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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 646


Chapter 646

Chapter 646 - Storm in the Eastern Continent, the Door of Fortuity!

. . . Meanwhile at the Ancient Battlefield, Zhu Hang, the Three Stars, and the rogue cultivators raised their heads staring at the beam with blank expressions . . .

’’What . . . what's that?’’

Qin Nan felt like his heart had stopped .

With his left eye of the divine God of Battle, he was able to see an extremely terrifying force within the beam in the distance .

The force had surpassed the strength of the Martial Sacred Realm!


A sound similar to the chime of a bell echoed throughout the Ancient Battlefield into the ears of every person .

The beam firing into the sky suddenly exploded, shattering into white light dots that swiftly gathered, forming a giant white door that stood firmly in a towering manner .

Despite being a thousand li or even ten thousand li away from the door, everyone could see it clearly!

’’Door? Why is there a door here? Luan Feng, do you know what's going on?’’ Qin Nan glanced at Luan Feng upon collecting his thoughts .

’’We've never seen any door in the past few hundred years . The only possibility I can think of is the mysterious succession...’’ Luan Feng replied with glittering eyes .

The mysterious succession of the Crimson Blood Ocean!

It had never appeared over the past few hundred years, but it was actually revealed now?

’’Come, let's go!’’

Qin Nan pondered for a moment and immediately came to a decision .

He recalled the fact that the copper mirror had told him to wait . Was it telling him to wait for the appearance of the succession?

There were too many doubts for now, thus the best thing to do was to make their way to the door first!


Luan Feng nodded . The duo immediately advanced forward .

In addition to them, the people scattered around the Ancient Battlefield made up their minds and headed straight toward the center .

. . . Meanwhile, in the Disordered Ocean City, in the City Lord's Mansion . . .

’’Patriarch, regarding what we decided...’’ One of the elders blurted out .

’’I know what you're trying to say,’’ Luan Chengjie gazed at the elders before himself with a calm expression, ’’I'm unwilling to hand over the map as well, but we can't disobey the instructions from the scroll . Otherwise, our clan would face utter destruction...’’

Following this, a loud explosion could be heard coming from the Crimson Blood Ocean .

The crowd was stupefied .

What had just happened?

At that instant, Luan Chengjie and the elders immediately went out from the hall and raised their heads . They immediately saw the beam firing into the sky, which then shattered and formed a giant white door!

Everyone was shocked .


’’What's going on?’’

’’Could it be the succession?’’

’’My god, it's been a few hundred years . Why would it appear now!?’’

Luan Chengjie was lost in his thoughts too . It hadn't appeared in the last few hundred years . Why now? Was this because of that young man . . .

Luan Chengjie instantly collected his thoughts .

The entire Luan Clan and the Disordered Ocean City were immersed in a great silence .

At the same time, the thing occurring at the Crimson Blood Ocean was made known to the entire Eastern Continent .

At that instant, the entire Eastern Continent exploded!

’’The succession of the Crimson Blood Ocean has appeared!’’

’’Gasp, what a surprise, that shitty place actually has a succession! Come, let's go there at once!’’

’’It's said that the one that obtains the succession would be able to reach the peak of the Eastern Continent!’’

Apart from the rogue cultivators, the Trading Alliance, the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom, the Dao-Seeking Mountain, and the Wanxiang Pavilion immediately held meetings and discussed their plans .

. . . An hour later, on the shore of the Crimson Blood Ocean . . .

The people of the Luan Clan and the rogue cultivators of the Disordered Ocean City had gathered here, staring at the giant door in the Ancient Battlefield .


Following a loud explosion, a rift appeared, followed by a pleasant scent .

The cultivators immediately turned their turned their heads around and saw a group of women with outstanding physiques, attractive facial features, and white jade skin stepping out from it .

The leader, in particular, had her face covered with silk . Her glittering eyes were like glowing stars, such that even the surroundings suddenly became dull due to her appearance .

’’Wanxiang Pavilion! The disciples of the Wanxiang Pavilion have arrived!’’

’’The one leading, isn't she the fourteenth ranked on the Hidden Dragon Ranking, Yu Luosha?’’

’’What? Yu Luosha? She's here too!’’

An uproar took place among the crowd .

Yu Luosha, ranked fourteenth on the Hidden Dragon Ranking, who possessed a ninth-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit and a sixth-layer Martial Highness Realm cultivation, a superb genius who suddenly appeared in the past year!

’’The Wanxiang Pavilion is pretty quick this time!’’

An ancient voice could be heard from another direction where a rift was appearing . Following this, the rift was torn apart by a giant hand, as one young man after another walked out from it, each with a formidable aura .

’’The disciples of the Dao-Seeking Mountain! That must be the twenty-fifth ranked on the Hidden Dragon Ranking, Guo Nu!’’

’’The young man beside Guo Nu is ranked twentieth on the Hidden Dragon Ranking, Qiu Ji!’’

’’Gasp, look at the one standing in front of them . That's the tenth ranked on the Hidden Dragon Ranking . . . Yang Gong!’’

Some among the rogue cultivators screamed out cultivators screamed out all of a sudden .

Everyone's faces were filled with astonishment .

Four geniuses on the Hidden Dragon Ranking had arrived, and two of them were ranked in the top fifteen!

Including Zhu Hang who was now at the Ancient Battlefield, there were three of them now!

’’Senior Brother Yang Gong, it's been a while . ’’

Yu Luosha wore a charming smile under her silk, like flowers blossoming .

’’Yeah, it's been a long time . I've heard that he's here at the Ancient Battlefield as well . ’’

Yang Gong, who had a scholar-like appearance, spoke calmly . He was wearing a blue shirt while carrying a bamboo basket behind himself, which contained nine manuals with mysterious auras .

The geniuses from the two factions did not treat each other as opponents .

’’Yang Gong, Zhu Hang, Yu Luosha, Qiu Ji, Guo Nu, Duan Qing, Du Ping, Du Yuan, Du Feng, Luan Feng...’’ Luan Chengjie stood among the crowd gazing at the geniuses while mumbling to himself . His figure began to shiver .

Ten geniuses from the Hidden Dragon Ranking were here at the Crimson Blood Ocean!

And . . . that wouldn't be the end of it!

As the news spread, more cultivators were going to make their way to the Crimson Blood Ocean .

In other words . . .

A great storm between the geniuses was about to take place!


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