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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 655


Chapter 655

Chapter 655 - Sabers Are Drawn, Battle Against the Three Stars

As everyone knew, the relationship between Duan Qing and the Trading Alliance was incompatible like fire and ice. Despite that, Duan Qing was still willing to trade them the Disordered Ocean Qi?

That didn’t make sense at all. It had to be a trap!

“Hehe, Duan Qing, I don’t know what trick you are planning, but we will be waiting outside the tomb for now. I would like to see how you’re going to escape this time!” The trio held their hands in front of their chest, as if they were able to read Qin Nan’s mind.

Qin Nan was left speechless, as he was not planning to trick them.

To him, trading the Disordered Ocean Qi to the Three Stars would not make any difference at all. He had planned to kill them immediately upon entering the Martial Sacred’s tomb!

“You go ahead and compete for the loot. I’ll catch you later.” Qin Nan whispered to Luan Feng.

“You——” Luan Feng opened her eyes wide. What was he planning to do by staying outside here? Could it be...

“Duan Qing, don’t be a fool. Du Ping is an eighth-layer Martial Highness, Du Yuan is a seventh-layer Martial Highness, and Du Feng is a sixth-layer Martial Highness. It’s even difficult for you to face the three at the same time…” Luan Feng snapped.


Qin Nan growled while his gaze became sharp.

Luan Feng instantly halted her speech. For some reason, she could not rebuke his decision seeing his expression.

“You’re going to kill yourself!”

Luan Feng snapped coldly and entered the path with a flicker. Qin Nan had given her a hundred streams of the Disordered Ocean Qi before this.

“Let’s go!”

The rogue cultivators who had traded for the Disordered Ocean Qi glanced at one another before entering the tomb. Only a few rogue cultivators with slightly weaker cultivations shook their heads helplessly and left the place. It would be a waste of time for them due to their cultivations and talent.

The trio wore unpleasant looks on their faces.

They were interested in the Martial Sacred’s tomb too, but unfortunately, Duan Qing had all the Disordered Ocean Qi...

Hang on a second!

They immediately noticed something out of place. Duan Qing had yet to enter the tomb. What was he trying to do?


At that instant, Qin Nan’s figure landed before them with an expressionless face. His black robe flapped wildly in the wind while the ancient saber in his hand vibrated vigorously as he lashed out three slashes!

The trio immediately came to a realization. This Duan Qing was staying out here to fight them!

“Duan Qing, how bold of you! Do you think you stand a chance now with your seventh-layer Martial Highness Realm cultivation!”

The Three Stars were enraged. They would never have thought that Duan Qing would attack before them, showing no respect toward them at all!


Several Emperor Weapons rose into the air and emitted brilliant glows glows that summoned wind, fire, thunder, ice, rain, etc. that covered the entire area, which devoured the three saber intents and came straight in Qin Nan’s direction.

“Ultimate Heavenly Treasure Formation!”

The trio had great synergy as they uttered roars at the same time while activating the formation. The Emperor Weapons danced wildly as if they had come alive, which rapidly formed a terrifying formation that trapped Qin Nan within countless attacks.

Qin Nan’s left eye flickered thunderously.

His speed increased significantly as he weaved through the attacks with great precision.

In the blink of an eye, while he was dodging the attacks, he targeted one of the Emperor Weapons and slashed it in half.


The formation instantly crumbled.

That particular Emperor Weapon was the eye of the formation.

“Crap, he found it!”

The trio was startled by Duan Qing’s outstanding eye-technique!

Before they could react, a figure arrived before them and unleashed a terrifying flame that engulfed their figures.


Qin Nan let out a roar the moment he unleashed the Phoenix Soul-Consuming Fire.

Behind him, three ancient sabers were drawn out as his figure split into three other mirror images, each carrying an ancient saber, flinging them downward.


Three terrifying saber glows were emitted, destroying any life force along the way.


The trio was utterly astounded, as a sense of impending death filled their hearts.

This Duan Qing was way stronger than they had expected!

“Tyrant Spear!”

“Fiery Bow!”

“Noble Throne!”

At the last moment, they each uttered a furious cry furious cry as three blinding sacred glows were emitted from their bodies. Following this, a ten-zhang giant spear, a five-zhang bow engulfed in flames, and a throne with a few golden dragons coiled around it were summoned, resulting in a terrifying suppression of the Martial Sacred Realm!

These three weapons were all Sacred Weapons!


The three Sacred Weapons were activated, unleashing terrifying glows that thoroughly nullified the Age slash’s power.

“So this is what it’s like to fight against disciples of the Trading Alliance?” Qin Nan’s eyes glittered.

The disciples of the Trading Alliance were experts in utilizing weapons in battle. Although the trio was unable to fully unleash the power of the Sacred Weapons, their current strength was terrifying enough!

“You two, unleash all your strength to suppress him!”

Du Ping blurted out.

Duan Qing’s strength was extraordinary. He was able to resist them with a mere seventh-layer Martial Highness Realm cultivation. If they dragged the battle out, allowing other cultivators to make their way here, things might turn out badly for them, thus they had to make use of the current opportunity to capture Duan Qing.

“Sword of Elysium!”

“Door of Ice and Fire!”

Du Ping and Du Feng yelled out as another two sacred glows burst out from their bodies, which turned out to be a giant sword and a giant door.

The first and second brothers of the Three Stars had two Sacred Weapons each!

“Noble Throne, Five Sacred Suppression!”

At that instant, Du Feng executed a hand seal, which seemingly controlled which seemingly controlled the five Sacred Weapons to position themselves in a pentagon before crushing down toward Qin Nan’s head.

The area within ten li experienced a great impact, causing countless rocks to be shattered into pieces!

This was the talent of the Three Stars. As they were blood-related brothers, they were able to synchronize with one another while using the Mystical Weapons to exploit their full power.

Qin Nan raised his head looking at the incoming attack, before he stomped his foot onto the ground and used his left arm as a shield.

“Hehe, are you really trying to block the attack with your flesh?”

The trio let out hollow laughs seeing this. They had utilized the full power of the five Sacred Weapons. Even someone in the top fifteen on the Hidden Dragon Ranking would be defeated by the attack, not to mention Duan Qing, whose cultivation was only at the seventh-layer Martial Highness Realm!


A loud explosion could be heard.

A shocking scene took place. With Qin Nan at the center, the ground within one hundred zhang around him was completely shattered into pieces, causing rocks to scatter everywhere. Despite the terrifying force of the five Sacred Weapons, his figure remained in place like a giant mountain.

It was as if he was perfectly unharmed.

“ this possible!”

The trio’s eyes widened as their hearts were bombarded with astonishment.

Did Duan Qing really survive the attack with only his flesh?

How terrifying was his flesh!?

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