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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 672


Chapter 672

Chapter 672 - The Enraged Trading Alliance

...Meanwhile, outside the Ancient Battlefield...

The Trading Alliance wore an extremely dark expression.

He did not expect this Duan Qing to be this annoying on the Heaven-Ascending Stairs.

If this continued, how was Zhu Hang going to compete for the Heavenly Fortune Talisman?

On the other hand, Progenitor Wen Dao and the rest were not as troubled as before. Duan Qing was only picking on Zhu Hang instead of their disciples, thus giving Yang Gong and Yu Luosha some time to advance further, which was doing them a favor instead.

“This Qin Nan…”

The Sky-Scorching Emperor and the Blood-Winged Vermilion Bird were completely speechless.

However, through this, the Sky-Scorching Emperor had learned that this Duan Qing tended to hold grudges against his enemies, and would definitely get his revenge once he had the chance.

...Meanwhile, in the Ancient Battlefield, Heaven-Ascending Stairs...

The figures of Gong Yang, Zhao Fang, and the rest emitted brilliant glows as they ascended.

A few breaths later, they had progressed more than a thousand steps, while the other cultivators had reached the thousandth step.


Qin Nan’s figure sprang upward rapidly and overtook the geniuses in the blink of an eye.

Five thousand steps!

Ten thousand steps!

Twenty thousand steps!

Thirty thousand steps!

Qin Nan’s figure arrived at the fifty thousandth step and stopped there as if he was waiting for something.



“We can’t fall too far behind!”

The eyes of the cultivators reddened after seeing Qin Nan’s progress, and immediately utilized everything they had to increase their pace.

Gong Yang, Zhao Fang, Jiang Bilan, and the others began to unleash their moves too.

Gong Yang was surrounded by nine illusionary figures. Zhao Fang’s feet had huge petals appearing below them, while Jiang Bilan was using some other ancient Martial Skill instead of the Death Qi.

“Jiang Bilan isn’t using the Death Qi due to the presence of Progenitor Wen Dao and the others. Once her identity is exposed, she wouldn’t have a good time either. I should keep that in mind too. The others might not be familiar with me, but Progenitor Wen Dao definitely is. It would bring me great trouble if he found out my identity…”

Qin Nan mumbled to himself upon seeing this, who immediately glanced toward Zhu Hang with his left eye of the divine God of Battle.

In the meantime, Zhu Hang’s face cycled between red, pale white, and a dark color.

As he saw the cultivators doing their best to ascend the stairs, he could not wait to fully unleash his cultivation and make his way upward too. However, that asshole Duan Qing was waiting for him at the fifty thousandth step! The pressure there would surely be overwhelming, thus he would not be able to utilize his cultivation much.

On the other hand, Duan Qing was unrestricted by the pressure, thus he could do whatever he wanted to him!

If he were knocked down from the fifty thousandth step, it would be over!


He couldn’t just give up now!

The Heavenly Fortune Talisman was right in front of him. How could he give up on such an opportunity?

“This goddamned Duan Qing! I swear I’ll make you pay!”

Zhu Hang uttered a furious roar as he stomped on the ground. Two sacred glows were emitted from his back, which turned out to be two Sacred Weapons. With With their help, his speed was increased significantly, allowing him to overtake most of the rogue cultivators and catch up to Gong Yang and the rest.

This time, he no longer preserved his strength, as his goal was to acquire the Heavenly Fortune Talisman!

Therefore, he had to reach the altar at all costs! If he couldn’t even reach the top, how would he be able to compete for the talisman?

The authorities outside the Ancient Battlefield, especially the Leader of the Trading Alliance, held their breaths.

Zhu Hang would have to rely on himself now to reach the altar!

Five thousand steps!

Ten thousand steps!

As Gong Yang and the others reached the forty thousandth step, the period it took an incense to burn had passed. The rogue cultivators had only reached the thirty thousand five hundredth step. Their speed had gradually slowed down.

As they progressed, the pressure from the Heaven-Ascending Stairs became stronger.


Zhu Hang led the way and was the first one to reach the forty-five thousandth step.

He halted here instead of moving onward, as Duan Qing was waiting for him at the fifty thousandth step. Therefore, he was planning to stay here for a while until only half the period it took an incense to burn remained, as Duan Qing would definitely run out of patience and make his way to the top. He would then proceed to the top in one go.


At that instant, a tremendous aura descended from above, which turned out to be Qin Nan. He had decided to take the initiative to attack after being aware that Zhu Hang had stopped moving.

“Duan Qing! You shameless prick! Didn’t you say you say you were going to wait at the fifty thousandth step?”

Zhu Hang was taken by surprise, whose expression changed tremendously like a cat whose tail had been stepped on.

“Vermilion Bird Striking the Heavens!”

Qin Nan smirked as he threw a punch forward, summoning a Vermilion Bird that uttered a cry and charged forward.

Normally, the ancient Martial Skill was not strong enough to threaten Zhu Hang.

However, under the current circumstances, the attack looked extremely powerful and terrifying.

“Block it!”

Zhu Hang roared as the two Sacred Weapons behind him unleashed their power and formed a web.


Following a loud crash, the attack was blocked, but his figure was knocked a few hundred steps down.

“Vermilion Bird Striking the Heavens!

“Vermilion Bird Striking the Heavens!

“Vermilion Bird…”

However, it was as if Qin Nan had become an enraged beast, who continued to unleash his force of the Martial Highness Realm to summon countless Vermilion Birds that uttered cries and charged toward Zhu Hang’s figure.


Zhu Hang’s face turned pale white. He had no other choice but to use his third Sacred Weapon.

Three Sacred Weapons were activated, which combined into a powerful formation.


A series of explosions took place on the Heaven-Ascending Stairs.

Even with the presence of the three Sacred Weapons, Zhu Hang’s figure was constantly knocked back by the succession of attacks.

One thousand steps! Two thousand steps! Three thousand steps…. In just a brief moment, he was back at the thirty thousandth step!

The others were overjoyed seeing this, who immediately tried their best to ascend the stairs. Duan Qing was doing them a favor by hindering Zhu Hang’s progress, as it would give them a greater them a greater chance at reaching the top before him.

“Duan Qing! You piece of shit!”

Zhu Hang’s eyes reddened when he was knocked down to the twenty-five thousandth step.

“I’ll spare your trashy life for now. I’ll have plenty of time to deal with you later!”

Qin Nan let out a hollow laugh.

He was not stupid enough to waste his time fighting Zhu Hang now due to the time limit. It would take him some time to actually kill him.

He would also waste his energy if he still failed to kill Zhu Hang.

“See ya!”

Qin Nan went straight up the stairs with a kick and quickly overtook Gong Yang and the others.

“Damn it! Asshole!”

Zhu Hang almost spat out a mouthful of blood. His figure trembled with rage.

He swore!

If he were able to get his hands on Duan Qing, he would tear him into pieces! Have him suffer! And make him regret for the rest of his life!

In addition to him, outside the Ancient Battlefield...

Under the Leader of the Trading Alliance’s mask, green veins popped out on his forehead as flames of anger blazed within his heart.

It was his first time feeling so furious.

Normally, even when facing great opponents, he would not feel this unpleasant. However, Duan Qing was literally bullying Zhu Hang right in front of him.

As a Leader, despite having a peak Martial Sacred Realm cultivation, he could only watch it happened without being able to interfere!

How humiliating was that?

“Duan Qing…”

The Leader of the Trading Alliance clenched his teeth so tightly that it felt like they were going to break into pieces.

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