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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 620


Chapter 620: Chapter 620 - Destiny Altered, Sincerely Convinced

Chapter 620 - Destiny Altered, Sincerely Convinced

Qin Nan began to spend his time cultivating after learning about the existence of the Hidden Dragon Ranking . He rejected all visits from the ministers and authorities of the kingdom .

Currently, establishing connections was no longer his concern . His strength was now first priority .

Three days later, a sound-conducting talisman was delivered to him .


Qin Nan’s eyes sprung open as he received the talisman . His eyes flickered after taking a glimpse at it .

The talisman was from the Sky-Scorching Emperor .

“The Third Prince is about to alter his destiny? This sounds interesting, I should go and take a look . ”

Qin Nan immediately summoned a rift and headed straight to the palace . As usual, the Third Prince’s butler, Uncle Lin was already there waiting . He immediately greeted Qin Nan with a respectful tone, “Master Duan Qing, I’ll bring you in . ”

He paused for a moment before saying in a low voice, “Master Duan Qing, thank you . ”

Qin Nan responded by bringing his fists together . One must be respectful to the elders .

Under Uncle Lin’s guidance, Qin Nan arrived at a garden deep within the palace, which was a hundred li big . It was guarded by experts of the royal guards hiding in the dark .

At the center of the garden, Zhou Bihua, the Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise, the Blood-Winged Vermilion Bird, and the Sky-Scorching Emperor - four great experts - positioned themselves in the East, South, West and North, with the Third Prince sitting in the middle of them .

Furthermore, their surroundings had crystals laid out, each possessing the energy of fire, ice, lightning, thunder, wind, rain and so on, forming a mystical natural formation .

Qin Nan’s arrival did not attract anyone’s attention .

Following a swoosh, another figure arrived too, who turned out to be Di Fengyun .

Di Fengyun was currently wearing a robe of the Vermilion Bird Platoon . His previous hostile look was replaced with a determined expression .

“Member of the ninety-nine batch disciples of the Vermilion Bird Platoon, Di Fengyun, at the Platoon Leader’s service!”

Di Fengyun brought his fists together at Qin Nan with a stern look, like a soldier .

Qin Nan was startled, before he waved his hand and replied, “You don’t need to call me Platoon Leader . ”

Di Fengyun said in a dull tone, “Platoon Leader, I apologize for what I’ve done in the past . I know that you won’t be able to forgive me now but I do hope you won’t see me as an outsider . You are my Platoon Leader and with a single word, I’m willing to sacrifice my life to finish any job you’ve given me . May I be struck by lightning if I go against my words!”

The words were spoken firmly .

Qin Nan felt a little bit better after seeing his attitude .

A man that is willing to repent his mistakes and correct them deserves to be respected .

Furthermore, Di Fengyun even swore an oath to the Heavens - a display of his sincerity .

Di Fengyun was a step away from ranking up to the Martial Sacred Realm . If he sincerely wanted to provide his assistance to atone for his mistakes, Qin Nan could consider forgiving him in the future .

Right now, no matter how Di Fengyun behaved and oaths he swore, Qin Nan still held a grudge against him so he would not not thoroughly accept him . It all came down to Di Fengyun’s performance from today onward .

“Platoon Leader, since master and the others are busy setting up the formation, why don’t we make use of this time to have a friendly competition?” Di Fengyun let out a cough and said in an awkward tone, “Before at the Starry Pagoda, your eye-technique was remarkable, so I’m keen to know its actual standard . ”

Di Fengyun immediately blurted out following his words, “Don’t worry, I’ll suppress my cultivation to the same level as yours . ”

He knew that Duan Qing had yet to forgive him so it was not the best time for him to request such favors .

“Sure . ”

Qin Nan accepted the suggestion straight away . Since Di Fengyun was interested in seeing his eye-technique, he should take hold of this opportunity to reveal his strength to thoroughly convince Di Fengyun .

“Thanks, Platoon Leader!”

