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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 629


Chapter 629: Chapter 629 - Explosive Scorching Talismans

Chapter 629 - Explosive Scorching Talismans

. . . . Meanwhile at the third palace . . .

“Fascinating, brilliant, incredible…” Longhu’s face reddened with excitement as he danced around holding a shawl made of silk produced by the Icy Emperor Silkworm . This Emperor Weapon came at the right time, as he had been planning to pick up another Junior Sister . How could she reject him after he gifted her the shawl?

That meant he would be dating two Junior Sisters soon!

Although Qin Nan and Sima Kong were not as excited as Longhu, they were enjoying themselves while choosing the artifacts .

Who wouldn’t be happy having a chance to pick whatever they want?

“So many Emperor Weapons, and a few other interesting artifacts, and the Lightning Orbs . This trip is quite worth it…”

Qin Nan mumbled while his eyes glittered .

They had finished splitting all the treasures within the formation .

Longhu stared at Sima Kong with a drooling expression . He was hoping that they had the chance to rob more stuff .

“We can’t stay any longer here at the third palace . The experts of the Trading Alliance have practiced some ancient Martial Arts, thus their senses are quite sharp . If we stay here for too long, their instincts can sense that something is not right . Let’s head to the sixth palace and the seventh palace . We could at most rob these two other palaces . ” Sima Kong said .

Qin Nan nodded his head .

Instinct was something that could not be explained thoroughly . For example, one who had been killing for a long time would be sensitive to murderous intent . On the other hand, he himself had sharp senses after learning the Sleeping Buddha Method, allowing him to detect things that some other experts failed to .

Qin Nan glanced at the old man cultivating in the third palace . As he thought, he could see the old man frowning .

“Let’s leave . Time is running short . ”

Qin Nan said swiftly .

Sima Kong and Longhu nodded their heads as they silently withdrew from the third palace . The Blue Sky Formation and the white mist inside the door vanished as well as everything returned to normal, apart from the missing treasures .

The eyebrows of the old man were relieved as well .

Following this, the trio used the same method to enter the sixth palace .

The sixth palace was different than the third . Most of the treasures there were talismans, disks etc . Meanwhile, there was also a bald middle-aged man cultivating inside the sixth palace, whose breathing was as loud as thunder while flickers of lightning could be seen on his eyelids .

“Blue Sky Formation!”

Sima Kong repeated the procedure and constructed the formation, getting rid of the first-layer of protection of the treasures, and then spat out flames to trigger the second-layer of protection . Longhu subconsciously took a step backward and positioned himself behind Qin Nan . To his surprise, Qin Nanwho was long aware of his intentionimmediately threw him forward .

Following this, a cry of agony echoed in the formation .

“Qin Nan, screw you——

…Meanwhile, in the meeting room of the Trading Alliance’s Main Hall . . .

“Let’s talk about Qin Nan first . ”

The Leader of the Trading Alliance looked at the people around him . Despite having a mask on, everyone could still feel his gaze as he slowly spoke, “Qin Nan has disappeared for quite a while . He must have some kind of trick that allows him to roam freely in the upper district . It’s quite difficult to track him down now . Tell the shadows to continue continue the search, and the others to retreat . ”

Everyone nodded their heads in agreement .

The Four Great Factions had sent their people twice when Qin Nan had shown himself, but they still failed to capture him, thus proving how outstanding he was .

Tricking the Four Great Factions with a mere sixth-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit, even the Martial Sacred Realm experts in the room were secretly impressed .

That being said, once they managed to find Qin Nan, they would surely crush him into pieces!

