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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 628


Chapter 628: Chapter 628 - The Scheming of the Conspiracy

Chapter 628 - The Scheming of the Conspiracy

“Blue Sky Formation!”

The Emperor of Thieves’ Seal on Sima Kong’s forehead fired golden beams silently, without any energy waves, which formed a formation in the blink of an eye, encapsulating the treasures within five li in the third palace .

At that instant, it was as if the areas inside and outside of the formation were separated into two different worlds .

“The formation only lasts half the period it takes for an incense to burn . We must hurry!”

Sima Kong transmitted his voice .

“But . . . this formation . . . it’s transparent!” Longhu’s voice trembled . If the old man currently cultivating deep within the place opened his eyes, he could easily see them .

“Hes cultivating, why would he open his eyes all of a sudden?”

Qin Nan said snappily . As time was running short, he quickly scanned the third palace .

The third palace was a hundred li large, with countless artifacts all over the place . Each artifact emitted a powerful force . He could count at least a few tens of thousands of them with a rough estimation!

Their formation only covered an area of five li, which only had a few thousand .

“F**k me…”

Even Qin Nan could not help but curse .

This Trading Alliance was rich indeed . If it weren’t for the presence of the old man deep within the palace, he would definitely rob the place clean .

“We can only pick the ones inside the formation . Everything here has special protections, so we can’t pick the ones outside . By the way, try your best to grab the smaller ones!” Sima Kong said .

Qin Nan immediately came to a realization .

The space in their storage bags was limited, thus it was better for them to grab the smaller pieces .

You might ask why the Trading Alliance would keep their treasures in eight different palaces . The reason being that these treasures belonged to the entire Trading Alliance, not a single person .

As such, no one would be convinced of their safety by placing them under a single person’s supervision .

That being said, Sima Kong had targeted the third palace out of all of them, as the treasures there were relatively smaller . Hence, they could steal more from here .


With the formation in place, there was no need to worry about their presence being compromised . Sima Kong immediately made his move and summoned a few hundred mirror images that cracked the first-layer of forbidding formations within the treasures .


Sima Kong spat out flames from his mouth that covered the treasures .


At that instant, the second-layer of protection of the treasures were unleashed, which transformed into terrifying attacks that swarmed in Sima Kong’s direction .


Sima Kong yelled as he grabbed the stunned Longhu with his hand and placed him in front .

“Sima Kong, you piece of shit——

Longhu reacted by wearing a pale face . He finally realized why Sima Kong had asked him to wear so much defensive apparel . He was planning to use him as a meat shield!


Following a series of explosions, the defensive equipment on Longhu’s body was shattered into pieces, as his body experienced a great impact and became scorched as if he had been roasted .

Luckily, Longhu’s flesh was outstanding and firm . Otherwise, he would surely have died from the impact .

“You . . . son . . . of . . . a . . . bitch…” Longhu wore a sorrowful and furious look .

Qin Nan, who was standing aside, could feel his heart skip a beat . Although he could easily deal with the counterattack of the treasures, it would most likely cause the Blue Sky Formation to explode too .

The only choice to avoid the formation being affected was to have Longhu resisting the counterattack like a meatshield .

“Hehe, great job brother! Qin Nan, time to pick the treasures!” Sima Kong cast a glance at Qin Nan .

The two simply left Longhu at the side mercilessly and began to choose their loot .

After all, there were a few thousand artifacts here, and each of them had different requirements .

“Damn it!” Surprisingly, Longhu suddenly became energetic and leapt into the piles of treasures, shoving everything he came upon into his storage bag .

“Tsk tsk, look at all these tiny Emperor Weapons, and the talismans . This Trading Alliance is so f**king rich…”

Qin Nan could not help but curse once again . His eyes scanned the treasures . There were at least a few hundred Emperor Weapons within the piles of treasures .

Following this logic, there must be several thousand Emperor Weapons within this third palace .

This did not include the other seven palaces .

“This is quite interesting . ”

Qin Nan glanced at the old man deep within the palace, who still had his eyes shut . He believed that the old man would never expect three crazy thieves to rob the palace right under his nose .

That being said, even Qin Nan could feel his heart racing from robbing the place right under his supervision . It would be their end if the old man discovered man discovered their presences .

“I should hurry up and take the treasures!”

Qin Nan moved at the speed of lightning . He quickly stored the Emperor Weapons that might come in handy for him into his storage bag .

In the blink of an eye, he had picked over thirty of them .


Qin Nan’s eyes straightened as he saw round metal balls the size of a brain lying on the ground . He could sense a strong force of lightning within them, which could pose a threat to a first-layer Martial Highness once they were unleashed .

There were a few hundred of them piled up together .

“Hehe, Qin Nan, they’re Lightning Orbs . One single orb can easily drive a first-layer Martial Highness Realm expert back . You might think that’s nothing, but imagine a hundred of them being used at the same time, even a peak Martial Highness Realm cultivator would shiver in fear…”

Sima Kong wore a hideous grin as if he was imagining the sight of it .

“Interesting, I’ll take them . ”

Qin Nan retrieved all of the Lightning Orbs . These might come in handy sometime .

The three courageous men continued to rob the treasures . At times, when they discovered something special that all of them were interested in, they ended up deciding its ownership by rolling a dice . . .

As for the old man deep within the palace, he frowned in the midst of his cultivation process . For some reason, the process was not as smooth as usual . . .

. . . Meanwhile, at the Main Hall of the Trading Alliance . . .

Among the palaces on the Northern Street, not many people were allowed people were allowed to enter this Main Hall . Only the peak Martial Highness Realm experts with formidable status, or geniuses on the Hidden Dragon Ranking were permitted to enter .

Currently at a meeting room of the Main Hall, all the seats around a giant roundtable made of colorful crystal were fully occupied .

Qin Nan would surely be shocked if he were here .

The people here were the ones that had been previously present at the Heaven-Worshipping Ground, including the Vice-Leader, the Supreme Elder, the elders of the Trading Alliance, etc . ; each of them were authoritative figures of the Trading Alliance .

Meanwhile, the person at the lead position was none other than the Leader of the Trading Alliance!

Three Martial Sacreds and several peak Martial Highnesses had gathered together!

“ . . . . This man Duan Qing has extraordinary strength . I’ve fought him, but he did not show his true strength . If my speculation is right, he should be ranked around twenty-eighth on the Hidden Dragon Ranking!” Du Feng slowly spoke after being aware of the unpleasant faces surrounding him .

The words astonished the people present in the room .


Rising to the twenty-eighth rank from thirty-third in just a few days . Wasn’t this Duan Qing a little bit too terrifying?

“Today, we’re here to discuss how we should deal with Duan Qing! Of course, we should also adjust our approach in catching the currently missing Qin Nan too!”

The Leader of the Trading Alliance said .

The meeting had begun .

. . . Little did they know that Duan Qing and Qin Nan were the same person, and that he was currently in their third treasure palace looting treasures with a reddened face due to his excitement . . .

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