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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 627


Chapter 627: Chapter 627 - Extraordinary Methods

Chapter 627 - Extraordinary Methods


Sima Kong became joyful . With Qin Nan’s assistance, his plan would surely work .

“Hey, Qin Nan, don’t be ridiculous, this…” Longhu was stunned . Why the hell were these two being crazy all of a sudden?

“Longhu, you will find rare valuable treasures there . Are you sure you don’t want to go?” Sima Kong glanced at him .

Longhu was startled . He unconsciously imagined the scene of a giant palace filled with piles of treasures, each with a priceless value . The next thing he knew, he was drooling .

If the plan worked, they would be rich!

“Shit, I guess I have no choice since my brothers are asking for my help . How can I say no!” Longhu made up his mind and pretended to be righteous .

“Put these on . ” Sima Kong rolled his eyes at him and flicked his hand, taking out over ten glowing robes and armor plates, leaving Longhu with a blank expression . Did they really need this many defensive garments?

“What’s the plan?”

Qin Nan asked .

Sima Kong was not a reckless man . He would only make his move when he was utterly confident .

“I’ve spent a few months time in the Trading Alliance, thus I’ve gathered the information we need about the geography, etc . ” Sima Kong wore a grin, completely losing his previous imperious appearance, “The defense of the Trading Alliance is extremely tight, with the surroundings under the surveillance of the Sky Eyes and guarded by the experts, the traps, and formations . I can deal with the rest, but I’ll need you to get rid of the traps and the formations…”

This was the reason Sima Kong needed Qin Nan’s help .

Qin Nan’s eye-technique could peek through anything, thus cracking the formations and traps would not be a problem to him .

“Not a problem!”

Qin Nan nodded his head .

“Let’s head out now!” The golden seal on Sima Kong’s forehead let out a glow, firing two mysterious golden beams into the bodies of Qin Nan and Longhu .

At that instant, it was as if Qin Nan and Longhu’s auras had vanished, unable to be detected even with outstanding divine Sense .

“How fascinating of the Emperor of Thieves’ Seal!”

Qin Nan was shocked .

“Do you have any invisible talismans?” Sima Kong asked .

Getting rid of their auras was nowhere enough . They need to make themselves invisible too .

Qin Nan shook his head, but a sudden thought crossed his mind . He tried to activate the Demon God’s Robe with the force of the Martial Highness Realm . The Demon God’s Robe did not let him down, as invisible runes were activated on its surface as it encapsulated Qin Nan’s figure within it, causing his body to turn transparent and invisible .

“Demon God’s Robe? Where did you find that…”

Sima Kong’s eyes were filled with a hint of admiration .

This Qin Nan was so lucky, that even he was somewhat jealous .

“Nothing to worry about…” Longhu wore a scornful look as his figure became invisible following a shudder . He was using an ancient art of the dragon tribe, useful in hiding his figure, and its efficiency was on par with the Demon God’s Robe .

“Let’s go . Remember not to make any physical contact with anyone . ”

Sima Kong gave a piece of advice before the the Seal of the Emperor of Thieves disappeared from his forehead .

Following this, the three headed straight toward the Trading Alliance .

The Northern Street was crowded with people, but it was as if the trio had vanished into thin air . Even the peak Martial Highness Realm failed to notice their presences walking past them .

“The Trading Alliance has eight main palaces storing the treasures . We are aiming for the third palace . It has ten peak Martial Highness Realm experts cultivating in seclusion there, whose divine Sense continually scans the palace . Besides, at the center of the eight palaces is where the Superior Elder of the Trading Alliance cultivates in seclusion…”

Sima Kong explained along the journey .

“The place is filled with traps . Remember to follow my steps, and don’t touch anything, even if it’s a piece of leaf or a petal . ”

Sima Kong was directing the words at Longhu, causing him to clench his teeth, as if he was implying that he was not reliable .

“We’re here!”

They walked past a few palaces of the Trading Alliance and arrived at a residence .

The residence covered an area with a circumference of thirty li, and in it were planted various trees and flowers, resulting in a pleasant scene . At the center of the residence was a pond, forming a peaceful scene .

At the back of the residence were eight paths leading to eight palaces .

Qin Nan scanned the place with his left eye of the divine God of Battle, and was immediately astounded .

Peaceful was the last word he would use to describe the residence!

Countless traps, formations, and illusions were active within the within the residence . If any of them were triggered, even a Martial Sacred Realm expert would be doomed .

Not to mention that the Sky Eyes above the residence were constantly observing the place .

Even a faint breeze would attract the attention of the Trading Alliance, summoning the Leader, Vice-Leader, and other Martial Sacred Realm experts here at once, leaving them with no escape .

“Follow tightly!”

Sima Kong transmitted his voice to his companions . Qin Nan immediately observed the sudden change in Sima Kong’s aura with his left eye of the divine God of Battle .

He was no longer the chubby man who always had a drumstick in his hand, but a peerless thief roaming freely at his own will!

Sima Kong stepped into the residence while his hands let out a faint golden glow . His movements were completely silent despite his speed, deactivating the traps skillfully .

The successor of the Emperor of Thieves should not be underestimated .

Qin Nan and Longhu followed closely behind .

A moment later, they had arrived at the end of the residence, only a few steps away from the exit .

“Qin Nan!”

Sima Kong called in a low voice .

Qin Nan’s eyes glittered while his left eye peeked through the formations .

“Three steps left, four steps right, and five steps forward…”

Qin Nan’s figure weaved through the formations with ease, allowing the crew to safely pass the formations without triggering them .

“Sima Kong, since you’ve deactivated all the traps, won’t the Trading Alliance be aware?” Qin Nan asked Sima Kong .

“Hehe, Qin Nan, I’m no match against you in terms of Martial Arts, but in terms of stealing, I’m afraid no one in the Eastern Continent can match against me Continent can match against me . ”

Sima Kong wore a prideful look .

Qin Nan turned his head around and was stunned . The traps that had been deactivated just a second ago had recovered . No wonder why it had not attracted any unwanted attention .

“We’re here at the entrance of the third palace!” Longhu became excited .

They had just cracked the formations and passed the residence, before arriving at the entrance of the palace . After passing the door, they would be able to see the piles of treasures .

Qin Nan wore a stern look after inspecting the door . It was similar to the Great Core’s Hall of the Black Tortoise Platoon . The door itself was an artifact . Without the right key, or familiar auras, anyone that triggered it would be targeted instantly .

Sima Kong glared at Longhu before he spat out a faint white aura from his mouth on the door .


Qin Nan immediately saw that the white aura silently penetrated the formation inside the door like a mist, hindering its activation .

“The Art of Infiltration!”

Sima Kong waved his hand and encapsulated the figures of Qin Nan and Longhu with a mystical force, allowing them to pass through the entrance easily without making any noise .

“We’re in!”

Longhu became even more excited .

Qin Nan was slightly joyful too, but he soon reacted by scanning their surroundings with the left eye of the divine God of Battle .

He was struck with awe following a glimpse .

He could see an old man sitting with his legs crossed deep within the third palace, who possessed a tremendous force .

He was a peak Martial Highness Realm expert!

He was cultivating right inside the Third Palace!

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