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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 663


Chapter 663

Chapter 663 - The Power of the Godly Eye, the Astonished Crowd


The slashes shattered the attack into pieces. Furthermore, the remaining force from the slashes was directed toward the Emperor Weapons like a gust of wind.

“Such an outstanding saber intent!” Zhu Hang’s eyes flickered with astonishment. Following this, he began to perform hand seals.

“Tian! Xuan! Dao! Hao1!” Words were uttered continuously with the hand seals. At that instant, the Emperor Weapons danced wildly and dodged the slashes, before they switched their positions and transformed into one hundred and eleven smaller formations, each with six Emperor Weapons as their foundation.

“Chain! Suppress! Poison! Electric Fire!” Each of the formations unleashed their specific effects as they entrapped Qin Nan’s figure, leaving no gap between them.

The crowd could feel their scalp turning numb seeing this. It was impossible for any of them to survive the combination of attacks from this many formations. There were more to come, even after dodging thirty, or eighty of them!


Qin Nan’s left eye flickered thunderously as his figure weaved among the attacks like a phantom, dodging all of them, while swinging his saber and destroying each formation with a single slash.

A man against countless weapons resulted in an intense battle, which completely showcased the unmatched strength of his eye-technique.

“How impressive…”

The crowd was left speechless. This Duan Qing was able to predict every single attack from the formations and dodge them with ease. That alone would make him a formidable presence in any battle.

Zhu Hang’s expression sank slightly. Through the battle, he finally learned how powerful Duan Qing’s strength was.

Slash! Slash! Slash!

As more formations were destroyed, the pressure on Qin Nan’s shoulders gradually eased. The formations began to chase after him, and ended up crashing into one another when he suddenly switched directions, resulting in a huge explosion and fireballs falling down toward the ground.

Only half of the one hundred and eleven formations were left. A few hundred Emperor Weapons had dropped to the ground with their glows dimmed while buzzing as if they were crying in agony.

Meanwhile, Gong Yang and Zhao Fang were relieved after witnessing Qin Nan’s strength, before they redirected their focus onto the battle with the Lone Eagle and Jiang Bilan. The rogue cultivators also fought one another, causing a few to be knocked out from the dojo.

A moment later, only fifteen participants remained on the dojo.

“What a surprise, Duan Qing has such an outstanding ability at predicting the attacks, to perfectly dodge all of them with ease. If that’s the case, I shall sacrifice them.” Zhu Hang wore a stern look as his eyes flickered with determination. Although he had been looking down on Duan Qing before, after witnessing his extraordinary strength, he had decided to treat him seriously. Otherwise, he would end up being defeated instead.

“Weapon Directing Art...Explode…”

Zhu Hang uttered a few strange words, whose face reddened significantly as he said the last word. He spat out a a drop of blood onto the ground ten steps away, which was extremely visible on the white dojo.

He was executing an ancient Martial Skill with his blood!


At that instant, a suffocating suppression swept the dojo. Qin Nan who was busy dealing with the formations halted his movement as he could sense a strong sense of danger.

“What’s happening?” Qin Nan swiftly scanned the place with his left eye of the divine God of Battle. His expression changed tremendously as he used his left arm as a shield and controlled the Demon God’s Robe to encapsulate his figure in a black glow.

The next second, bright golden glows were suddenly emitted from the Emperor Weapons. As the crowd was astonished by the sight, the golden glows expanded rapidly before the Emperor Weapons all exploded, resulting in a shocking impact!


A loud explosion took place on the dojo as a giant mushroom cloud rose from the ground into the air. At that instant, the battles between the other cultivators came to a stop. They all turned their heads around, in particular Gong Yang and Zhao Fang, who wore blank expressions on their faces.

The rogue cultivators could feel their mouths turning dry, as they had never thought that Zhu Hang would detonate six hundred and sixty-six Emperor Weapons straight away. With such a powerful impact, even an ordinary tenth-layer Martial Highness would die instantly, let alone Duan Qing.

So...this was the determination of a top fifteen genius on the Hidden Dragon Ranking?




A bright saber glow was emitted from the flames all of a sudden, which slashed the flames into half. A perfectly unharmed figure flew out from the gap, whose battle intent was even stronger than before. This figure was Duan Qing!

“What just happened!” Zhu Hang was startled. Even that didn’t manage to kill Duan Qing? Even if he was still alive, he should be severely injured, right?

The crowd was utterly astonished. They could not find any words to explain the sight before them.

“Zhu Hang, you’re willing to detonate that many Emperor Weapons just to eliminate me. What an impressive move!” Qin Nan’s eyes glistened as he stomped and summoned a giant bell above Zhu Hang, which unleashed the accumulated power of the Phoenix Soul-Consuming Fire and Sky Thunder with its chime.

“Crap!” Zhu Hang collected his thoughts and blurted out, “Teleport!”

A talisman was burned as Zhu Hang’s figure was teleported away from the bell and arrived at another spot on the dojo, allowing him to let out a sigh of relief. He had slightly lost his concentration due to the shock, and if it weren’t for his quick reactions, Qin Nan’s attack would surely have made him pay.

However, as soon as he felt relieved, a shocking icy intent could be felt coming from his back. It appeared that the moment he had teleported with the talisman, Qin Nan was able to discover the destination of the transportation with the left eye of the divine God of Battle, allowing him Battle, allowing him to see Zhu Hang’s location, and thus he executed a slash without hesitation!

“Damn it!” Zhu Hang could feel his scalp turning numb. He could not afford to be careless against the attack, not to mention the fact that Qin Nan had once again surprised him. A mystical glow burst out from his body and formed an illusionary armor plate. It turned out to be a Sacred Weapon that was unleashed in the nick of time.


The slash collided with the armor plate. The outstanding strength of the Aging slash was clearly displayed, as the illusionary armor plate vibrated vigorously, and whose glow became dim as if it was going to shatter into pieces at any time soon. Zhu Hang immediately executed an ancient movement technique and rapidly moved away from Qin Nan like a leaf floating on the dojo.

Meanwhile, Qin Nan was like a parasite, who Zhu Hang failed to get rid of no matter how fast he tried to run away. Furthermore, Qin Nan was able to predict each landing spot, leaving Zhu Hang no chance to settle down, thus no time for him to catch his breath.


Continuous explosions took place on the dojo, stunning the entire crowd, as the eighth-layer Martial Highness Realm Duan Qing was able to constantly suppress Zhu Hang!

This Duan Qing...was far too strong!

Translator: XephiZ

Editor: DOCuinn

[1] TL Note: Tian (天) = sky/heaven;Xuan (玄) = mysterious/obscure;Dao (道) = taoism/path;Hao (昊) = vast/boundless.


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