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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 64


Chapter 64 - Childe Gloomy Rage

The sudden voice had attracted the everyone's focus immediately.

The newcomer was extremely short, with only half a normal man's height;not only that, his face was extremely pale, as if there was no blood flow at all in it. His appearance had a spooky feeling to it, which caused one to shiver.

Upon seeing the newcomer, a disgusted expression could be seen on Chu Yun's face as she said, ’’Childe Gloomy Rage, you're here too.’’

After hearing the words, all the disciples' expressions changed, and they began breathing heavily.

’’Childe Gloomy Rage? It's him?’’

*Cough* ’’Childe Gloomy Rage, the fourth rank among the top ten geniuses, very terrifying.’’

’’Besides that, it is said that this Childe Gloomy Rage loves to kill;if you dare to stare him straight in the eyes, he will murder you straight away. Once, a seventh-grade Huang ranked genius got himself killed after talking back to him.’’

’’Tsk tsk, things are getting interesting.’’


Those who initially planned to leave stopped in their tracks after seeing the arrival of Childe Gloomy Rage. They could not help but glance at Qin Nan with mocking expressions.

From Childe Gloomy Rage's words, it seemed like he planned to attack Qin Nan soon.

Even though they were mismatched against Qin Nan, Childe Gloomy Rage was ranked fourth among the top ten geniuses;even if Qin Nan were being protected by Xiao Leng, he would not be able to handle Childe Gloomy Rage's wrath.

After seeing the arrival of Childe Gloomy Rage, Xiao Leng straightened his face and said in a low voice, ’’Qin Nan, don't be impulsive;even though his cultivation base is only the eighth-layer Body Tempering Realm, it is said that this man mastered a terrifying Evil Art;even Chu Yun is mismatched against him...’’

Qin Nan nodded his head;he had sensed the murderous intent from this Childe Gloomy Rage after he arrived, but his expression remained unchanged despite the pressure.

Childe Gloomy Rage smirked at Chu Yun and said, ’’Why can't I come if you guys can? Plus, it seems like coming here is the right choice, as I have found my prey.’’

He then turned toward Qin Nan and said in a spooky tone, ’’Qin Nan, I'll give you three breaths' time;kneel before me now, and I'll spare your life. If you dare to oppose me, I'll teach you the reason that you should beg for your death.’’

After hearing this, the disciples instantly glanced at Qin Nan with scornful expressions.

They were interested in seeing what would happen next;previously this Qin Nan dared to roar at everyone in the White Jade Dojo. Does he dare to be so smug facing Childe Gloomy Rage?

Xiao Leng's face turned cold as he snapped, ’’Childe Gloomy Rage, Senior Brother Qin Nan has no personal conflict with you. Why do you want to kill him?’’

’’Senior Brother?’’ Childe Gloomy Rage glanced at Xiao Leng with a disdainful look and said, ’’Xiao Leng, how could you submit to this trash, and call him Senior Brother? Since that's the case, I demand you two kneel before me;if not, have a taste of my power.’’

Childe Gloomy Rage said with an imperious tone, as if Qin Nan and Xiao Leng were nothing in his eyes.

Xiao Leng's expression changed as flames of fury rose within him;he did not expect this Childe Gloomy Rage to be so cocky.

At this moment, Qin Nan who remained silent previously finally spoke with a menacing tone, ’’Childe Gloomy Rage is it? You dare to call yourself a childe when you're just a shorty? My thoughts are exactly what Xiao Leng said;I have no personal conflict with you, but you insisted I kneel down before you, and even wanted to teach me about death. If you say so, let me see how good you are, you little shorty!’’

Everyone was dumbfounded, including Xiao Leng and Chu Yun.

They did not think that Qin Nan would be so ruthless facing a super genius like Childe Gloomy Rage;he dared to talk back with strong words, aiming at Childe Gloomy Rage's weakness.

Isn't Qin Nan worried that this Childe Gloomy Rage would go berserk?

After hearing the words, Childe Gloomy Rage paused, before his pale face twisted like a ferocious looking devil.

Since he was young, his height had been restrained due to his Martial Spirit and his health condition;hence, it had always been his tender spot. If anyone mentioned his height, he would seek revenge in the cruelest way, and torture the person.

Despite that, this trashy Qin Nan dared to call him short?


’’Well, well, well.’’ Childe Gloomy Rage squeezed the words out while wearing an extremely contorted face and emitting a murderous aura, ’’Such a piece of trash dares to call me short. Do you really think that you are worthy enough to be my opponent with your seventh-layer Body Tempering Realm cultivation? I'll show you the reason why you shouldn't have offended me!’’

Toward the end of the sentence, Childe Gloomy Rage raised his pitch suddenly into a sharp tone;meanwhile, an eighth-layer Body Tempering Realm aura was unleashed from his body.

The disciples were excited to see Childe Gloomy Rage go berserk;they were looking forward to seeing Qin Nan being torn apart by him.

’’Stop it!’’

At that moment, a yell was heard.

Chu Yun's appeared before Qin Nan with a flash;her beautiful face turned cold as she said, ’’Childe Gloomy Rage, Qin Nan is my friend. If you were to attack him today, then I'll team up with them and fight against you.’’

After saying this, a forceful aura burst out from Chu Yun's body.

All the disciples were shocked seeing this they did not expect Chu Yun to go against Childe Gloomy Rage for Qin Nan's sake.

Even Qin Nan was slightly stunned as he did not think that Chu Yun would defend him.

As a matter of fact, Chu Yun let out a wry smile in her mind;even though she disliked Childe Gloomy Rage, he was not her life and death enemy. However, due to Gong Yang's request, plus the fact that she was interested in Qin Nan too, she could not stand aside and witness Qin Nan dying in Childe Gloomy Rage's hands.

Upon knowing that this would mean another powerful enemy for her, Chu Yun could not help but roll her eyes at Qin Nan.

If this guy wasn't offensive with his words, not knowing how to keep his mouth shut, why would Childe Gloomy Rage be so furious?

Childe Gloomy Rage stared coldly at Chu Yun with his squinted eyes and said, ’’Chu Yun, are you sure that you want to side with this trash?’’

Chu Yun took a deep breath and said with a firm tone, ’’Childe Gloomy Rage, I can apologize on behalf of Qin Nan for his disrespectful words. However, if you were to attack Qin Nan, then I'll side with him. Besides that...’’

Before Chu Yun could finish her sentence, she was interrupted by someone.

The one interrupting was none other than Qin Nan.

Qin Nan said with a calm smile, ’’Senior Sister Chu Yun, there's no need to waste your time. If Childe Gloomy Rage wants to kill me, then let him try. I find it hard to believe that this little shorty is strong enough to kill me!’’

The whole place fell silent after these words were spoken.

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