in one piece.’’

Zhu Hang's lips twisted upon hearing this. He almost lost control of his temper.

Impressive my ass!

As he was afraid that Duan Qing would knock him down again, he down again, he had been waiting patiently until the time was approaching its end, before he had used all his might to ascend the stairs. He assumed that Duan Qing would be busy acquiring the treasures, thus he would not have time to bother him.

The plan was absolutely perfect, but the only downside was that he had to pay a huge price!

He had wasted almost two thirds of his strength making his way here!

He only had a third of his strength remaining to compete for the Heavenly Fortune Talisman. How difficult would that be?

’’I'll deal with you later!’’

Zhu Hang snapped and fixed his gaze onto the Heavenly Fortune Talisman, before joining the battle.

The altar was devoured in fascinating glows, as countless Martial Skills and weapons were unleashed from the intense battle taking place there.

There were a total of sixty people on the altar including Qin Nan!

Each of them possessed an outstanding cultivation and strength!

The Sky-Scorching Emperor and the Blood-Winged Vermilion Bird were left speechless, but there was nothing they could do.

’’Now that he had gotten the scroll, he should be competing for the Heavenly Fortune Talisman too, right...’’

This thought came to the Sky-Scorching Emperor and his crew.

However, the next moment, Qin Nan's actions completely stunned the crowd. He sat down on the altar with his legs crossed and his eyes shut while breathing steadily.


The Sky-Scorching Emperor and the others were stupefied.

Even Progenitor Wen Dao and the rest of the authorities were dumbfounded.

Was he seriously cultivating now?


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