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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 65


Chapter 65 - Driving Back Childe Gloomy Rage

After remaining silent for ten breaths' time due to Qin Nan's words, the disciples collected their thoughts, and their faces were filled with disdainful expressions.

’’This Qin Nan is damn ruthless;he dares to provoke Childe Gloomy Rage.’’

’’Qin Nan is too proud of himself;I'm afraid Senior Sister Chu Yun won't be protecting him anymore.’’

’’Humph, without Senior Sister Chu Yun's protection, Qin Nan would be dead within three attacks.’’


These disciples began to lash out with mocking comments.

Chu Yun's face was not pleasant looking;she was trying to help Qin Nan due to her kindness, but instead, Qin Nan chose to verbally abuse Childe Gloomy Rage even more.

Chu Yun was not happy;she let out a cold 'hmph' and said, ’’Junior Brother Qin Nan, if you insist it your way, then I will say no more. Go ahead and battle with Childe Gloomy Rage.’’

After saying this, Chu Yun leapt into the air and landed ten meters away, spectating with a straight face.

Although Senior Brother Gong Yang had sincerely asked her to assist Qin Nan, since Qin Nan was so full of himself, she planned to teach him a lesson;if Qin Nan's life were in danger later, she would then rescue him.

Xiao Leng remained speechless, and silently withdrew from the scene.

As soon as Childe Gloomy Rage appeared, he had scolded Qin Nan as a piece of trash;when he demanded Qin Nan kneel before him, Xiao Leng clearly knew that Qin Nan would not let this go so easily. In his opinion, Qin Nan was someone who held firm onto his principles;if someone were kind to him, he would return the favor sincerely. If someone wanted to kill him, he would not forgive them so easily.

Childe Gloomy Rage hesitated briefly, before he burned with rage.

Since when have I, Childe Gloomy Rage, allowed a piece of trash to continuously humiliate me?

’’If you're looking for death, then I'll grant you your wish!’’ Childe Gloomy Rage let out a devastating roar;an incredible force was emitted from his tiny body. He held his hands like a pair of claws and tore at Qin Nan with an icy cold aura.

The claw attack caused the disciples to be shocked.

If they were in Qin Nan's shoes, they had no chance of defending themselves against this attack.

Qin Nan remained calm and took a step forward, executing the Mystical Eight Steps that caused his figure to vanish and dodge the terrifying attack with ease.

Every disciple including Chu Yun was shocked witnessing this.

As their cultivation bases were not too weak, they were able to tell that Qin Nan was executing an incredible movement technique, which he had perfectly mastered;his speed was unmatched against cultivators of the eighth-layer Body Tempering Realm.

Unfortunately, Qin Nan's opponent was Childe Gloomy Rage.

Who was Childe Gloomy Rage?

He was ranked fourth among the top ten geniuses;even though Qin Nan's speed was quite astonishing, it was but a child's trick before Childe Gloomy Rage.

’’Qin Nan, is this all you've got? Hmph, do you really think you are allowed to be smug in front of me just because you have mastered a movement technique?’’ While wearing a spooky expression, Childe Gloomy Rage's raised his speed tremendously in that instant, and he became as fast as lightning.

One of the disciples who was relatively knowledgeable immediately exclaimed, ’’This is the Thunder Flashing Steps;one's movement will be fast as lightning with it.’’

Childe Gloomy Rage was able to catch up to Qin Nan's speed instantly after executing the Thunder Flashing Steps.

Childe Gloomy Rage let out a spooky laugh and said, ’’Qin Nan, not so cocky now, eh? Let me show you one of my killing abilities: Spirit Locking Chain!’’

At that instant, Childe Gloomy Rage dragged out a dark iron chain from his waist;his aura was boosted instantly, emitting a stream of Chain Intent from his One with the Chain state toward his surroundings.

It felt like a gust of icy wind had just blown past the woods, causing those with a weaker cultivation to shiver.

