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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 650


Chapter 650

Chapter 650 - Zhu Hang.... You Wouldn't Want to Mess With Him

The Heavenly Fortune Talisman was extraordinarily precious. The Disordered Ocean City was soon crowded with the authorities from various factions. Despite that, they were unable to observe the situation in the Crimson Blood Ocean, thus they could only wait there and discuss their plan!

...Meanwhile, at the center of the Ancient Battlefield...

Following the speech from the guardian spirit, the crowd soon collected their thoughts. The atmosphere of the place suddenly intensified, as if a wet towel had instantly been twisted tightly.

Everyone here had gone through countless battles, with various trump cards up their sleeves. Therefore, they could not afford to underestimate each other's strength!

’’Five thousand Crimson Badges scattered around the place where the fortunate encounters are located. I do happen to have the map that the Luan Clan has given me. I can easily find these places to rank up the Martial Highness Crystal to improve my cultivation, and acquire the Crimson Badges at the same time...’’

Qin Nan mumbled to himself, before his gaze turned sharp.

There were over four thousand people here. With the map, he could easily come in the top thirty in the trial. However, the elimination stage would be coming next, and only five among the top thirty could enter the Light Door.

Therefore, his first priority now was to improve his cultivation. The sixth-layer Martial Highness Realm was still too weak compared to the others.

’’I'll look for you later.’’ Luan Feng said softly to Qin Nan, before she shut her eyes as if she had fallen asleep.

Qin Nan nodded his head. She was not his concern after all.

Meanwhile, Zhu Hang suddenly spoke, ’’Yang Gong, Yu Luosha, I've got something to discuss with you!’’

The crowd frowned and turned their heads around.

What were these three geniuses planning to do now?

Zhu Hang glimpsed coldly at Qin Nan before he transmitted his voice to Yang Gong, Yu Luosha, Guo Nu, and Qiu Ji, ’’Guys, I believe that you all know who Duan Qing is. The Trading Alliance sees him as an enemy, and he has even robbed us previously...’’

Gong Yang and Zhao Fang could not be bothered, but their eyes squinted hearing the words.

A moment later, both Gong Yang and Zhao Fang wore expressionless faces while the disciples of the Wanxiang Pavilion and the Dao-Seeking Mountain began to whisper among themselves with glittering eyes.

What a move by this Zhu Hang!

He was willing to invest such a fortune just to deal with Duan Qing!

Zhu Hang suddenly turned around facing the crowd and yelled, ’’Everyone, there are few words needed to describe the conflict between us and Duan Qing! If anyone is able to capture him alive I repeat alive then our Trading Alliance will offer three Sacred Weapons as a reward! You've heard me!’’

The words stunned the entire crowd, before they glanced in Qin Nan's direction with mocking looks.

Three Sacred Sacred Weapons!

The reward was outstanding, and the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom wouldn't give them too much hassle since they were only capturing him alive!

’’Duan Qing, huh...’’

Many rogue cultivators mumbled while their bodies emitted icy auras.

Qin Nan showed no reaction seeing this.

Offering some reward to have the crowd hunt him down?

It was definitely not his first time experiencing this. Oh Zhu Hang, bring it on. I'll definitely show you how it's done!

’’Please lend me a hand!’’

Zhu Hang brought his hands together toward Yang Gong, Yu Luosha, and the others in a respectful manner.

The disciples nodded their heads slightly. Zhu Hang had already lowered his status. Besides, it was such a great deal just to capture Duan Qing alive, and they could also earn Zhu Hang's favor, so why would they reject it?

’’Duan Qing, seems like you will be having a hard time...’’ Luan Feng's eyes sprang open. Her tone was filled with a gloating sound.

Meanwhile, Qin Nan wore a strange expression.

This Zhu Hang had made a pretty interesting move!

’’Wait!’’ Zhao Fang, who had been silent since he had arrived, suddenly spoke with a pair of icy eyes, ’’You're asking us to hunt Duan Qing down, right?’’

’’Uhh...Yes.’’ Zhu Hang was startled.

The crowd was stunned too. What was Yu Luosha planning to say?

’’Hehe, disciples of the Wanxiang Pavilion! Listen up. If you bump into anyone from the Trading Alliance, show them all you've got!’’ Zhao Fang's gorgeous face suddenly displayed a terrifying murderous intent, ’’As intent, ’’As for Zhu Hang, you'd better hope that you won't stumble into me. Otherwise, I'll let you experience what a living hell feels like!’’

The words caused the disciples of the Wanxiang Pavilion and the Trading Alliance to be dumbfounded.

What had just happened? Why had Yu Luosha suddenly become hostile toward Zhu Hang?

’’The Dao-Seeking Mountain will be doing the same.’’ Gong Yang said calmly.

At that instant, Zhu Hang's crew and the rogue cultivators were left in shock.

The Wanxiang Pavilion and the Dao-Seeking Mountain were behaving the same way. Could it be that Duan Qing had somehow drawn these two factions to his side?

’’On a side note...’’ Gong Yang wore a cold grin as he scanned the crowd, ’’If I know of anyone here that is trying to harm Duan Qing, I will show mercy!’’

’’Same here!’’

At that instant, Gong Yang and Zhao Fang unleashed terrifying murderous intent, challenging the crowd.

They were only doing this for Qin Nan!

Luan Feng thought that she was dreaming seeing this.

What was going on? These were two of the top fifteen geniuses on the Hidden Dragon Ranking? Why would they go this far to protect Duan Qing?

’’You two...’’ Zhu Hang wore a blank expression, as he had never thought that things would turn out this way. Even if they personally knew Duan Qing, it was impossible for them to go this far. In the midst of his confusion, he blurted out, ’’If the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom has Ancient Kingdom has promised you any benefits, our Trading Alliance will offer double of it no, triple of it!’’

In Zhu Hang's opinion, the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom had surely offered some benefits. Otherwise, why would two of the top fifteen geniuses on the Hidden Dragon Ranking be helping Duan QIng?

Even if they were not allowed to harm Duan Qing, they wouldn't be helping him either!

If not, the Trading Alliance would definitely lose control of the situation!

’’Let me give you a piece of advice...’’ Gong Yang stared coldly at Zhu Hang and pointed at Qin Nan, ’’You'd better watch yourself, and don't do anything stupid. You wouldn't want to mess with him!’’

Wouldn't want to mess with him?

He shouldn't mess with a cultivator with a mere eighth-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit and a sixth-layer Martial Highness Realm cultivation?

The thought flashed across the astonished crowd's mind.

Even Zhu Hang felt ridiculous hearing this.

However, little did they know that Gong Yang was not joking.

Gong Yang clearly knew that many among the crowd would assume Qin Nan's strength to be below average due to his cultivation, but in the end, this man would display his extraordinary talent and conquer the scene, just as usual!

He was...undefeatable!

’’The formation will be activated now!’’

At that instant, the guardian spirit suddenly declared.

Countless golden beams were emitted from the dojo, which transformed into giant snakes that spread outward into a giant formation. A mystical force was unleashed, encapsulating the figures of every cultivator!


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