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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 625


Chapter 625: Chapter 625 - The Alliance Leader Makes His Move

Chapter 625 - The Alliance Leader Makes His Move

The eyes of the crowd at the Northern Street glistened, as they had not expected Duan Qing to actually initiate the battle .

The divine Swordmaster and Jiao Zhe could feel their hearts hanging in their throats . If Duan Qing suffered a great loss because of them, they would feel incredibly sorry .

Before they could react, the two geniuses had begun fighting each other .

“Trying to defeat me with a mere Weapon Spirit?”

Du Feng’s eyes flickered with disdain and he swung his hand . Following a few rapid buzzes, golden glowing rings began to appear in the air, each an Emperor Weapon, forming a giant formation like a brilliant sun .

“Golden Rings Formation!”

Du Feng snapped as the golden rings intertwined with one another and nullified Qin Nan’s saber intent, before charging in his direction .

The Trading Alliance had an abundant supply of artifacts, thus its geniuses were experts in using Mystical Weapons .

The golden rings were extremely agile under Du Feng’s control, as if each had their own soul, locking onto Duan Qing’s figure .

Qin Nan’s left eye emitted a flicker as his figure weaved between the attacks like a phantom, leaving him perfectly unharmed despite being surrounded by the golden rings .

“He could see them all?” Du Feng’s expression changed tremendously . A sense of danger rose within his heart . With a thought, the golden rings immediately flew toward him and formed a huge shield in front of him .


Qin Nan’s figure sprang toward Du Feng like an arrow being fired and slashed at him . A terrifying saber intent struck the shield . At that instant, the sound of cracking could be heard, before the golden rings shattered into pieces .

A single slash had shattered over ten Emperor Weapons!

So what if you were using Mystical Weapons? Even if he were only using a stick, the strength of the one using it was more important!

“Duan Qing, die!”

Du Feng let out a furious roar as he was surrounded by broken pieces of the golden rings . Countless black petals began to appear from his body forming into a giant mouth tearing at Qin Nan .

“I have no interest to waste my time talking to you! Suppress!”

Qin Nan’s eyes flickered coldly .

Normally, he would have a great interest in competing seriously with any genius on the Hidden Dragon Ranking . However, this Du Feng had completely violated his bottom line!


At that instant, a terrifying suppression was emitted .

Qin Nan raised the ancient saber in his hand while accumulating the force of the Phoenix Soul-Consuming Fire, the Sky Thunder, the Vermilion Bird Striking the Heavens, etc . at the tip of his saber, causing it to vibrate vigorously before it fired a shocking saber intent across the Northern Street like a blinding beam .

At that instant, everyone held their breaths while Du Feng’s expression utterly changed .

He would surely be defeated facing such a terrifying slash . Even the Sacred Weapon within his body could not resist its strength, thus leaving him with a severe injury!

This injury!

This Duan Qing’s strength was extremely frightening!

“Hold it!’

As the slash was executed, the Leader of the Trading Alliance suddenly made his move .

A formidable glow burst out from his body like a huge river devouring the saber intent, before it vanished into thin air .

The strength of the Alliance Leader was immeasurable!

“How nice of the Trading Alliance!” Qin Nan yelled out, “Everyone, I believe you’ve just witnessed it with your own eyes . This Du Feng tried to threaten me with my friends, and asked me for a battle, but the Leader of the Trading Alliance had interfered in the midst of it! Trading Alliance, don’t you feel ashamed?”

Although the crowd did not dare to speak hearing the words, their gazes toward the Leader of the Trading Alliance and Du Feng were filled with disdain .

Interfering in the battle between young geniuses, what was that about?

It would be a complete joke if it were spread to the public!

The faces of the divine Swordmaster and Jiao Zhe coldened .

“Duan Qing, stop speaking nonsense . The Alliance Leader is only concerned that our battle would bring massive destruction to this place . Otherwise, do you really think I’m scared?” Du Feng snapped .

Qin Nan’s eyes coldened as the ancient saber in his hand began to vibrate once again .

Du Feng subconsciously took a small step backward . Obviously, the previous slash had definitely scared him, thus Qin Nan’s actions caused him to feel threatened immediately .

Du Feng soon collected his thoughts while his while his face reddened .

The little step he had taken was extremely embarrassing!

“I have nothing to say to you . ”

Qin Nan withdrew his ancient saber and nodded at the divine Swordmaster and Jiao Zhe before he turned around and began to leave .


The Leader of the Trading Alliance said all of a sudden .

Qin Nan halted his footsteps and turned around as the Leader of the Trading Alliance spoke in a calm tone, “Duan Qing, hand over the map . Otherwise, the Trading Alliance will pick on this divine Swordmaster and Jiao Zhe . I will personally be in charge of that!”

The crowd was astonished hearing the words .

Wasn’t Du Feng defeated?

Even the divine Swordmaster and Jiao Zhe were startled .

The Leader of the Trading Alliance smilingly said as if he was aware of the crowd’s doubts, “I’m sure you’ve misunderstood, Du Feng was challenging Duan Qing on his behalf . He didn’t represent the Trading Alliance!”

The faces of the divine Swordmaster and Jiao Zhe turned dark .

Flames of fury exploded within Qin Nan’s heart .

Everyone knew that Du Feng only dared to challenge Duan Qing after receiving orders from the Leader of the Trading Alliance .

Besides, Du Feng’s name was on the Hidden Dragon Ranking, granting him a significant status in the Trading Alliance . Therefore, his words could basically represent the stance of the Trading Alliance!

If the Leader of the Trading Alliance had any objection, why didn’t he mention it before?

It was clear that this Leader of this Leader of the Trading Alliance didn’t want to give up before achieving his goals!

“Trying to bully me with your authority?”

Qin Nan let out a hollow laugh .

“That’s right . ” The voice of the Leader of the Trading Alliance was merciless, “I can’t touch you when you’re at the royal palace, but I’m the law here at the Northern Street . Duan Qing, hand over the map, and I’ll give you anything you want in return . Let’s work together, there’s no need for us to draw our swords at one another . ”

He first threatened Duan Qing, then gave him a resolution to solve the conflict .

This Leader of the Trading Alliance had completely mastered how to play with words .

“Abusing your power? Is that so?”

Qin Nan’s expression became calm as he took out two badges without hesitation, before he spoke, “The others might be afraid of you, but that doesn’t mean I am . If you want to play, I don’t mind asking the seniors to come join the fun too!”

As soon as the badges were taken out, the crowd was stupefied .

The Vermilion Bird Sacred Badge! The Black Tortoise Sacred Badge!

Once activated, everyone from the Vermilion Bird Platoon and the Black Tortoise Platoon would come here at once to provide their full support!

Did that mean that Duan Qing was actually the one who had resurrected the Blood-Winged Vermilion Bird and the Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise!?

Even the Leader of the Trading Alliance wore an astonished face under his mask .

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