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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 654


Chapter 654

Chapter 654 - The Power of the Disordered Ocean Qi, Time to Earn Primary Stones

The rogue cultivator was a sixth-layer Martial Highness!

Despite that, he had been killed in the blink of an eye. They would also share the same fate if they were in the same position!

Did that imply that no one was permitted to enter the Martial Sacred’s tomb?

While the crowd was confused, a black figure sprang out from the entrance of the tomb along with the suppression of the Martial Sacred Realm.

The crowd was stunned.

A Martial Sacred Realm expert? Was he still alive?

“It’s only a stream of his will!”

Qin Nan scanned the figure with his left eye and his tensed figure relaxed after realizing that the figure was unable to pose any threat to him.

“I’m known as the Martial Sacred King of Strength. I established this tomb before I died, and I was initially planning to use it as a way to pass down my succession to my future generations. However, as the evil presence here at the Crimson Blood Ocean was too overwhelming, my will was severely corrupted over the past few hundred years.” The black figure spoke with a hoarse voice, “Therefore, I’ve altered the condition—anyone that would like to enter the tomb must hand over a hundred streams of the Disordered Ocean Qi, as I need them to break myself free…”

The black figure disappeared upon saying this, as if it had never appeared before.

The crowd was startled. Did they need to pay him the Disordered Ocean Qi?

“He’s probably not lying. The saber intent we found before was extraordinary, thus it was unaffected by the Crimson Blood Ocean. However, as this Martial Sacred King of Strength’s cultivation was not strong enough, his will was subject to corruption…” Luan Feng whispered to Qin Nan.

Hearing this, Qin Nan’s expression became strange.

The Disordered Ocean Qi!

He had not expected it to be this useful in the Ancient Battlefield!

Meanwhile, more rogue cultivators had arrived at the tomb, and three among them had even reached the ninth-layer Martial Highness Realm. However, when they heard the words spoken by the Martial Sacred King of Strength, their expressions became dull instantly. None of them had one hundred streams of the Disordered Ocean Qi!

“Disordered Ocean Qi….Duan Qing, hand them over now!” Du Ping and his brothers immediately reacted and glared at Qin Nan murderously.

They clearly remembered that Duan Qing had taken most of the Disordered Ocean Qi!

“That’s right! Duan Qing has the Disordered Ocean Qi!”

“I remember now, he absorbed a few thousand streams of them at the Disordered Ocean City!”

“What? That many?”

The rogue cultivators’ gazes toward Qin Nan were filled with hints of hostility.

They were hesitant to target Qin Nan due to the warnings from Yang Gong and Yu Luosha. However, the Martial Sacred’s tomb was right in front of them now. With enough Disordered Ocean Qi, they they could enter the tomb and acquire the treasures and succession within it.

“Are you sure?”

Qin Nan let out a grin and charged toward the tomb under the crowd’s gaze.

Seeing this, the crowd was astounded.

“Duan Qing! Are you planning to keep the loot for yourself?”

“Duan Qing, if you insist on it, we shall show no mercy!”

“That’s right!”

Following this, the cultivators immediately sprang forward and surrounded Qin Nan while emitting murderous auras, as if they were going to attack if Qin Nan was unwilling to obey.

The Three Stars grinned coldly seeing this.

If Duan Qing was reluctant to hand them the Disordered Ocean Qi, the crowd would not let him go easily!

“Do you really think you can trap me here?”

Qin Nan wore a calm smile.

His figure moved all of a sudden.

The crowd’s gaze sharpened as ancient Martial Skills were executed in the blink of an eye aimed at Qin Nan’s figure.

Despite that, Qin Nan’s figure weaved through the attacks like a fish.

It felt like he was able to predict every attack and dodge them with ease, leaving him perfectly unharmed.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

Qin Nan’s figure moved rapidly like a tornado.

A moment later, the crowd’s eyes widened when they saw Qin Nan leaping into the air and diving straight toward the entrance of the tomb. With one more step, he would be stepping onto the path.


The cultivators were astounded.

What trick did Duan Qing use Qing use to allow him to dodge all of their attacks without suffering any damage?

“What! His cultivation has ranked up to the seventh-layer Martial Highness Realm!”

Du Ping, Du Yuan, and Du Feng were shocked seeing this.

It had only been a few days time!

Duan Qing’s cultivation had ranked up twice in a row? How was that possible!

“Everyone, I have never been a selfish being. I’m always willing to share with others!” Qin Nan burst out laughing instead of entering the tomb, “I agree that we should all have a chance to explore the tomb. As everyone knows, the Disordered Ocean Qi was not easy to get, so I can’t give them to you for free. You will have to pay with some Primary Stones…”

Despite finding many treasures and herbs, Qin Nan did not even have a single Primary Stone on him at the moment.

Without Primary Stones, his divine Battle Spirit wouldn’t be able to rank up!

Therefore, Qin Nan had decided to sell his Disordered Ocean Qi!

The crowd was stunned, as they did not expect Duan Qing to sell them the Disordered Ocean Qi.

“I won’t be asking much. Ten thousand Primary Stones for a hundred streams of the Disordered Ocean Qi. This is definitely not a scam.” Qin Nan smilingly said.

The expressions of the rogue cultivators loosened up hearing this.

Although trading ten thousand Primary Stones for a hundred streams of the Disordered Ocean Qi was slightly expensive, the chance to enter chance to enter a Martial Sacred’s tomb was exceedingly rare. It would be worth the price if they were able to find some ancient Martial Skills in the tomb.

Meanwhile, Luan Feng was left speechless. This guy, why would he want Primary Stones instead of keeping all the loot for himself?

“What if you’ve lied to us?” One of the rogue cultivators asked.

“The decision is completely yours, whether you trust me or not.” Qin Nan said calmly.

The eyes of the rogue cultivators flickered. Ten thousand Primary Stones was neither too much nor too little. It seemed like a fine deal. After all, it was impossible for Duan Qing to befoe them all just to scam some Primary Stones from them.

“Alright, I’ll take the offer.”

“Ten thousand it is. Take it!”

“Brother Duan Qing, I hope you’re being honest.”

The rogue cultivators took turns to pay ten thousand Primary Stones. A moment later, thirty of them had paid, which meant that Qin Nan now had three hundred thousand Primary Stones!

“Some Primary Stones at last…”

Qin Nan exclaimed, before he cast his gaze at the three brothers and said, “So, the Three Stars have no desire to enter the Martial Sacred’s tomb?”

The crowd was stupefied hearing this.

Even the trio was dumbfounded.

What was Duan Qing trying to say?

“You...are selling us the Disordered Ocean Qi?” Du Ping stared at Qin Nan with disbelief. Had this Duan Qing lost his sanity?

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