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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 634


Chapter 634: Chapter 634 - The Astounded Black Tortoise

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Chapter 634 - The Astounded Black Tortoise

As the Disordered Ocean City was immersed in an uproar, Qin Nan tried to communicate with the copper mirror to see if she would be able to communicate with Tang Qingshan and his crew, but as he had expected, the copper mirror ignored him .

“Not helpful at crucial times as usual…”

Qin Nan was left speechless . He definitely loved and hated this copper mirror at the same time .

He then proceeded to cultivate with the Sleeping Buddha Method .

Waiting ahead of him was an intense battle, thus he had to fully prepare himself for it .

However, at this instant, a burning sensation could be felt from his blood .

It felt extremely familiar!

“This is…”

A smile appeared on his face . It had been a while since he had last met the Princess .

“Mm?” The Black Tortoise lying on Qin Nan’s head opened its eyes as it was aware of something unusual . It then saw a light screen appearing, and within it stood a gorgeous figure .

“What the hell?”

The Black Tortoise’s eyes widened .

What sorcery was this? Visual transmitting?

Even peak Martial Sacred Realm cultivators could not do that!

“Xiao Nan Nan!”

On the screen was an astonishing sight of mountains and rivers, similar to a fairyland . A glamorous woman stood on the peak of the mountain . Not a single flaw could be seen from her facial features, who had a pair of glittering eyes .

Qin Nan’s figure shuddered hearing the address .

Since the Princess had gone to the Mu Clan, her charm had improved significantly . Even her voice was extremely pleasant, as if it could flow into one’s heart .

“What are you doing?” Princess Miao Miao said while blinking her eyes, “I’ve heard that you just robbed the Trading Alliance… Mm? This wang ba[1] on your head, where did you get it from?”

Princess Miao Miao stared at the Black Tortoise .


Qin Nan almost burst out laughing, who blurted out, “Princess, this is Senior Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise, the godly beast of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom . It’s escorting me to the Crimson Blood Ocean!”

The Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise recovered from its astonishment . Its face had become dark when he had heard the term ‘wang ba’ .

One thing that he hated the most in its life was being called a wang ba!

Even if you were a gorgeous woman!

“Kid, you——

The Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise spoke with a cold voice, accompanied by a great suppression that felt like it was trying to penetrate the screen .

“Hah, Xiao Nan Nan, don’t be fooled by it, it’s just a wang ba . ” Princess Miao Miao wore a scornful look, but realized that it might not be appropriate, thus she immediately switched her tone, “Well, since you’re escorting my Xiao Nan Nan, I’ll call you wu gui[2] . . . ”

“Wu gui my ass!” The Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise became enraged and let out a furious roar, “Kid, you’d better mind your words!”


Princess Miao Miao’s eyes instantly coldened .

An indescribable suppression descended as if it had leapt through space .

The suppression originated from natural-born nobility!

The Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise could feel a chill down its spine . For some reason, this gorgeous woman gave it an unusual sense of fear .

What was going on?

Could she be a formidable beast?

“Be polite!”

Qin Nan straightened his face and grumbled .

The icy intent in the the Princess Miao Miao’s eyes instantly disappeared as she harrumphed before saying, “Alright, I’ll not pick on it again . By the way, Xiao Nan Nan, did you collect some wines for me?”

Qin Nan let out a sigh of relief after seeing her change in attitude . This Princess was definitely a ruthless one . If he did not stop her, she would definitely make the Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise vomit blood due to being infuriated .

“Here are the wines…”

Qin Nan cast an apologetic gaze at the Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise before he took out the wines he had collected so far .

Time was limited in using the Illusionary Mirror, so he had to quicken his pace .

“Wow! So many! I wish I could drink them now!”

Princess Miao Miao’s eyes glittered with a drooling expression .

The Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise was dumbfounded . This mysterious woman was emitting such an intimidating aura, but why had she turned so adorable all of a sudden after seeing wine?

That being said, the Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise was still slightly angry .

Qin Nan was so busy talking to her, instead of apologizing to it!

Had this Qin Nan no respect for seniors?

“Xiao Nan Nan…” Princess Miao Miao sniffed as if she were trying to pick up the scent of the wines despite the distance between them, before she said in a pitiful tone, “Remember to bring the wines to the Mu Clan in one piece . Make sure they are not damaged . ”

“No problem!”

Qin Nan felt his heart tightened seeing her reaction, and subconsciously agreed .

As for the slightly infuriated Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise, a blank expression could be seen on its face .

Mu .

Mu Clan?

Did I just hear Mu Clan?

“Wait, aren’t you at the Crimson Blood Ocean?” The Princess asked as a sudden thought crossed her mind .

“I’m currently at the Disordered Ocean City, and will be competing for the Disordered Ocean Qi in two days . ” Qin Nan replied .

“Is that so?” Princess Miao Miao pondered for a moment before saying, “I’ll ask around in the Mu Clan . They might have something useful…”

Saying this, her figure disappeared from the screen with a flicker .

The Black Tortoise was astounded .

The Mu Clan?

It was actually the Mu Clan! He hadn’t heard it wrong!

That woman was from the Mu Clan?

The Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise took a closer look at the scenery on the screen, and suddenly recalled that it had seen a similar sight while it had paid a visit to the Mu Clan many years ago, which meant . . .


The Kingdom Protetor Black Tortoise was utterly dumbfounded .

It had not expected the woman to possess such a formidable background, and she was even quite close to Qin Nan!

“Qin Nan… this Princess Miao Miao, is she currently at the Mu Clan?” The Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise withheld its astonishment and asked .

“Yeah? What’s wrong?”

Qin Nan nodded his head, and asked as he recalled something, “Senior, what exactly is this Mu Clan?”

“You don’t know?”

The Black Tortoise was stunned once again .

It was even more surprising that Qin Nan had no idea about the Mu Clan after spending a significant time in the Eastern Continent!

“You’ll know soon!” The Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise collected its thought and said .


Qin Nan was left speechless . Wasn’t it just a place, why was everyone being so mysterious about it?

However, little did he know that the Kingdom Protector Black Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise was experiencing a huge shock in its heart .

From the way the woman spoke, she was not someone from the Mu Clan, but she definitely had a significant status there!

If she was somehow closely related to the Mu Clan, that would be extremely shocking in the Eastern Continent!

“It seems like our Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom has definitely made the right choice!”

The Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise was relieved .

Many unrevealed secrets, earning the favor of the Deceased Emperor, and somehow related to the Mu Clan . . .

It was now confident that Qin Nan would surely rise in the near future!

“I’m back . ” Princess Miao Miao reappeared on the screen and said, “I found some Martial Skill just then . I’ll teach you now . Where your thoughts are the Crimson Ocean opens, the disturbed minds…”

She blurted out the words rapidly as if she were uttering some taoist chants, resulting in the sound of waves in their surroundings .

It was a powerful ancient Martial Art!

Qin Nan immediately gathered his focus seeing this, not daring to miss the great opportunity .

Translator: XephiZ

Editor: DOCuinn

[1] TL Note: The word ‘wang ba’ (王八) here means softshell turtles . However, the term ‘wang ba dan’ (王八蛋, or softshell turtles eggs) is also commonly used for scolding people . This originates from the term ‘wang ba duan’ (忘八端) as they sound similar, which means ‘forgetting the eight principles’ . The eight principles are taught by Confucius, which are: filial piety, loving one another, loyalty, trustworthiness, courteousness, righteousness, unselfishness, and conscientious .

[2] TL Note: ‘Wu gui’ here means tortoise, but it’s also used as a modern saying to scold someone similar to ‘wang ba’ from before .


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