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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 653


Chapter 653

Chapter 653 - Summoned by the Information, Stumbling into Enemies

“No one has managed to activate the Martial Sacred’s tomb before, as it requires a certain amount of the Disordered Ocean Qi!” Luan Feng explained, “Normally, the most Disordered Ocean Qi that was acquired in the past was only just over a hundred streams, thus it was far from enough, but I guess in your case…”

She stopped in the midst of her speech. Qin Nan immediately understood her words, leaving a smirk on his face.

It seemed like he had made a smart choice by taking all of the Disordered Ocean Qi.

“Let’s go!”

The duo departed for their destination.

Along the journey, they found many fortunate encounters as well, and Qin Nan looted them all without exception, improving his force of the Martial Highness Realm further. On top of that, they also found eighty Crimson Badges.

“We’re here.”

Luan Feng halted in her tracks while her body tensed, as if she had sensed a great foe.

Qin Nan raised his head.

He could see strange-looking trees on the crimson ground before him. Behind the trees were various-sized tombs clustered together, covering an area with a circumference of a few li. The whole cemetery was covered in a crimson glow from above.

“The crimson glow is a terrifying forbidding aura. Even a peak Martial Highness would be instantly crushed into pieces after touching it…”

Qin Nan raised his hand and unleashed streams of the Disordered Ocean Qi.

As the Disordered Ocean Qi dissolved into the crimson glow, the barrier began to become dimmer, which completely turned transparent and cracked open when eight hundred streams of the Disordered Ocean Qi were unleashed.

Countless deathly auras were emitted instantly from the tombs.


Qin Nan immediately grabbed Luan Feng’s figure and backed off rapidly.

With his left eye of the divine God of Battle, he was able to observe a force being awakened among the tombs.

Three breaths later, a powerful aura rose into the sky from the tombs, resulting in a blasting explosion similar to the cry of the God of Death, which shocked everyone within a few hundred li!

“This is bad!” Luan Feng’s expression became cold, “With such a crazy explosion, the nearby cultivators will definitely make their way here…”

As soon as she had finished her sentence...


A figure suddenly descended from the sky, landing a hundred meters away from the duo. He was a rogue cultivator with a fifth-layer Martial Highness Realm cultivation. He had not been far away from the Martial Sacred’s tomb, thus he had immediately made his way there after seeing the rare occurrence.

“Mm? You’re Duan Qing?”

The rogue cultivator turned around and his eyes widened when he saw Qin Nan. With his cultivation, he was absolutely no match against Duan Duan Qing!

Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh!

A few piercing sounds could be heard.

A total of thirteen rogue cultivators had arrived as they were attracted by the strange occurrence. They immediately discovered Duan Qing’s presence, causing them to be startled.

“There are fourteen people here;three of them have reached the eighth-layer Martial Highness Realm, and seven of them have reached the seventh-layer Martial Highness Realm. The rest were at least at the fifth-layer Martial Highness Realm. Most importantly, that was not the end…”

In the blink of an eye, Qin Nan scanned them with his left eye of the divine God of Battle.

Luan Feng’s expression turned dark.

She had not expected the situation to develop this way. With this many cultivators there, looting the Martial Sacred’s tomb would not be an easy task.

“HAHAHA, this is most likely a Martial Sacred’s tomb!”

Meanwhile, loud laughter could be heard.

A rift was summoned in the space, from which three figures stepped out and set their eyes upon the giant tomb. Their eyes were filled with excitement.

The trio consisted of Du Ping, Du Yuan, and Du Feng!

“The Three Stars are here!”

“So it’s a Martial Sacred’s tomb, huh?”

“This is getting interesting. The Three Stars and Duan Qing will not be too happy seeing each other…”

The rogue cultivators remained in place and observed the situation as bystanders.

The trio immediately reacted and scanned their surroundings their surroundings with their divine Sense. They instantly discovered Qin Nan and Luan Feng’s presence.

“Duan Qing?”

The trio was startled.

Qin Nan could not help but wear a grin seeing them, “It seems like we’re pretty destined to meet each other!”

“Screw your destiny! Get him!”

Du Ping uttered a roar.

The trio had outstanding synergy since they were brothers. They instantly made their moves, executing their attacks aimed at Qin Nan’s figure.

Despite Duan Qing’s relationship with Yang Gong and Yu Luosha, the Trading Alliance was determined to capture him!

“Great timing!”

Qin Nan’s eyes flickered with a hint of battle intent.

He had now ranked up to the seventh-layer Martial Highness Realm, thus the gap between their cultivation had been reduced, allowing him to have a good fight!

The battle was on the verge of erupting!

At that instant...


A piercing sound could be heard as a rogue cultivator exerted all of his strength and charged toward the tomb.

When he saw the two sides planning to fight one another, he immediately planned to take ahold of the opportunity to enter the tomb when the crowd’s attention was fully attracted by the battle!

That was a Martial Sacred’s tomb!

Obtaining the succession of a Martial Sacred was more than enough for a Martial Highness like him!

Not to mention… there might be lots of Crimson Badges inside the tomb!

“Damn it!”

The crowd was

The crowd was stunned, before they made their moves too.

The eyes of the Three Stars widened too.


Qin Nan’s eyes coldened.

The other six ancient sabers in his storage bag vibrated vigorously and emitted saber glows as he prepared to use the Flying Saber Art to eliminate the rogue cultivator.

A strange occurrence took place all of a sudden.


A few shocking explosions could be heard as a three-zhang wide and one-zhang tall path leading deep into the tomb appeared as if it was aware of the cultivator’s presence.


Qin Nan frowned.

The crowd halted their movements too.

The way the path had suddenly opened far too strange!

The rogue cultivator could feel his hair standing on end seeing this, but since the tomb was right before him, he decided to bet his life on it, using three Emperor Weapons and over ten talismans as protection as he dashed forward.

The moment the rogue cultivator set foot onto the path, a shocking blood-red glow was fired from the tomb like a surging tide.


The mystical glow covering the rogue cultivator’s figure was instantly destroyed as his body was devoured by the light.

In the following breath, the glow was withdrawn back into the tomb, returning calmness to the path.

The place fell into a dead silence.

Even the Three Stars were rooted in place.

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Editor: DOCuinn


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