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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 67


Chapter 67 - Figures in the Woods

The enormous Gloomy Thunderous Devil Martial Spirit instinctively trembled with fear after being exposed to the pressure of the divine Battle Spirit.

This was known as the suppression between Martial Spirits.

Even if it was only a grade lower, the actual difference was incredible.

Childe Gloomy Rage had his eyes opened wide, and his breath halted;the execution of his strongest attack came to a stop at this moment.

He was completely shocked.

There was no way he would expect Qin Nan's Martial Spirit to have achieved the ninth-grade Huang rank!

Isn't Qin Nan's Martial Spirit eighth-grade Huang ranked?

Why is it now ninth-grade Huang ranked?

Previously at the White Jade Dojo of the Mystic Spirit Sect, every disciple including Childe Gloomy Rage had seen Qin Nan's Martial Spirit to be eighth-grade Huang ranked.

Despite that, what was a valid explanation for the ninth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit before him?

After being exposed to the incredible pressure, he was completely shocked, causing his words to feel like they were being squeezed out of his throat, ’’How did... Your Martial Spirit grade, How did it turn into ninth-grade Huang ranked...’’

’’There is always something you can't know.’’ Qin Nan calmly said, ’’Now let me see what tricks you have up in your sleeves;go ahead and show them to us.

After hearing these words, Childe Gloomy Rage felt like his spirit started to shiver;without hesitating, he turned around and executed his Thunder Flashing Steps, fleeing for his life at the fastest speed he has ever managed in his life.

He was entirely frightened and terrified.

If Childe Gloomy Rage was simply facing a cultivator with a ninth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit and a cultivation of the seventh-layer Body Tempering Realm, he would not lose his mind like this. However, Qin Nan's Martial Spirit was too shocking;previously it was only eighth-grade Huang ranked, how did it suddenly now become ninth-grade Huang ranked?

Such a shocking and terrifying scene happening before him caused him to lose his mind, and to be filled with endless terror.

Even if he were given ten guts now, he would not dare to be the enemy of Qin Nan.

Looking at the fleeing figure, a smirk appeared on Qin Nan's face as he drew the saber from his waist with a whisk. Strong Saber Intent revolved around him as he gathered all his might;he then flung the saber, causing it to spring forward with a destructive aura.

Flying Saber Art, Hundred Steps Soaring Saber!

Childe Gloomy Rage who was running for his life ahead became aware of a sense of danger and instinctively turned around.

Following this, a blade flash could be seen coming fast toward him from afar, penetrating his eighth-layer Body Tempering Realm body, and destroying his internal organs instantly.

’’How... how... how...’’

Childe Gloomy Rage opened his eyes wide in disbelief;he appeared to have something to say, but was unable to say it. Following that, he shrieked.

The blow had killed him.

In the last few seconds in the midst of endless pain Childe Gloomy Rage remembered his disdain and smugness toward Qin Nan;a sense of regret soon arose in his heart.

I dared to look down on a ninth-grade Huang ranked cultivator?

I dared to treat a ninth-grade Huang ranked super-genius disdainfully?

Such a joke such recklessness.

However, it was far too late for repentance. Filled with regret, shock, pain, and terror, Childe Gloomy Rage, ranked fourth among the top ten geniuses, exhaled his last breath and finally died.

After seeing his, Qin Nan withdrew his divine Battle Spirit and approached the body calmly.

He never had any personal conflict with Childe Gloomy Rage;it had been him who called him trash, and demanded he to kneel before him. Therefore, when Childe Gloomy Rage fled for his life, Qin Nan followed without hesitation.

He was never merciful when facing his enemies, and he never allowed them to escape.

As usual, Qin Nan reached out his hands and searched Childe Gloomy Rage's body, revealing a huge loot.

On his body, there were lots of hidden weapons, including flying daggers and arrows with poison applied to the tips, which were used for unexpected attacks.

Besides that, what astonished Qin Nan was finding two Blue Dragon Badges and three hundred Xiantian Pills on the body.

’’Tsk, tsk, this guy is indeed one of the top ten geniuses, such a fortune...’’

Qin Nan took a deep breath and claimed possession of the two Blue Dragon Badges and Xiantian Pills, placing them in his chest pocket.

Qin Nan did not stay any longer;he carried the corpse on his body and disappeared into the woods with a leap.

...Meanwhile, at the lake where the Three Petal Golden Lily was...

The Blood Barrier Mist on the lake started to vanish, revealing the true appearance of the lake.

Despite that, no one was focusing on the changes to the lake;everyone was staring at the woods while chatting with each other.

’’Now that the time it takes for an incense to burn has passed, I assume the battle between them too has come to an end.’’

’’HAHAHA, in my opinion, even though Qin Nan would not be killed by Childe Gloomy Rage, he would be severely injured, barely surviving from the battle.’’

’’Heh, who asked him to be so cocky? He dared to hunt Childe Gloomy Rage down by himself, such recklessness. Even if he did survive, he would be close to dying!’’

’’Hmph, I don't think so. Childe Gloomy Rage was ranked fourth among the top ten geniuses he would easily eliminate Qin Nan.’’

’’I bet Qin Nan is dead for sure!’’


These disciples were so excited that they even started to organize bets, guessing whether Qin Nan had been severely injured or killed.

In their opinions, Qin Nan was so full of himself even when his cultivation was only at the seventh-layer Body Tempering Realm;his ending would surely be miserable.

On the other hand, after hearing the disciples' discussions, Chu Yun's pretty face turned dark, with a growing glint of worry in her eyes.

She continued to pray in her heart for Qin Nan;even if Qin Nan was severely injured, it was better than him dying.

As for Xiao Leng standing beside her, even though he was slightly worried, he was not nervous at all.

This was because previously at the cave, he had experienced the enormous pressure emitted from Qin Nan's body;hence, he was confident that Qin Nan held a powerful trump card even if he were defeated, he would surely survive.

All of a sudden, one of the disciples who possessed better senses yelled out, ’’Someone's coming...’’

After the yell, the whole place fell silent, and the atmosphere grew tenser.

Xiao Leng, Chu Yun, and all the disciples raised their heads almost at the same time, glancing at the woods.

In their view, a figure was slowly approaching them from the woods...

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