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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 617


Chapter 617: Chapter 617 - Everyone Made Mistakes When They Wer
Chapter 617 - Everyone Made Mistakes When They Were Young

A cold grin appeared on Qin Nan’s face .

It was obvious why the Trading Alliance was helping the Skyhowl White Tiger—they were aiming to retrieve the map from him . However, after knowing that the Blood-Winged Vermilion Bird and the Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise had resurrected, the outcome of the battle was decided . They had no hope of winning it, thus they immediately withdrew from it .

Never take part in any infighting?

What an absolute joke!

The Trading Alliance had always been shameless and unrighteous .

As the Trading Alliance suddenly withdrew themselves from the battle, the White Tiger Platoon was currently under incredible pressure, and was on the verge of being eliminated by the experts of the two platoons .

“People of the White Tiger Platoon, listen up! If you surrender now, I will not punish you, and not blame you either! I swear to Heavens in the name of the emperor!”

The Sky-Scorching Emperor’s figure emitted a blinding golden glow as he spoke in an imperious tone .

The experts of the White Tiger Platoon showed fear and hesitation on their faces .

Judging from the current circumstances, they would surely lose in the end! Besides, the emperor promised not to put the blame on them!

“I surrender!”

“I choose to surrender!”

“I don’t want to fight anymore!”

The experts of the White Tiger Platoon immediately lost their will to fight when the first person surrendered .

The Skyhowl White Tiger became furious seeing this, and almost spat out fresh blood from its mouth . Such weaklings!

“White Tiger! Why don’t you give up? We will let you go if you stop right now!”

The Blood-Winged Vermilion Bird and the Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise spoke . Their voices were as loud as the chime of bells .

Give up? I’ve prepared for this day for many years, just to alter my destiny! Do you really think I’m going to give up when you tell me to?”

The Skyhowl White Tiger wore a mocking look as it swung its hand .

Among the crowd, Di Fengyun’s eyes widened as he lost control of his body, which flew toward the Skyhowl White Tiger at a great speed .

In the blink of an eye, Di Fengyun had arrived before the Skyhowl White Tiger . It clenched his throat tightly, causing his face to redden as he began to lose his breath .

The Blood-Winged Vermilion Bird and the Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise frowned . What was this White Tiger trying to do?

“Zhou Bihua! See this? Tell Duan Qing to hand over the Spirit of the Deceased Emperor! Otherwise, I’ll kill him!” The Skyhowl White Tiger snapped coldly while tightening its grip, leaving trails of blood on Di Fengyun’s neck .

“Save . . . save me…”

Di Fengyun was absolutely terrified . He would not doubt that the Skyhowl White Tiger would actually kill him .

The godly beasts and the crowd stared coldly at them with no sign of being moved .

Everyone knew that Di Fengyun had betrayed Zhou Bihua to join the White Tiger Platoon .

No one would pity such an ungrateful person, even if he were killed right before them!

Di them!

Di Fengyun’s eyes glanced at the familiar faces before him and saw the iciness in their eyes . For some reason, he could sense a greater darkness than death itself, the feeling that the entire world had abandoned him .

“Skyhowl White Tiger, are you trying to threaten me with his life?” Zhou Bihua waved his hand, gesturing for the crowd to move and slowly surrounded the Skyhowl White Tiger .

Not a single noise was made, as if everyone was waiting for something .

“HAHAHA, you’re right . This useless prick has betrayed you, I guess you no longer have any feelings for him! I’ll kill him now!”

The Skyhowl White Tiger burst out laughing and proceeded to tighten its grip further .

It had invested a lot in Di Fengyun, but in the end, he still could not defeat Duan Qing . Only by killing him would it be able to release its anger .

“Wait!” Zhou Bihua suddenly spoke .

“What is it?” The Skyhowl White Tiger stopped its actions while wearing a disdainful look .

The crowd was startled . Was Zhou Bihua really going to save Di Fengyun with the Spirit of the Deceased Emperor? At that moment, many among them began to gather their strength . If Zhou Bihua was not willing to do it, they were more than willing to lend him a hand .

The Blood-Winged Vermilion Bird and the Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise in the sky shook their heads slightly . The experts immediately changed their minds .

“Senior, if you need it, I’ll give it to you . ” Qin Nan Qin Nan spoke calmly .

Zhou Bihua had helped him a lot, thus if he really wanted to save Di Fengyun, he would help him as best as he could .

“Duan Qing, thank you, but I will deal with this myself…”

Zhou Bihua shook his head and glanced at Di Fengyun, as if he was recollecting the past, before he exclaimed with a hoarse voice, “Who would not make any mistake when they were young? Even though you did betray me, which made me very disappointed, I still see you as my disciple . It’s all up to you now whether you are going to survive or not . Your Master has done his best . ”


An illusionary flame burst out from Zhou Bihua’s body as his hands swiftly made a seal .

“This——” The eyes of the Blood-Winged Vermilion Bird widened .

Following this, the piercing cry of a phoenix tore across the sky .

Zhou Bihua’s figure transformed into a fiery phoenix, accompanied by a terrifying aura .



The phoenix opened its mouth and spat out drops of blood, one after another until the seventh drop, landing before Di Fengyun like seven footsteps . Each drop of blood emitted a tremendous glow before entering Di Fengyun’s body .

“How bold!” The Skyhowl White Tiger became infuriated and clenched tightly .


A terrifying phoenix flame emerged from Di Fengyun’s body .

The Seven Steps of Sorrow formed with the Blood of the Vermilion Bird had awakened the force of the Vermilion Bird within Di Fengyun’s body . At that instant, the Primordial Spirit that the Skyhowl White Tiger had planted inside his body was his body was shattered, allowing him to regain control of his body!


Golden rays were emitted from Di Fengyun’s back as his Martial Spirit was summoned, unleashing its greatest power to break him free from the Skyhowl White Tiger . He dashed straight in Zhou Bihua’s direction .


A cry of agony echoed in the sky .

The crowd could only see Zhou Bihua falling to the ground while his black hair became thoroughly white . His face was filled with wrinkles . He had instantly turned into a dying old man from a peerless Martial Sacred realm expert .

The Seven Steps of Sorrow formed with the Blood of the Vermilion Bird was capable of awakening one’s spirit—the forbidden technique of the Vermilion Bird!

Once executed, it could awaken the force of any Martial Arts related to the Vermilion Bird within a cultivator!

Zhou Bihua had used it to trigger the force of Vermilion Bird inside Di Fengyun’s body, and in return, he had suffered a great side-effect .

The crowd fell silent after witnessing this .


Di Fengyun ran to Zhou Bihua and held him tightly in his arms . His face turned pale as his eyes reddened, filled with deep regrets!

Why? Why had he betrayed Zhou Bihua!

Was Zhou Bihua being unfair to him?

Was Zhou Bihua doubtful of his talents?

When he was abandoned by the whole world, he was the only one willing to use a forbidden technique to save his life from the Grim Reaper .

Zhou Bihua had been reluctant to teach him the Art of the Immortal Vermilion Bird, as it was better for him that way .

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