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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 642


Chapter 642

Chapter 642 - The Power of the Disordered Ocean Art


A series of piercing sounds could be heard, which turned out to be Luan Chengjie, the elders of the Luan Clan, etc .

Beside the dojo stood countless disciples of the Luan Clan that were paying their full attention, unwilling to miss out on any detail . Therefore, Qin Nan immediately realized that the competition was definitely an exciting battle, allowing the disciples of the Luan Clan to learn a great deal while spectating it .

’’The opening of the Crimson Blood Ocean is just around the corner once again! I am Luan Chengjie;welcome to the Disordered Ocean City! Let's skip all the useless parts . I'll now activate the artifact to release the Disordered Ocean Qi, and the rest lies in your hands!’’ Luan Chengjie declared .

Following this, a huge cauldron rose into the air behind him .

The cauldron's surface was icy blue, as if it originated from deep within the ocean, emitting a chaotic aura . Luan Chengjie inserted the force of the Martial Highness Realm into the cauldron, causing it to release an icy blue aura .

As soon as this aura appeared, Qin Nan could feel something becoming restless inside his body, which turned out to be the Disordered Ocean Art .

’’So this is the Disordered Ocean Qi?’’

Qin Nan calmed his thoughts and took a look at it .


As the Disordered Ocean Qi was released, it sprang into the sky like waves, before transforming into dragons that soared into the sky at a rapid speed, making it difficult to be caught .

With a rough glance, there were at least a few tens of thousands of streams of them!

’’Why are there so many?’’ Qin Nan was stunned .

’’Shit, I guess I'm growing old . I forgot to tell you that the more streams of Disordered Ocean Qi you get, the greater the advantage you will have in the Crimson Blood Ocean! Qin Nan, try using the Martial Art that the Princess taught you!’’ The Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise slapped its own head and blurted out . Meanwhile, as if it was aware of something, it exchanged gazes with the Supreme Elder of the Trading Alliance, causing his figure to shudder . It seemed like he had no chance to carry out his plan now .

’’I see...’’

Qin Nan glanced toward the dojo .


Meanwhile, the cultivators on the icy blue dojo began to unleash their powerful Martial Skills, ancient Martial Arts, Martial Spirits, and Mystical Weapons, resulting in a brilliant sight . Their figures weaved rapidly among one another, trying to catch the Disordered Ocean Qi while fighting against their competitors .

The battle was extremely shocking .

Qin Nan's left eye emitted a flicker as he observed the movement path of every single cultivator within a few hundred meters . He then positioned himself at a spot where no one would come across him .

’’Let's try the Disordered Ocean Art...’’

Qin Nan began to execute the Disordered Ocean Art, causing his body to emit the sound of waves . .

Luan Chengjie and the elders of the Luan Clan suddenly felt uneasy, while their eyes were filled with doubts . They could somehow sense an overwhelming ancient water-type Martial Art being executed .


Qin Nan was dumbfounded after executing the Disordered Ocean Art .

At that instant, his divine Sense suddenly turned into a giant web that encapsulated the place from above, which trapped every single stream of the Disordered Ocean Qi within it . He could easily absorb them all into his body with a single thought .

’’This is way too powerful!’’

Qin Nan was astonished . It seemed like the Princess had specifically found the ancient Martial Art for him!

’’Screw it, there are too many cultivators planning to enter the Crimson Blood Ocean . I shall not hinder their paths . My only goal is to search for Tang Qingshan and the others, and prevent their location from being exposed...’’

Qin Nan shook his head and eliminated the thought of absorbing all of the Disordered Ocean Qi . He instantly grabbed ten streams of the Disordered Ocean Qi with the Disordered Ocean Art into his body .

The process took place in an instant, such that the cultivators were completely unaware of it .

After storing the Disordered Ocean Qi, Qin Nan prepared to leave the dojo as there was no need for him to participate in the battle .

At that instant, a rare phenomenon took place!

Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh!

Three figures approached him at a rapid pace, which turned out to be Du Ping, Du Yuan, Du Yuan, and Du Feng . A little after, over twenty disciples of the Trading Alliance appeared as well .

’’Duan Qing, still planning to get some Disordered Ocean Qi? Not on our watch!’’

Du Ping let out a hideous laugh and took a step forward, unleashing his aura .

The disciples followed him .

At that instant, it was as if they had formed a powerful formation surrounding Qin Nan, leaving no escape route for him .

’’My cultivation is no longer the same as before . Are you sure you can stop me with this many people? Since your Supreme Elder is here, I'll skip this battle . I'll have plenty of time to have some fun with you all at the Crimson Blood Ocean!’’

Qin Nan let out a hollow laugh as his left eye of the divine God of Battle flickered thunderously, predicting the movements of his enemies .

At that instant, he began to make his move . His figure weaved through the attacks with ease like a fish, leaving after-images of his figure everywhere . Before Du Ping and the others could react, he had escaped after being surrounded by the formation .

’’What happened! How did his cultivation improve all of a sudden!’’

Du Ping and his crew were stunned . Previously at the Geniuses' Gathering, they could still easily suppress Duan Qing!

’’Crap, don't let him escape!’’

Du Ping reacted and let out a roar, ’’What are you waiting for? Just stop him from escaping!’’

Hearing this, many rogue cultivators among the contestants turned their heads around and heads around and stared at Qin Nan's figure . Their eyes flickered with determination .

’’Cultivator Duan Qing, I'm sorry!’’

’’We will only keep you occupied for a while, we won't hurt you!’’

’’I apologize in advance for this!’’

The rogue cultivators unleashed their attacks aiming at Qin Nan .

A day ago, the Trading Alliance had spent a huge sum of money hiring the rogue cultivators to lend a hand during the competition . Although Duan Qing's background was quite formidable, these rogue cultivators were living fugitive lives, thus even if the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom was furious, it would not be easy to hunt them all down .

Therefore, they had nothing to be afraid of .

Du Ping and his crew let out hollow laughs as they led the disciples in a chase from behind .

’’How nice of the Trading Alliance and these rogue cultivators too to try so hard just to let me acquire less Disordered Ocean Qi . If that's what you want, then don't blame me for not showing mercy...’’

Qin Nan's eyes flickered coldly seeing this .

He had not been planning to acquire too many streams of the Disordered Ocean Qi for himself initially, but since the Trading Alliance and the rogue cultivators were planning to stop him, he would not surrender to their will!

Since that's what you want, I'll show you how it's done!

’’Disordered Ocean Art!’’

Qin Nan uttered a roar while unleashing the Disordered Ocean Art from his body!

At that instant, the remaining Disordered Ocean Qi was restrained by an invisible force .

’’Bring them me!’’


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