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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 638


Chapter 638: Chapter 638 - The Drinking Contest

Chapter 638 - The Drinking Contest

The Hidden Dragon Ranking: although it felt like everyone was ranked the same way, the ranking was further split into three categories—eighth-grade Di rank, ninth-grade Di rank, and tenth-grade Di rank . For example, an eighth-grade Di ranked genius would never be ranked in the top fifteen on the ranking even they had a cultivation of the peak Martial Highness Realm .

Due to the limitations of the Canglan Continent’s Martial Spirits, an eighth-grade Di ranked cultivator could at most reach the half-Martial Progenitor Realm . Only a ninth-grade Di ranked cultivator could actually rank up to the Martial Progenitor Realm .

That was the reason why some of the rogue cultivators had immediately left the place after learning that Zhu Hang was not coming .

Currently, the place was dead silent .

No one had expected Zhu Hang to appear all of a sudden and challenge Duan Qing to a drinking contest!

“Senior Brother!” The trio immediately reacted and lowered their status, without any sign of being as prideful as before .

“Cultivator Zhu Hang, what a surprise to see you here…” Luan Chengjie spoke to Zhu Hang in a respectful tone .

Qin Nan glanced toward him too .

A young man stood at the entrance, with golden hair and sharp eyebrows . Not only did he not conceal his cultivation, he also fully displayed the pride he had in his bones .

It was as if he was trying to say—everyone here was his servant!

And he was the king!

“Ninth-grade Di ranked martial Spirit, three Sacred Weapons inside his body, and a few hundred Emperor Weapons . On top of that, there’s a mysterious aura within his body that even my left eye of the divine God of Battle fails to peek through…” Qin Nan’s eyes flickered with astonishment . Frankly speaking, this Zhu Hang was outstanding, completely outmatching the talent of the Three Stars .

Zhu Hang nodded his head slightly facing the Three Stars and Luan Chengjie as a greeting . Following this, his gaze landed on Qin Nan’s figure as he calmly spoke, “I’ll ask again—I’ll have a drinking contest with you . The one who drinks more will be the winner . Do you dare to accept the challenge?”

The words caused the crowd to gaze in Qin Nan’s direction .

Everyone knew that Zhu Hang possessed a ninth-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit and a cultivation of the peak Martial Highness Realm . On the other hand, Duan Qing only had an eighth-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit and a fifth-layer Martial Highness Realm cultivation . Therefore, Duan Qing would surely lose the contest!

As such, they were eager to know how Duan Qing was going to respond .

Qin Nan frowned .

Zhu Hang’s eyes flickered with a scornful look after seeing Qin Nan’s reaction, “Forget it if you’re not willing to . I thought you might be a worthy opponent!”

Initially, Zhu Hang had been unwilling to come to the Crimson Blood Ocean . After all, there were no significant fortunate encounters here, thus it would be a waste of time . However, due to the request of the Leader of the Trading Alliance, he was left with no choice .

Therefore, he was a little curious to meet Duan Qing in person, as the Leader of the the Trading Alliance would go this far just to eliminate him . However, to his disappointment, this Duan Qing did not dare to accept his challenge .

At that instant, Zhu Hang suddenly lost interest and planned to take his leave . He would leave this Duan Qing in the Three Stars’ hands .

“A drinking contest you say?” At that instant, Qin Nan began to speak, “It doesn’t matter who’s going to represent the Trading Alliance, I’ll accept the challenge!”

With the Martial Highness Crystal, Qin Nan would never be scared to compete with anyone in the drinking contest . However, he would be more willing to face a genius like Zhu Hang in a fair battle, thus he had not accepted the challenge at the start .

Since this Zhu Hang had challenged him once again, there was no reason for him to reject it .

The words stunned the crowd and the Three Stars .

How scornful!

He dared to speak like that to Zhu Hang . Did he have no respect for Zhu Hang?

“How bold!” The trio became enraged and was about to start a fight .

“Hold it!” Zhu Hang snapped in a prideful manner while giving Qin Nan an intrigued look, “It seems that I’ve underestimated you . I never expected you to challenge me back with your mere eighth-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit . That alone is enough to bring me some enlightenment . Of course . . . please make sure that you won’t disappoint mebring the wines!”

In the midst of his speech, he found himself a seat and sat down .

Luan Chengjie swiftly reacted and yelled, “Bring the wines now! What are you waiting for!”

The servants and disciples and disciples of the Luan Clan immediately collected their thoughts and proceeded to grab the wine . A few seconds later, platters were served with twenty jars of Seven Godly Brews on them . The pleasant aroma of the wine swept the place .

“Shit! Twenty jars!”

“Does this mean that each of them will drink ten jars? Even a peak Martial Highness Realm cultivator wouldn’t be able to do that!”

“This Duan Qing is too full of himself, he’s going to have a hard time…”

The crowd was astonished seeing this . Their gazes toward Qin Nan was were filled with gloating looks .

If Duan Qing was actually planning to drink them all, his flesh would definitely explode due to the overwhelming energy from the wine, but it would also be extremely embarrassing if he chose not to drink them!

This Duan Qing was too impulsive!


Zhu Hang suddenly grabbed a jar and gulped it down in the blink of an eye .

The crowd’s eyes widened .

What was Zhu Hang trying to do?

He appeared to be perfectly unaffected, as he threw the jar away and said, “I’ll drink a jar first . ”


Zhu Hang reached out his hand once again, grabbing the second jar and gulped down the Seven Godly Brew, before throwing the jar away and saying, “That’s a second . ”

It was as if the Seven Godly Brew had completely lost its effect . It felt like Zhu Hang was drinking two jars of water instead of the Seven Godly Brew!

The crowd was utterly stupefied .

Those were two Seven Godly Brews, even a peak Martial Highness would not be so calm after drinking them in one go, right?


Zhu Hang did not Hang did not stop there . He continued to grab a third jar and finished it in a go with a calm expression, before he said, “Three jars are just enough for me to rinse my mouth and satisfy my thirst . Now . . . it’s your turn!”

The crowd became deadly silent, as each of their eyes widened and flickered with astoundment .

Finishing three jars in one go and still appearing to be unaffected!

Any other peak Martial Highness would need to use all of their force to suppress the energy of the wine after drinking three jars in a row . However, this Zhu Hang was perfectly fine, and even said that it was only enough for him to rinse his mouth and satisfy his thirst .

So . . . was this the strength of the thirteenth rank on the Hidden Dragon Ranking?

Du Ping and his crew were not too shocked, as they cast mocking looks toward Qin Nan .

With Senior Brother Zhu Hang here, what are you planning to do?

“This Zhu Hang is pretty impressive . ”

Qin Nan mumbled to himself, before he looked at Luan Chengjie and said, “Patriarch Luan, I’ve got a request . ”

Luan Chengjie was startled, before he instinctively said, “What is it…”

Zhu Hang and the others frowned . What was this Duan Qing trying to do? As soon as the thought crossed their mind, they could hear Qin Nan speaking .

“These jars are too small . It’s not fun enough . Do you have wine pots[1]?”

The words served as a roar of thunder .

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[1] TL Note: For reference of how big the pot is, see

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