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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 631


Chapter 631: Chapter 631 - Fit to be Tied

Chapter 631 - Fit to be Tied

The entire Northern Street fell dead silent when the bell was struck .

The smiling, anxious, troubled, etc . expressions on the crowd’s faces froze instantaneously .

This chime . . .

Had someone robbed the Trading Alliance!?


At that instant, a huge uproar exploded on the street!

“Crap! Did I hear it wrong? Did someone just rob the Trading Alliance?”

“Impressive! I remember that the last time the Trading Alliance was robbed was at least eight years ago!”

“HAHAHA, I’m eager to know which famous thief is the culprit this time!”

The crowd was extremely excited .

The Trading Alliance always had an outstanding defense, stopping countless attempts of great thieves in history to fail, but someone had done it this time! How couldn’t they be intrigued?

In comparison to their excitement, the people of the Trading Alliance, including the disciples, custodians, elders, or even the Supreme Elder, completely lost their ground, firing powerful auras into the sky!

. . . Meanwhile, in the meeting room of the Main Hall . . .

An elder hurried his way into the room while panting heavily, “Alliance Leader, the things that were stolen were in the third palace…”

As soon as the elder finished his report, the faces of the people in the room became extremely dark .

Three palaces had been robbed, with a total of over four thousand artifacts, pills, talismans and disks stolen!

Although the loss was nothing compared to the possessions of the Trading Alliance, their main concern was that if this were made known to the people of the Eastern Continent, it would serve as a ridiculous joke!

The Trading Alliance focused on trading, but they couldn’t even protect their own possessions?

The Leader of the Trading Alliance’s voice turned icy as he snapped, “How bold! Who dares to rob the Trading Alliance! Vice-Leader, activate the Sky Eyes! Supreme Elder, seal off the Northern Street! Everyone else, bring the Sky Revealing Mirrors and send out investigation teams! Let no one escape!”


The experts acknowledged and split up .

In just three breaths’ time, the entire Northern Street was sealed off .

Five breaths after, the Sky Eyes floating above over thirty palaces of the Trading Alliance fired a shocking glow onto the Northern Street that encapsulated every single person, as if it was trying to peek through everyone’s real identity .

. . . Seven breaths later . . .

Experts led by the elders formed squads and spread out searching every single path on the Northern Street and checking every cultivator with the Sky Revealing Mirrors!

At that instant, the Trading Alliance entirely displayed its capabilities!

Even peak Martial Highness Realm cultivators who were at the Northern Street had no choice but to follow the procedures of validating their identities! Otherwise, they would be considered to be opposing the Trading Alliance!

Meanwhile, Qin Nan Nan and his crew had long expected this to happen . Hence, they had already left the Northern Street and returned to the Vermilion Bird Platoon .

On the Yellow Soil Dojo, Sima Kong could not help but ask, “Qin Nan, what was the letter you left behind?”

Qin Nan recalled the contents of the letter and burst out laughing, “Something interesting, I’m not sure if they are going to believe it…”

“Well, the Trading Alliance should be aware they were robbed by now . It’s time for me to return to the Northern Street . ” Sima Kong chuckled and said, “Consider this a warm-up . We will rob all seven palaces next time!”

Following this, his figure vanished with a flicker .

. . . Meanwhile, at the Northern Street of White Tiger City . . .

As time gradually passed, various information was obtained from the investigation squads .

The expressions of the experts became darker .


Still nothing!

Had the robbers vanished into thin air?

Half an hour later, every cultivator on the Northern Street had been interrogated, and every corner had been searched, but the result was still nothing!

The vendors and cultivators on the Northern Street were astounded hearing this .

“My god! This is incredible! They managed to leave the place safely after robbing the Trading Alliance!”

Gasp, I heard that more than ten Sacred Weapons were stolen, including items that are worth a few million Primary Stones in total in total . The Trading Alliance has suffered a great loss this time!”

“That much? Damn! I wonder who did it, I should pay my respect!”

Many experts showed a hint of admiration on their faces .

This was utterly impressive!

. . . Meanwhile, in the meeting room of the Trading Alliance’s Main Hall . . .

A terrifying suppression of the Martial Sacred Realm filled the room like a surging tide, causing the temperature there to drop incredibly . Even with the active defensive formation, the surrounding walls had ice crystals forming on them .

The Supreme Elder, the Vice Leader, and the elders shivered .

The Alliance Leader was fit to be tied this time!

“Not a single trace was found? Great, tell everyone to come back!”

The Leader of the Trading Alliance transmitted his voice through the badge, before staring at the people in front of him with icy eyes .

The people were none other than the cultivators that had been guarding the third palace, the sixth palace, and the seventh palace .

Being aware of the gaze of their Alliance Leader, their figures shivered, especially Du Quxi, whose legs trembled vigorously .

“You three…” The Leader of the Trading Alliance spoke slowly, his voice like a devil’s, “Didn’t notice anything suspicious even though you were right in the palace?”

The three experts opened their mouths, but failed to find any words . any words .

The culprits were too cunning . They had been completely unaware of their presences .

“Very well!”

The Leader of the Trading Alliance snapped as the suppression emitting from his body became stronger . The ice crystals on the surrounding walls shattered into shards, falling onto the ground .

The others could feel their eyelids jumping .

He was losing his temper!

“Wait…” Du Qixi wore a pale face and hesitated for a moment, before he said while clenching his teeth, “Alliance . . . Alliance Leader, I do have some clue here…but…”

“Mm?” The figure of the Leader of the Trading Alliance shuddered as he snapped, “What are you waiting for then!”

The rest of the authorities wore an accusatory look . What was this Du Qixi thinking? He should have told them from the beginning!

Du Qixi hesitantly handed the letter he found to the Leader of the Trading Alliance .

Everyone unconsciously glanced at the letter .

The Leader of the Trading Alliance lowered his head too .

However, they were stunned after reading its contents, before their faces became extremely dark .

“Alliance Leader, stop searching, I’m the culprit of the robbery, I’m Duan Qing!”

It was as if the few words contained an outstanding magic in them, that even the face of the Leader of the Trading1 Alliance under the mask thoroughly reddened!

Duan Qing?

He was the culprit?

Why would he write his name down if he was the culprit?

Who were you trying to trick here!

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