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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 615


Chapter 615: Chapter 615 - Arrival of the Two Beasts

Chapter 615 - Arrival of the Two Beasts

Among the Four Great Factions of the upper district’s Eastern Continent, for some reasons, both the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom and the Trading Alliance were situated in White Tiger City. Despite the occasional disputes between the two factions behind the scenes, they would normally stay out of each other’s business on the surface.

However, to everyone’s surprise, the Skyhowl White Tiger had colluded with the Trading Alliance!

How could Zhou Bihua, the Sky-Scorching Emperor, and the others not be furious?

Currently, there were now six Martial Sacred Realm cultivators, including three from the Trading Alliance, not to mention several hundred Martial Highness Realm experts present at the scene.

With these many experts gathering together, their auras alone caused the entire Heaven-Worshipping Ground to quaver slightly.

The Statue of the Deceased Emperor immediately emitted a glow that encapsulated the place like a veil, forming an incredible defensive barrier.

Meanwhile, the guardian knight of the statue remained motionless within the golden barrier.

The battle was on the verge of erupting!

The Skyhowl White Tiger, the Leader, Vice-Leader, and Supreme Elder of the Trading Alliance; the combined aura of four Martial Sacred Realm experts burst forward like a surging wave, causing the surrounding space to crumble. Meanwhile, the eyes of the experts behind them flickered coldly.

At that instant, the aura alone completely outmatched the Sky-Scorching Emperor, Zhou Bihua, Lin Fengxiao, and their crew, like a small raft facing a huge ship. The difference in terms of power between the two sides was too obvious!

“White Tiger unleashed, its will activated;Di Fengyun, kill Duan Qing and retrieve the badge!”

At that instant, the Skyhowl White Tiger halted in its tracks and let out a roar, firing a stream of energy.

Di Fengyun’s figure shuddered as an illusionary figure of a white tiger surfaced on his chest. At that instant, his cultivation rose rapidly to the Martial Sacred Realm as if he had received some sort of power-up!

“You’ve put something in my body…”

Di Fengyun was extremely shocked. He did not expect the Skyhowl White Tiger to have other plans in mind apart from its clone!

“What are you waiting for! Do it!” The Skyhowl White Tiger snapped.

They currently had the upper hand with the involvement of the Trading Alliance. The Skyhowl White Tiger was not hesitant to start a war, but if they could acquire the badge in advance, it would secure their victory!

“Move out!”

Di Fengyun collected his thoughts. Nothing really mattered now besides killing Duan Qing and retrieving the badge!


At that instant, a ferocious suppression of the Martial Sacred Realm burst out from Di Fengyun’s body and locked onto Qin Nan’s figure, gathering the force of the Heavens and Earth around him into a terrifying blow!


Zhou Bihua, the Sky-Scorching Emperor, and the others were shocked. However, the Leader of the Trading Alliance wore a cold grin as his figure dashed forward and unleashed a peerless ancient Martial Art that devoured their figures rapidly.

The attack restrained the movement of Zhou Bihua and his crew.

Even though it only managed to keep them busy for a single breath’s time, Di Fengyun had finished the preparation to unleash his killing blow.

“Duan Qing! Die!”

Di Fengyun uttered a loud roar. Duan Qing might be able to to survive a half-Martial Sacred Realm attack, but there was no way he could survive a Martial Sacred Realm one!

Qin Nan’s expression remained calm as he glanced toward the guardian knight, who took a step forward and emitted a cold glow with his eyes.

“How bold! A mere Di Fengyun dares to attack Duan Qing!”

Before the guardian knight made his move, a roar could be heard as the sky above was ripped apart all of a sudden. Following this, a towering purple tree floated before the crowd.

The Dragon Abyss Tree had arrived!

However, the Dragon Abyss Tree had a noticeable change; its figure was now emitting a Martial Sacred Realm aura, a sign that it had successfully ranked up.

It was all thanks to the Chaos Qi that Qin Nan had given it, thus when it was aware of the situation taking place at the Heaven-Worshipping Ground, it immediately teleported here through a rift without hesitation.


The Skyhowl White Tiger and his allies were startled, as it was entirely out of their expectations that the Dragon Abyss Tree would protect Duan Qing!


The Dragon Abyss Tree moved at the speed of lightning, summoning grass, flowers, and trees around Qin Nan’s figure which grew at a crazy speed, forming a huge barrier in the blink of an eye, enveloping him within it.


Di Fengyun’s attack had landed, but it failed to penetrate the barrier.

After all, his strength was only at the Martial Sacred Realm with the help of the temporary power-up from the Skyhowl White Tiger. He still could not match the strength of the Dragon Abyss Tree who had ranked up to the Martial Sacred Realm by overcoming by overcoming the Tribulation.

“Well done!”

Zhou Bihua and the others blurted out with excitement.

“Position Shift!”

However, at that instant, the Skyhowl White Tiger suddenly moved and flung its claw forward, summoning a formation in mid-air that absorbed its figure into it, before spitting out Di Fengyun’s figure.

The Skyhowl White Tiger was currently above Qin Nan.

The Skyhowl White Tiger had already done something to Di Fengyun’s body. It had been planning to wait until Di Fengyun acquired the spirit of the Deceased Emperor, then take over the control of his body. However, things did not turn out according to his plan.

As such, it was able to switch its position with Di Fengyun’s instantly.


The Skyhowl White Tiger’s figure propelled forward in Qin Nan’s direction like a meteor with a kick, so quick that even the Dragon Abyss Tree, the Sky-Scorching Emperor, and the others failed to react in time.

The Skyhowl White Tiger!

The top expert of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom! A peak Martial Sacred Realm expert!

It would only take it less than a tenth of a second to kill Duan Qing in such a short distance!

At the last moment, following a whoosh, a giant figure appeared behind the Skyhowl White Tiger like a phantom.

It was the knight guarding the Statue of the Deceased Emperor!

The Skyhowl White Tiger stopped in its tracks and turned its head around in time as the knight threw out a punch at it with a formidable power.

“Damn it!”

The Skyhowl White Tiger swiftly reacted to block the attack. Despite that, its figure was still knocked over ten steps backward by the force. The knight was no match against no match against it, but the attack was too sudden.

However, knocking the Skyhowl White Tiger back was enough to stop it from killing Qin Nan!

“He is able to control the guardian knight!”

The people of the Trading Alliance and the White Tiger Platoon were astonished. This Duan Qing was so difficult to kill;apart from the Dragon Abyss Tree, even the guardian knight was protecting him!

“Skyhowl White Tiger, what are you waiting for!” At that instant, in the midst of the attacks, the Leader of the Trading Alliance let out a scream.


The eyes of the Skyhowl White Tiger flickered viciously.

It was time to eliminate the guardian knight and the Dragon Abyss Tree!

“Duan Qing, no one can save you today——” The bloodshot eyes of the Skyhowl White Tiger glared at Duan Qing. This man had caused their plans to fail continuously, accumulating a great anger in its chest, thus it could not wait any longer to tear him into pieces!

While saying this, a terrifying aura burst out from the Skyhowl White Tiger’s body.

It was about to execute a forbidden technique that was capable of destroying anything!

Even though it would need to pay a great price for it!

All this just to alter its destiny!

“Is that so?”

Qin Nan remained calm as usual, as if the words had no effect on him.

Following this, two shocking explosions took place high up in the sky, as two terrifying presences descended rapidly like a raging sea.


The Skyhowl White Tiger held its breath and stared upward with astonishment. Its eyes widened after taking a glimpse.

The Blood-Winged Vermilion Bird and the Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise had arrived!

Translator: XephiZ

Editor: DOCuinn


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