Di Fengyun expressed his gratitude before his figure unleashed a formidable aura . His eyes emitted a flickering glow, summoning a pair of eyes of a white tiger which fired a ferocious gust of wind .

“This skill is known as the White Tiger Killing Eyes . Its strength is quite powerful, be careful, Platoon Leader!”

Di Fengyun let out a roar .

“The White Tiger Killing Eyes, huh? Looks extraordinary . ”

Qin Nan complimented him as his expression remained calm . As the gust was two zhang away from him, his left eye emitted a thunderous glow .


Following the shout, a thunderous flicker was fired from Qin Nan’s left eye like a beam of light, instantly shattering the gust .

“How tremendous!”

Di Fengyun’s eyes flickered with astonishment .

Nullifying his move so easily, his eye-technique is indeed terrifying .

“However, Platoon

“However, Platoon Leader, if that’s all you got, you are no match against my White Tiger Killing Eyes!” Di Fengyun uttered a roar as his eyes fired a blinding white glow, which summoned ten illusionary white tigers charging forward while letting out furious roars .

This was the true strength of the White Tiger Killing Eyes, summoning white tigers charging toward the target .

Di Fengyun was extremely confident in his attack . Despite the outstanding strength of Duan Qing’s eye-technique, he would need great effort to resist his attack .

“Are you sure?”

Qin Nan let out a smile as he remained calm as usual . His feet did not even budge .

Soon after, the white tigers were approaching Qin Nan’s figure from all directions, leaving him with no space to escape .

“Platoon Leader!”

Di Fengyun was stunned . Why is Duan Qing still not fighting back?

He stomped his foot on the ground and prepared to execute his move to eliminate the white tigers . Otherwise, Duan Qing will really get hurt .

However, he was stupefied observing the following scene .

It was as if Qin Nan’s eyes were able to predict the movement of the white tigers, allowing him to weave through the attack like a phantom . His figure ended up three meters away from his previous spot, while his clothes remained intact . He managed to dodge the attack with ease .

“How . . . ”

Di Fengyun was totally amazed .

Although he only executed the White Tiger Killing Eyes with the force of the first-layer Martial Highness Realm, it would not have any problem defeating an ordinary third-layer Martial Highness Realm cultivator .

And Duan Qing just dodged such a powerful attack with ease?

How did he do did he do that?

Could it be . . .

Di Fengyun immediately collected his thoughts .

The only explanation was that Duan Qing had predicted the path of his attack with his eye-technique!


Di Fengyun inhaled deeply .

Such a terrifying eye-technique, able to see through objects, unleash terrifying lightning strikes, and predict the path of attacks!

Duan Qing was indeed extraordinary .

Di Fengyun now strongly believed that if he were to battle against Duan Qing with the same cultivation, or even if his cultivation was three levels higher, he would be outmatched by him!


Di Fengyun took a deep breath .

In terms of Martial Skill Talent, Duan Qing had entered the seventh-floor of the House of Gold!

In terms of capabilities, Duan Qing had resurrected the Blood-Winged Vermilion Bird and the Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise!

In terms of cultivation, even the attack of a half-Martial Sacred Realm presence failed to kill Duan Qing!

And in terms of eye-technique, he was no match against Duan Qing at all!

Even though they both had eighth-grade Di ranked Martial Spirits, there existed an insurmountable gap between them .

No wonder the spirit of the Deceased Emperor chose Duan Qing in the end .

“Platoon Leader, I’m sincerely convinced!”

At that instant, Di Fengyun lowered his prideful head .

Qin Nan let out a smile and was about to speak when a rare phenomenon suddenly took place .





Zhou Bihua and the others yelled out with a thunderous voice, while inserting the force of the Martial Sacred Realm into the formation .

“Four poles as the extremities, twisting the Heavens and Earth . The balance of all creations, let the will of the Heavens be shrouded!”

They uttered the chant simultaneously .

The formation emitted a tremendous glow as it became active .

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