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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 639


Chapter 639: Chapter 639 - A Fierce Fight

Chapter 639 - A Fierce Fight

Wine pots?

The crowd, the Three Stars, Luan Chengjie, and even Zhu Hang was dumbfounded .

The jade jars containing the Seven Godly Brew were relatively small . One jar could only fill two cups . In other words, if they were to fill a wine pot, wouldn’t it take at least a few tens of them?

Was this Duan Qing implying that he was going to drink them all in one go?

Even Zhu Hang wouldn’t be able to do that, not to mention the other peak Martial Highness Realm cultivators . His flesh would straight up explode!

“HAHA, a wine pot!”

“Is he being serious, this is my first time hearing someone trying to drink using a wine pot!”

“This Duan Qing is going too far…”

The crowd was left speechless, and some even wore mocking looks .

Did this Duan Qing really think that he was a Martial Sacred Realm expert?

“Trying to drink with a wine pot? That’s ridiculous . You should drink three of these jars first!” The Three Stars wore grins on their faces . This kid was being a fool .

“I’m sorry, Cultivator Duan Qing . We actually don’t have any wine pots . Maybe you should just drink it in those jars now…” Luan Chengjie’s gaze turned cold . Although they did have wine pots, he did not feel obliged to give it to him, in case this Duan Qing was planning to do something crazy . What was going to happen if he killed himself?

“Too bad!”

Qin Nan ignored the crowd . A hint of disappointment could be seen on his face . He was trying to save himself some time, but Patriarch Luan was not willing to give him a wine pot .

So what if the others couldn’t do it, that didn’t mean he couldn’t too?


Qin Nan swiftly reached out his hand grabbing a jar and finished it .

Following the pleasant aroma, a great force entered Qin Nan’s body, activating the Martial Highness Crystal that transformed the force into two streams of the force of the Martial Highness Realm .


Qin Nan was excited . It was quite difficult to obtain the force of the Martial Highness Realm, but he could easily acquire some by drinking a jar of wine . How could he not be happy?


He reached out his hand once again and drank another two jars of the Seven Godly Brew in a row .

The Martial Highness Crystal continued to operate, transforming them into four streams of the force of the Martial Highness Realm .

At that instant, the crowdincluding Zhu Hangwas stunned .

Three jars! Finishing three jars in a row! And nothing had happened to him!

Everyone was aware that Duan Qing only had an eighth-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit and a cultivation of the fifth-layer Martial Highness Realm . How had he managed to do it? What trick did he use?


Zhu Hang wore a smile on his face . Even though Duan Qing had seemingly done the impossible, he was confident that he would surely win the duel!


Zhu Hang grabbed the fourth jar and drank it in one go . Following this, he grabbed the fifth jar and finished it too . That was not the end, as he continued to reach out his hand . . .

“Is he planning to drink six jars in in a row?”

Gasp, such an outstanding cultivation!”

“I wouldn’t be able to drink a single jar!”

The cultivators were astounded . Following this, they subconsciously glanced toward Qin Nan, and were stupefied once again .

They could only see Qin Nan grabbing the fourth jar and finishing it, before grabbing the fifth jar and finishing it too . He then picked up the sixth jar without any sign of slowing down!

Not only that, the excitement in Qin Nan’s eyes grew gradually as he drank more of them .

Six jars in a row!

How had this Duan Qing done it too?

At that instant, everyone finally reacted . This Duan Qing was extraordinary . He must have some trick that allowed him to quickly refine the wine .

“If we were in his shoes…”

The thought popped up in Du Ping, Du Yuan, and Du Feng’s minds, causing them to shiver .

Lucky for them, Senior Brother Zhu Hang was here . Otherwise, they would never have been able to drink six jars in a row, and it would have served as a great humiliation!

“How did he even do it, damn it!”

The faces of the trio turned dark, before they calmed their thoughts after glimpsing the calm Zhu Hang . With their Senior Brother there, they would surely stand victorious in the end no matter what trick Duan Qing was using!

“HAHA, Duan Qing, how impressive that was, despite your cultivation of the fifth-layer Martial Highness Realm . No wonder our Alliance Leader spoke highly of you! Here, I’ll drink this to pay my respect!” After finishing the sixth jar, Zhu Hang grabbed the seventh jar and drank it .

Seeing Qin Nan finishing the seventh jar too, Zhu Hang’s eyelids jumped as he quickly grabbed the eighth jar and jar and said, “This one, is to all the geniuses here!”

Qin Nan slightly nodded his head, and finished his eighth jar too .

The crowd was left speechless seeing this .

How improbable!

Drinking eight jars without being affected!

Even Zhu Hang’s face had begun to redden slightly after finishing the eighth jar . His breath was filled with the smell of the wine . His heart skipped a beat when he saw the calm expression on Qin Nan’s face .

What was wrong with this Duan Qing? How was he not affected even after finishing eight jars of the wine?

Was he pretending to be calm, or was he really able to drink more?

“Come, doing something three times is always the lucky charm, let’s drink the ninth jar!” Zhu Hang raised the ninth jar in his hand . When he smelt the aroma of the Seven Godly Brew, he could not help but feel disgusted . Despite that, he continued to finish the ninth jar in one go!

As the force cleansed his flesh, his aura became slightly unstable, forcing him to get it under control with some trick .

Qin Nan let out a gentle smile and drank the ninth jar . His expression remained as calm as usual!


The crowd opened their mouths wide seeing this, unable to find any words to describe their shock .

The sight before them was too unbelievable!

Drinking nine jars in a row . There was no way a fifth-layer Martial Highness Realm cultivator could remain unaffected even with some outstanding trick, right?

Even Zhu Hang was showing a reaction!

“Hehe, I’ll be drinking the tenth jar first . ”

Qin Nan grabbed the tenth jar and finished it in a hurried manner, before another stream of the stream of the force of the Martial Highness Realm was produced in his body .

After drinking ten jars in a row, his body now had an extra twenty streams of the force of the Martial Highness Realm!

“This…” Zhu Hang was stunned . It was the tenth jar, why was he still acting normal?


Qin Nan felt extremely pleasant as he waved his hand and said, “Patriarch Luan, more wines please!”

His only thought now was to drink more Seven Godly Brew!

With it, his strength would be able to improve continuously!

“More . . . more wines?”

Luan Chengjie wore a blank expression . He had already drunk ten jars, and he still wanted to drink more?

The crowd was speechless .

Previously, they would have thought that Duan Qing was being full of himself to say such a thing . However, they no longer felt the same way now!

Was he being full of himself?

Not at all, this was his strength!

“Bring the wines!”

Seeing this, Zhu Hang let out a groan as his gaze turned sharp . He grabbed the tenth jar and drank it . A series of faint explosions could be heard coming from his body .

Zhu Hang’s expression changed slightly as he mumbled some chants to unleash a Martial Art, producing a magical glow as he tried to suppress the energy contained by the wine .

At that instant, it was easy to tell who was coming out on top!

“Senior Brother…”

Du Ping and his crew were stunned, as they had not expected it to come down to this .

“Did you hear me? Bring! Me! The! Wines!” A powerful aura was emitted from Zhu Hang’s body . He would never believe that he could not outmatch Duan Qing in a wine contest!

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