“Now, let’s talk about Duan Qing . ”

“This guy suddenly appeared out of nowhere, and battled against Qin Nan at the Ninth City before joining the Vermilion Bird Platoon . We now know that he was the one who resurrected the Blood-Winged Vermilion Bird and the Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise . Therefore, he must have some great secrets on him . ”

“Secondly, from the intel we’ve received from the Heaven-Worshipping Ground, his secrets are nothing ordinary . Besides that, the four great experts have suddenly vanished, together with the crown prince . According to our spies, the night they disappeared, Duan Qing paid a visit to the royal palace, so he might know something . We have speculated that it might be related to the treasure of the Deceased Emperor . ”

The Leader of the Trading Alliance suddenly raised his tone, “Most importantly, the map! The Heaven-Shrouding Herb is in Qin Nan’s hands, thus there are only two herbs left . If we fail to get the map from Duan Qing, our Trading Alliance will not have any chance to build a relationship with the Mu Clan!”

The faces of the experts in the room coldened .

The map was extremely important to them!

“In simple words, we must find a way to retrieve Duan Qing’s secrets, the secrets he knows about the royal palace, and the map! I’m guessing that he will most likely go to the Crimson Blood Crimson Blood Ocean next . In your opinion, who should we send to deal with him?” The Leader of the Trading Alliance calmed his voice and asked .

Du Feng’s expression gradually became unpleasant .

Why was there such a difference between them despite having the same level of Martial Spirits?

Apart from Qin Nan, it was his first time seeing the authorities of the Trading Alliance gathering together to discuss a plan to deal with a mere eighth-grade Di ranked young man!

“I suggest that we should send the Three Stars!”

“I agree that the Three Stars are our best choice to get the job done . ”

“Mm, Duan Qing is currently being protected by the experts of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom . There’s no way we could involve ourselves . We should send the Three Stars to deal with him! Let the younger generation settle the disputes among themselves!”

The others nodded their heads as well .

The Three Stars were well-known among the disciples of the Trading Alliance, which was referring to not one, but three people . Du Feng was one of them .

However, Du Feng was considered the weakest among the Three Stars .

The other two had stronger cultivations than Du Feng!

Most importantly, with the three teaming up, they could even defeat the outstanding talents ranked fifteenth and above on the Hidden Dragon Ranking!

“The Three Stars, huh…” The Leader of the Trading Alliance mumbled, before he blurted out, “I do have a plan, but I need your suggestions . How about sending Zhu Hang?”

The experts in the room were astounded hearing this .

Sending Zhu Hang to deal with a mere Duan Qing?

. . . As the authorities of the Trading Alliance were busy discussing how to deal with Duan Qing, meanwhile in the sixth palace . . .

“Shit, the Silencing Talisman, the Eternal Love Talisman, the Hell-Bent Talisman…” Longhu’s eyes glittered while his heart beat rapidly heart beat rapidly . All of these were incredibly precious to him!

Qin Nan and Sima Kong’s faces darkened . What the hell was on his mind?

Qin Nan shook his head and scanned his surroundings .

Talismans and disks were similar to Mystical Weapons, apart from the fact that they could only be used once, or twice in some cases . They were categorized the same way as Mystical Weapons too—Emperor Talismans, Sacred Talismans, Monarch Talismans, etc . , each with different capabilities similar to Mystical Weapons .

However, talismans were sometimes more preferable in certain situations .


Qin Nan suddenly saw talismans that were three palms large, each with twisting crimson runes being drawn on their surface, which felt like they could be lit up . He could sense a scorching heat as he approached them .

There were a hundred of them, each an Emperor Talisman with a strength similar to an Emperor Weapon!

“That’s the Explosive Scorching Talismans, which are quite similar to the Lightning Orbs . Qin Nan, you should take them, and use them with the Lightning Orbs . The effects would be shocking…” Sima Kong said with a grin .

“Mm, I do happen to have the Phoenix Soul-Consuming Fire, which is able to boost their power!”

Qin Nan put the talismans away .

This time at the sixth palace, within the area of five li of the formation, there were over three hundred talismans and discs . Hence, it was fair for him to take a hundred of them .

Following this, the three proceeded to finish looting the treasures, before heading to the seventh palace . . .

The bald middle-aged man who was cultivating in the sixth palace frowned as if he was aware of something unusual . His eye lids shuddered violently, as if his eyes were going to open at any second . . .

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