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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 630


Chapter 630: Chapter 630 - The Startled Trading Alliance

Chapter 630 - The Startled Trading Alliance

“This seventh palace stores various kinds of pills, so the loot is better here than the previous two palaces!”

Sima Kong explained while repeating the same procedure to enter the seventh palace . A middle-aged man with long hair was sitting with his legs crossed deep within the palace, cultivating in seclusion .

Qin Nan’s eyes instantly glittered as he glanced at his surroundings .

The palace was filled with different kinds of jade jars, each containing pills with incredible auras . The pills had various uses—treating wounds, poisoning, enhancing, etc .

After Sima Kong constructed the formation, they immediately began to choose the pills .

. . . Meanwhile, in the meeting room of the Trading Alliance’s Main Hall . . .

Being aware of the crowd’s gaze, the Leader of the Trading Alliance explained, “Listen, we have no idea what trump cards this Duan Qing has . On top of the Three Stars, we will be sending Zhu Hang too!”

The experts were astounded hearing this .

Zhu Hang, the thirteenth ranked on the Hidden Dragon Ranking, who possessed a ninth-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit and a cultivation of the peak Martial Highness Realm . He was ranked second among the geniuses of the Trading Alliance!

Normally, the Trading Alliance would not send a genius like Zhu Hang to carry out tasks, but the Leader of the Trading Alliance was planning to send both the Three Stars and Zhu Hang to deal with Duan Qing!

“Besides, we must contact the Wanxiang Pavilion and the Dao-Seeking Mountain at once, especially the Dao-Seeking Mountain, as they have always shared a bad relationship with the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom! When the time comes, we’ll offer some benefits to have the geniuses of these two factions to target Duan Qing too!”

The voice of the Leader of the Trading Alliance turned incredibly cold .

The entire hall felt like it was being blown by the winter breeze .

At that instant, the crowd was stunned . They finally realized that the Leader of the Trading Alliance had made the decision to eliminate Duan Qing once and for all!

Zhu Hang, the Three Stars, and the geniuses of the Wanxiang Pavilion and the Dao-Seeking Mountain .

There was no possible escape for Duan Qing at the Crimson Blood Ocean!

. . . Meanwhile, in the seventh palace . . .

“Antidote pills, demonizing pills, poison pills…”

Qin Nan’s heart sped up as he collected the pills .

He was not too interested in the artifacts, but these pills were different, as they might come in handy at critical times .

It was easier to trade pills for Primary Stones too .

After all, there was a limit to the amount of artifacts a cultivator could control at a time, but some pills were able to save lives at crucial moments .

Not long after, they had finished looting the pills in the formation .


Qin Nan could not help but exclaim .

The process had been extremely satisfying, especially since they were robbing their enemies .

The thought of the reaction of the Leader of the Trading Alliance and the others when they found out what happened put a smile on his face .

“Let’s go! That guy is about to wake up!”

Sima Kong blurted out .

Qin Nan cast a glance at the man . As Sima Kong had mentioned, Kong had mentioned, his aura had begun to turn restless and disordered .

“Let’s go!”

Qin Nan nodded his head and prepared to leave the place . As he made his first step, his lips curled upward when a sudden thought crossed his mind .

Qin Nan took out a piece of paper and wrote a few words on it, before leaving the place after Sima Kong urged him .

Three phantom-like figures soon exited the seventh palace, passed the residence and swiftly left the Northern Street .

. . . Meanwhile, in the seventh palace . . .


The eyes of the long-haired man sprang open all of a sudden . The aura of the peak Martial Highness Realm swept his surroundings like a tornado .

“Damn it, what just happened . I’m so close to comprehending the secrets of the secrets of the Martial Sacred Realm…”

The man cursed with a twisted expression .

His name was Du Qixi, an elder of the Trading Alliance . However, as he had se*ually abused one of the Saintesses a while ago, enraging the Vice-Leader of the Trading Alliance, he had been sent here to guard the seventh palace for a year as punishment .

He had been extremely humiliated by it . Wasn’t she just a Saintess of a subdivision of the Trading Alliance? So what if she was raped?

Therefore, he had decided to go into seclusion to rank up to the Martial Sacred Realm to get his revenge!

To his surprise, at the most crucial moment, he suddenly felt uneasy, causing his thoughts to be disturbed .

“Could it be that someone is trying to steal from the palace?”

Du Qixi glanced at the hall and hall and failed to notice any figures, allowing him to calm his thoughts .

He had to make sure the treasures in the palace remained untouched . Otherwise, it would mean that he had failed to stick to his role, and that would definitely be a disaster for him!

“I shall continue to comprehend the secrets of the Martial Sacred Realm . Once I rank up, I will rape the Saintess again right in front of the Vice-Leader, hell yeah…”

Du Qixi cursed and was about to close his eyes to continue his cultivation when he noticed that something was odd .


Du Qixi glanced at a corner of the palace, causing his face to turn pale instantly!

What the actual f**k!

Someone had stolen from the palace!

A tenth of the treasures in the palace was missing!

No wonder he had felt disturbed while comprehending the secrets of the Martial Sacred Realm!

At that instant, two furious roars could be heard from the third and the sixth palaces .

“Who the f**k did it!”

“AH! Holy cow!”

Du Qixi was stunned hearing this .

Did that mean . . .

His palace was not the only one that had been robbed?

“Shit! This is bad!”

Du Qixi immediately collected his thoughts and unleashed his cultivation while scanning the area with his divine Sense . If they failed to catch the culprit, with such a shocking theft happening right under their nose, they would all receive serious punishments!

Du Qixi scanned the palace with his divine Sense and found a letter left in the corner of the palace .

“What’s this?”

Filled with curiosity, he reached out his hand and picked up the letter, before his face became exceedingly dark .

Were you being serious right now!

. . . . Meanwhile, in the meeting room of the Trading Alliance’s Main Hall . . .

“Great idea, this time, Duan Qing won’t be able to escape from us!”

“I agree, we should make sure it’s going to work this time since we’ve decided to get rid of him!”

“Smart move, Alliance Leader!”

The experts took turns to give their opinions .

The Leader of the Trading Alliance wore a grin as he observed everyone’s reaction, before he said, “Let Zhu Hang and the Three Stars bring some Sacred Poisonous Pills with them and poison Duan Qing, let him lose control of his body so he will answer any question given to him…”

Upon saying this, the eyes of the Leader of the Trading Alliance flickered coldly .

Previously, Duan Qing had challenged his authority using the two sacred badges right in front of the crowd . How could he not hold a grudge against him?

He was the Leader of the Trading Alliance, a peak Martial Sacred Realm presence . Who did Duan Qing think he was?

He would have killed him on the spot if it weren’t for the consequences!

“Duan Qing, let’s see how you’re going to escape this time!”

The grin on his face became hideous .

Meanwhile . . .


The loud piercing chime of a bell echoed in the sky above the Northern Street .

At that instant, the grin on the face of the Leader of the Trading Alliance froze . The expressions on the faces of the experts stiffened .

This chime . . .

Wasn’t it a sign that someone had robbed their treasure-storing palaces?

Following this, the authoritative figures were dumbfounded as they collected their thoughts!

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