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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 666


Chapter 666

Chapter 666 - Terrifying Tribulation

...Crimson Blood Ocean, Ancient Battlefield...

The crowd all stared deeply into the rift. The astonishment in their eyes showed no sign of dissipating.

Suddenly, a crimson beam was fired into the sky from Tang Qingshan’s figure.


The beam felt like a surging ocean uttering a roar at the sky.

A terrifying force of the Heavens and Earth could be felt coming from the sky, which penetrated the barrier of the Crimson Blood Ocean and dived straight into the stormy cloud above Tang Qingshan.

Buzz buzz buzz...

A rapid buzzing could be heard as the eighty-thousand-li-wide stormy cloud expanded swiftly toward its surroundings as if it had gone mad.

Ninety thousand li!

One hundred thousand li!

One hundred and ten thousand li!

It finally stopped at one hundred and thirty thousand li.

Endless flickers of lightning could be seen from the stormy cloud, as its thunderous aura immediately swept the entire Ancient Battlefield.

The cultivators were dumbfounded.

One hundred and thirty thousand li!

This man’s Tribulation had reached one hundred and thirty thousand li!

Even Zhu Hang, Yang Gong, and Yu Luosha—who all possessed ninth-grade Di ranked Martial Spirits—would have difficulties triggering a one hundred and thirty thousand li Tribulation while ranking up to the Martial Sacred Realm!

In the midst of their astonishment, they were unaware that due to the instability of the force of the Heavens and Earth around the place, the barrier encapsulating the Crimson Blood Ocean was gradually vanishing, and would be gone in no time.

Countless lightning rays descended menacingly with great explosions. Meanwhile, the half-Monarch Weapon below Tang Qingshan continued to emit mystical glows resisting the force of the Tribulation.

Qin Nan collected his thoughts.

This wasn’t looking good!

The Four Great Factions were not only searching for him. They had also listed Tang Qingshan, Gong Yang, and the others as wanted. With all the rogue cultivators here witnessing them undergoing the Tribulation, it was highly possible that someone among the crowd would identify them.

Just as he had thought, Zhu Hang seemed to have a sudden thought and blurted out, “I know who that guy is, his name is Tang Qingshan, a Martial Highness from the lower district. He’s with Qin Nan!”

The words immediately dragged the rogue cultivators back to reality.

“What? It’s him?”

“That’s right. I’ve seen his face before on the posters, and his aura is familiar too!”

Gasp, a mere cultivator from the lower district is able to cause such a great ruckus. Did this Tang Qingshan alter his destiny?”

The crowd inhaled deeply.

The Four Great Factions were currently searching for Qin Nan’s crew, and despite the great rewards offered by them, the rogue cultivators did not see Qin Nan’s crew as their enemies. That being said, they were willing to kill them for the rewards if they happened to bump into any of them. However, the talent that Tang Qingshan was displaying gave them a great shock.

How did a mere cultivator from the lower lower district acquire the succession and trigger such a terrifying Tribulation?

Meanwhile, the cultivators of the Trading Alliance tried to inform their faction, but due to the instability of the force of the Heavens and Earth, their badges were currently malfunctioning.

“Qin Nan, what should we do!”

Gong Yang and Zhao Fang were startled and quickly transmitted their voices to Qin Nan.

Qin Nan wore an uncertain look. He did not expect the Tribulation that Tang Qingshan’s crew had triggered would destroy the Light Door and expose themselves. However, it was impossible for them to kill everyone here to stop the news from spreading.

In other words...

There was no way that they could stop the news regarding Tang Qingshan’s crew to spread around the Eastern Continent!

A shocking occurrence took place once again!

The pitch-black saber in Tang Qingshan’s hand shudderingly unleashed a deathly aura into Tang Qingshan’s body.

Tang Qingshan’s figure shivered violently as the stormy cloud above him continued to grow!

One hundred and forty thousand li!

One hundred and fifty thousand li!

The stormy cloud stopped expanding.

The crowd was dumbfounded once again.

Are you kidding me!?

Had the Tribulation just expanded to one hundred and fifty thousand li!

Are you sure that guy was not ranking up to the Martial Progenitor Realm?

The crowd could sense a great pressure just by looking at the huge stormy cloud. Any living being would feel incredibly tiny facing the stormy cloud, as a single ray of lightning from it would be enough be enough to destroy them.

“How powerful! But, something’s strange…”

Qin Nan took a closer look with his left eye of the divine God of Battle. After a while, his expression changed tremendously.

He had just realized….

There was an even stronger force within Tang Qingshan’s body that had not been revealed yet!


Tang Qingshan’s eyes sprang open along with a boundless murderous intent.

“The Imperial Mortal Scriptures, the Godly Exterminating Scriptures. Every slash means the death of a person. Nothing can resist its power! Kill, kill kill! Kill all those who try to oppose me, kill everyone who goes against my will, kill all those who are unrighteous, heartless, and disdainful! Those who obey my will live, and those who don’t shall die!”

A tremendous murderous aura burst out from Tang Qingshan’s body.

The crowd felt like they were placed inside an ice tomb, as if the Grim Reaper had come to take their lives!

This was the true power of Tang Qingshan’s Imperial Mortal Scriptures!

Previously at the Mystic Spirit Sect, Tang Qingshan had embarked on a journey to achieve greatness after he had found the Imperial Mortal Scriptures. However, due to the loss of his beloved, he had lost his way for hundreds of years, until he had arrived at the upper district, found the succession of the Crimson Blood Progenitor, and ranked up to the Martial Sacred Realm as he finally comprehended the secrets of the Imperial Mortal Scriptures.

The true name of the Imperial Mortal Scriptures was the Godly was the Godly Exterminating Scriptures!

Once mastered, it could turn him into the God of Extermination!


The force of the Heavens and Earth above the Crimson Blood Ocean became enraged as if it were aware of something. A terrifying force was gathered before it descended swiftly as if the valve of the Heavens had been opened, which penetrated the barrier and entered the stormy cloud.

The Tribulation grew rapidly like a wild horse breaking free from its rein.

One hundred and sixty thousand li!

One hundred and seventy thousand li!

One hundred and eighty thousand li!

One hundred and ninety thousand li!

The stormy cloud exploded once it reached two hundred thousand li, turning into countless sparkling light dots that swiftly gathered together and formed a hundred zhang long thunderous sword that floated in the air, with its tip pointing at Tang Qingshan, as if it would thrust at him at any moment!

The Tribulation was gone...and had been replaced by a rare phenomenon!

A sign of a law-defying talent!


Even the guardian spirit lost his thoughts seeing this.

The crowd was stupefied. Their minds went completely blank.

A rare phenomenon transformation from the Tribulation, something that they had only read about from ancient records!

Only a few cultivators in the Eastern Continent had been able to trigger it.

And now, Tang Qingshan had done it!

However, at that instant, the barrier encapsulating the Crimson Blood Ocean cracked open rapidly without them noticing...

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