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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 641


Chapter 641

Chapter 641 - The Calm Before the Storm

There was no way that Qin Nan would give up on such a great opportunity . While the crowd was still astounded, he immediately grabbed all the jars of the Seven Godly Brew and drank them .

Not long after, the remaining Seven Godly Brew was finished .

The great energy from the wine entered his body and was gradually absorbed by the Martial Highness Crystal .

Did he . . . just finish them all?

The crowd wore blank expressions on their face . It felt like they were currently dreaming .

Duan Qing's cultivation was only at the fifth-layer Martial Highness Realm . How was he perfectly fine after drinking that many jars of the Seven Godly Brew?

’’Thanks for the treat, Patriarch! I'm grateful . Now, due to some circumstances, I shall excuse myself!’’

Qin Nan kicked the ground and left the place, leaving a trail of dust behind .

The hall became silent once again .

Everything had happened so quickly that the crowd failed to react in time .

When Luan Chengjie finally collected his thoughts, his heart experienced a great pain!

With the two rounds combined, a total of seventy jars of the Seven Godly Brew had been consumed . Their clan could at most produce twenty jars each year! They had all been finished during the contest!

A short moment later, the details regarding the series of events that had taken place during the Gathering of the Geniuses was spread wildly within the Disordered Ocean City .

’’Did you hear? Zhu Hang and the Three Stars were defeated by Duan Qing!’’

’’They planned to challenge Duan Qing to a wine contest, but were still outmatched by him!’’

’’Hell yeah, even the Supreme Elder of the Trading Alliance had to step in and interfere to save Zhu Hang, as he couldn't stand watching Zhu Hang suffering a huge defeat any longer!’’

The Disordered Ocean City instantly became lively .

Although not many people had known who Duan Qing was when he had first arrived at the Disordered Ocean City, that was certainly not the case now .

Meanwhile, the person that everyone was discussing had returned to his room at the inn after leaving the gathering .

’’Kid, that was impressive . ’’ The Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise said smilingly . It did not expect Zhu Hang to be outmatched by Duan Qing in the drinking contest as well .

’’I'll need to cultivate first!’’

Qin Nan sat down with his legs crossed and settled his thoughts .

He had drunk many jars of the Seven Godly Brew, which were refined into the force of the Martial Highness Realm, allowing him to accumulate six hundred and ninety-nine streams of the force of the Martial Highness Realm in his body .

’’The Martial Highness Realm, the greatness of a highness, controlling the Heavens and Earth with the force of the Martial Highness Realm...’’

Obscure words began to flash across Qin Nan's mind .

Although he now had enough force of the Martial Highness Realm, he still needed to stabilize his cultivation for him to rank up to the next level .

Three hours later, following a buzzing, a mystical aura burst out from Qin Nan's body .

Six hundred and ninety-nine streams of the force of the Martial Highness Realm!

Ranking up to the sixth-layer Martial Highness Realm!

’’Phew, the sixth-layer Martial Highness Realm at last . I I guess attending the gathering wasn't a waste of time at all . ’’

Qin Nan exhaled deeply with a relieved look .

Ranking up in the Martial Highness Realm was extremely difficult . He had been able to rank up this time thanks to the Seven Godly Brew and Zhu Hang's crew .

If Zhu Hang and his crew knew that they had somehow given Qin Nan a chance to improve his cultivation, they would most likely vomit blood immediately .

’’I shall cultivate more, and prepare myself to compete for the Disordered Ocean Qi...’’

There was no time for him to slack off .

Even though he had beaten Zhu Hang in the drinking contest, the cultivation of Zhu Hang and the Three Stars was indeed terrifying . He could not allow himself to underestimate their strength, thus his priority now was to cultivate and make use of every second he had .

. . . Meanwhile, at the inn where the Trading Alliance was staying . . .

The Supreme Elder straightened his face and snapped, ’’Nonsense! Planning to unleash your Martial Spirit in the contest? The Crimson Blood Ocean is opening soon . Do you have any idea how stupid it would be if you injured yourself and caused the operation to fail?’’

The Three Stars stood behind Zhu Hang in silence .

Zhu Hang's expression became dark .

He had never expected that he would be defeated by someone with a mere eighth-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit and a cultivation at the fifth-layer Martial Highness Realm! However, he could not refute the words from the Supreme Elder .

’’I'll kill him with my own hands when the Crimson Blood Ocean is opened!’’ Zhu Hang's Zhu Hang's eyes flickered murderously .

He would avenge himself for the humiliation that he had suffered!

’’Great, that's the spirit . ’’ The Supreme Elder nodded his head slightly . Zhu Hang had not seen Duan Qing as a worthy opponent at the start, thus the defeat might actually benefit them .

’’The competition for the Disordered Ocean Qi is about to begin . ’’

The Supreme Elder mumbled while his eyes flickered, ’’We should prepare some tricks to reduce the Disordered Ocean Qi that Duan Qing is able to acquire...’’

Time gradually passed . Two days were gone in a flash .

Within this period, Qin Nan was entirely focused on cultivation, practicing the Disordered Ocean Art and comprehending the Sleeping Buddha Method while stabilizing his cultivation .

As his comprehension was outstanding enough at this stage, he could easily switch between cultivating different Martial Arts .

Dang Dang Dang . . .

A series of rapid bell chimes could be heard .

At that instant, the eyes of many rogue cultivators sprang open, emitting a sharp flicker .

Each year, countless of rogue cultivators were here, but only a few thousand ended up entering the Crimson Blood Ocean!

’’So it's finally here?’’

Qin Nan mumbled to himself while his eyes flickered with excitement .

Once he acquired the Disordered Ocean Qi, he would be able to enter the Crimson Blood Ocean to look for Senior Tang Qingshan and the others .

How were Tang Qingshan, Peak Leader Duanmu, and the others doing at ranking up to the Martial Sacred Realm?

’’Let's go!’’ The Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise lay on Qin Nan's head and said .

Qin Nan nodded his head and left the inn with a flicker .

Meanwhile, the cultivators of the Disordered Ocean City departed for the City Lord Mansion as well, resulting in a lively scene .

’’So many people...’’

Qin Nan displayed his badge and proceeded to the City Lord Mansion's dojo following the crowd .

The dojo was ocean-blue in color as if it were made of water, and was incredibly huge, able to hold a few tens of thousands of cultivators .

Currently, despite the size of the dojo, a fourth of it was now occupied .

’’The cultivations of these people are quite remarkable...’’

Qin Nan picked a spot at the rear of the crowd and scanned with his eyes . With a rough scan, the lowest cultivation was at the peak Martial Dominator Realm, and there were only a few of them . Most of the cultivators had reached the peak Martial Highness Realm .

’’There's the Trading Alliance!’’

Qin Nan squinted his eyes .

At the front of the dojo, the Supreme Elder of the Trading Alliance floated in the sky, while Zhu Hang, the Three Stars, and the other disciples stood behind him . The formation completely outmatched the disciples of the Dao-Seeking Mountain and the Wanxiang Pavilion .

’’Oh right, where's Jiang Bilan?’’

Qin Nan suddenly recalled this question and began to scan the crowd with his full attention .

’’What's going on?’’

Qin Nan could not help but frown . He was unable to find Jiang Bilan's figure .

Jiang Bilan would not be able to enter the Crimson Blood Ocean without competing for the Disordered Ocean Qi . So why was she here at the Disordered Ocean City?

At that instant, Qin Nan could suddenly feel the calm before a great storm .


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