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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 643


Chapter 643

Chapter 643 - The Ancient Battlefield

At this stage, there were only a little more than six thousand streams of the Disordered Ocean Qi remaining on the dojo . The cultivators continued to strive to retrieve them . Meanwhile, the Trading Alliance and some of the rogue cultivators began to surround Qin Nan .


A sudden loud explosion took place . The Disordered Ocean Qi began to swarm in Qin Nan's direction as if they were being absorbed by some force .

’’This is...’’

Luan Chengjie and the people of the Luan Clan were shocked .

The crowd instantly halted their actions and turned their heads around . They were utterly stunned after taking a glance .

All the remaining Disordered Ocean Qi was absorbed into Qin Nan's body, and not a single stream was left!

’’How is this possible!’’

Luan Chengjie, the Supreme Elder of the Trading Alliance, Zhu Hang, and the rest of the rogue cultivators all had the same thought .

Even the disciples of the Trading Alliance being led by Du Ping and the remaining disciples from the other factions stared with their eyes open wide and blank expressions on their faces .

That was a total of over six thousand streams of the Disordered Ocean Qi!

Had Duan Qing just devoured them all?

’’Hehe, the Disordered Ocean Qi is in my hands now, so I shall not waste any further time with you!’’ Qin Nan let out a hollow laugh as he safely withdrew from the dojo under the crowd's gaze .

’’Was that...’’

Luan Chengjie and the elders of the Luan Clan could only come up with one explanation .

Being able to retrieve all the Disordered Ocean Qi was a sign that Duan Qing had practiced some incredible ancient water-type Martial Art which was closely related to the Crimson Blood Ocean . Otherwise, what he did would be impossible!

’’Everyone, we can't let him get away with all the Disordered Ocean Qi!’’ Du Ping, Du Yuan, and Du Feng reacted and yelled furiously at that instant .

The crowd instantly collected their thoughts . The rogue cultivators who had yet to acquire the Disordered Ocean Qi glared at Qin Nan with fiery eyes .

’’Duan Qing, how can you take all the Disordered Ocean Qi!’’

’’Hand it over now!’’

’’We will not let you go!’’

With Du Ping's provocation, the cultivators on the dojo were on the verge of going berserk . Their gazes locked onto Qin Nan's figure while auras were unleashed from their bodies as they charged in Qin Nan's direction like a terrifying army .

’’How bold of you all!’’

At that instant, a furious roar shook the Heavens and Earth .

The figure of the Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise floating in the air suddenly expanded into a giant being, leaving an enormous shadow that covered the ground . Its huge eyes stared down at the cultivators with a magnificent aura .

’’Anyone who dares to take a step forward will die!’’

The roar caused the area to vibrate vigorously .

The infuriated Three Stars and the cultivators instantly collected their thoughts as if a bucket of water had been poured onto their heads . Their eyes were filled with extreme terror .

Duan Qing had the Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise Tortoise as his escort!

’’See you!’’

Qin Nan wore a calm expression . He had originally planned to only take ten streams of the Disordered Ocean Qi, but the Trading Alliance and the rogue cultivators had tried to block his retreat . Therefore, he had decided to show no mercy .

As for the infuriated crowd?

What a joke!

When would he ever feel intimidated!?


Qin Nan's figure landed onto the Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise . His black robe flapped wildly in the air, resulting in a great suppression, as if an emperor had descended .


The Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise uttered another roar facing the crowd, producing a powerful gust of wind that knocked the crowd down, before it flew toward the Crimson Blood Ocean .

Since Qin Nan had acquired the Disordered Ocean Qi, he could now wait for the opening of the Crimson Blood Ocean!

’’Duan Qing!’’

Zhu Hang, who had finally recovered from his shock, had his face darken completely . He did not expect Duan Qing to be able to escape with all the Disordered Ocean Qi despite being surrounded!

’’Do you all have Disordered Ocean Qi?’’ The Supreme Elder of the Trading Alliance glanced at his crew and asked . After receiving the answers, he urged, ’’We should be going too!’’

He flung his robe and emitted a sacred glow that encapsulated the figures of Zhu Hang and the Three Stars, before dragging them into a rift .

’’Let's go!’’

’’Shit, who would have thought that a Martial Sacred Realm expert was here too...’’

’’Sigh, I guess we've missed our chance!’’

The rogue cultivators who had managed to acquire some Disordered Ocean Qi made their way their way to the Crimson Blood Ocean, while the rest uttered sighs and accepted their destiny .

’’Patriarch . . . ’’

One of the elders of the Luan Clan suddenly spoke .

Luan Chengjie's figure shuddered as he recalled something, before he snapped, ’’Quick, let Luan Feng prepare and head straight to the Crimson Blood Ocean . Remember, no matter what happens, he must help Duan Qing!’’


The people of the Luan Clan immediately proceeded to carry out their tasks .

Meanwhile, Luan Chengjie wore a blank expression as he mumbled to himself, ’’Who would have thought this day would actually come, I have no idea if we should be happy or sad about it . However, because of you, and the Disordered Ocean Qi, our Luan Clan was able to save up enough resources...’’

Luan Chengjie groaned as a trail of blood flowed out from his mouth .

The mysterious cauldron from his body disappeared .

. . . Meanwhile, close to the Crimson Blood Ocean . . .

Qin Nan raised his head while standing on top of the Black Tortoise and immediately saw a huge ocean with no visible boundaries, separated by a light curtain .

’’It's not opened yet?’’

Qin Nan glanced at the people of the Trading Alliance behind him, before he closed his eyes and began to cultivate with the Sleeping Buddha Method .

A great battle awaited, thus he should fully prepare himself!

Meanwhile, Zhu Hang, the Three Stars, and the rest of the geniuses wore murderous looks after witnessing Qin Nan's extraordinary performance .

Including the drinking contest, they could be considered to be considered to have lost to Duan Qing twice in a row .

The eyes of the rogue cultivators flickered with excitement while they waited in silence .

Time slowly passed . Half the period it took an incense to burn later, a loud explosion could be heard coming from the deeper region of the Crimson Ocean Blood, which rapidly approached them as the sound became louder!

The same as the crowd, Qin Nan's eyes sprang open and he gazed at the Crimson Blood Ocean .

A shocking sight took place . On the surface of the ocean, the water began to rise upward as if something huge was surfacing from beneath the water . Following this, a loud vibrating noise could be heard as pitch-black earth emerged from the ocean and rose .

’’This ’’

Qin Nan's eyes widened .

The earth looked like a black spot from a far, but through his left eye of the divine God of Battle, he could tell that the ground had a circumference of at least ten thousand li!

On top of that, a vague murderous aura could be felt from it .

It was an ancient battlefield!


Something cracking could be heard all of a sudden .

It turned out to be the light curtain covering the Crimson Blood Ocean, as a gap suddenly appeared, allowing one to enter the ocean through it .

Splash .

Close to the gap, the water of the ocean suddenly rose and revealed golden boats . Each boat had a black figure on it holding an oar as if they were waiting for something .

The Crimson Blood Ocean was now open!


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