Upon seeing this, Chu Yun's expression changed slightly, ’’Greater Success Stage of One with the Weapon?’’

At that instant, every disciple was astonished.

’’Greater Success Stage of One with the Weapon? What a surprise indeed that Childe Gloomy Rage managed to achieve this strength.’’

’’HAHAHA, Qin Nan has no hope of surviving;even a ninth-layer Body Tempering Realm cultivator would die facing the Greater Success Stage of One with the Weapon.’’

’’Tsk tsk, I don't think three attacks are necessary;a single attack is enough to slay Qin Nan!’’


Chu Yun inhaled deeply as a serious expression was seen on her face;she gathered all her might ready to sprang out at anytime;even though she planned to trouble Qin Nan as she was not fond of his smug attitude, but she would not let Qin Nan die due to Senior Brother Gong Yang's request.

Therefore, she had to interfere and save Qin Nan when the time came.

Meanwhile, Childe Gloomy Rage who had unleashed his strength of the Greater Success Stage of One with the Weapon flicked his wrist, causing the dark chain to spring toward Qin Nan's head like a deadly serpent from hell.

The attack was extremely ferocious, as if a demon had appeared to hunt Qin Nan's soul with its claws reaching out.

After seeing this, all the disciples were absolutely terrified, as a sense of coldness filled their hearts.

Chu Yun held her breath and gathered her might as she readied a powerful blow in order to save Qin Nan.

’’Is that it?’’

Despite facing a terrifying attack from Childe Gloomy Rage, Qin Nan smirked and stomped his foot hard on the ground;a menacing and imperious Saber Intent was emitted all of a sudden, encapsulating the area.

The Perfection Stage of One with the Saber, unleashed!

At that moment, the bone-chilling Intent unleashed by Childe Gloomy Rage was completely overwhelmed by the powerful Saber Intent.

Upon seeing this, the smirk on Childe Gloomy Rage's face disappeared his face was filled with an utter shock.

Not only him, Chu Yun and the disciples held their breaths after seeing this with astonished expressions.

Is this Saber Intent at the Perfection Stage?

Has Qin Nan mastered the Perfection Stage of One with the Saber?

’’How is this possible? Qin Nan had only reached the seventh-layer Body Tempering Realm;how could he have mastered the Perfection Stage of One with the Saber? Even a super genius like Ling Zixiao had yet to master the Perfection Stage of One with the Weapon when he was still at the seventh-layer Body Tempering Realm!’’ An unbelieving expression was seen in Chu Yun's attractive eyes.

Childe Gloomy Rage was indeed a top genius, who soon gathered his thoughts and said in a shrill voice, ’’Qin Nan, how could a trash like you master the Perfection Stage of One with the Saber?’’

After saying this, Childe Gloomy Rage's attack came to a halt as his figure moved backward rapidly.

He clearly knew that even with his eighth-layer Body Tempering Realm and the Greater Success Stage of One with the Weapon, he would not have any advantage fighting Qin Nan now;he might even find himself on the weaker side.

Not to mention that Chu Yun and Xiao Leng were ready to join the battle at any time.

It was obvious that Chu Yun and Xiao Leng would not remain stationary;if he were placed in a disadvantaged situation during the battle against Qin Nan, Chu Yun and Xiao Leng would lash out with their strongest attacks and eliminate him with the combined force.

He was not afraid to face Qin Nan alone, but he would definitely lose facing the three.

As a result, after realizing that he could not slay Qin Nan in a single attack, Childe Gloomy Rage immediately halted his movement and withdrew his attack.

After taking a deep breath, trying to restrain his unwillingness in his mind, he said with a cold face, ’’Qin Nan, consider yourself lucky this time. It won't be the same the next time I see you.’’

After saying these words in a cold tone, Childe Gloomy Rage instantly left the area with his Thunder Flashing Steps.

Everyone was shocked after witnessing this.

Did the famous Childe Gloomy Rage just flee for his life?

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