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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 614


Chapter 614: Chapter 614 - White Tiger in Action

Chapter 614 - White Tiger in Action

A single sentence had completely toppled the senses of the crowd. They even doubted if they had heard it wrong.

A Martial Spirit without an owner, which would greatly alter one’s destiny. Such a significant opportunity, and he was asking Duan Qing to make the decision?

It began with Duan Qing rejecting the offer, then the Spirit of the Deceased Emperor apologizing twice in a row, and now him letting Duan Qing to decide who would own the Martial Spirit!

Were these two out of their minds?

However, little did they know that the Spirit of the Deceased Emperor was trying to earn a favor from Qin Nan.

Having Primary Force, the mysterious Martial Spirit, the mysterious copper mirror, and the protection of the Martial Serendipity Pavilion, how would he be considered someone ordinary? The Spirit of the Deceased Emperor clearly knew that Duan Qing was going to stir a great chaos in the near future, destroying every enemy he stumbled into and reaching an unimaginable height that they could only dream of reaching.

Furthermore, it did not matter who the Martial Spirit would be granted to, as its bearer would succeed his will and protect the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom.

Speaking of killing two birds with one stone.

Besides, how could he not know that the one supporting Di Fengyun was the Skyhowl White Tiger with a conspiracy in mind?


Qin Nan was stunned, as he did not expect it to come down to this. On second thought, he could somehow speculate the Spirit of the Deceased Emperor’s intention.

“Young man, I’m serious. I’m not too familiar with the current Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom, and you might be more informed than I am. You will make the choice, that’s decided.” The Spirit of the Deceased Emperor said, before his figure contracted rapidly following a flicker, and transformed into a white badge landing in Qin Nan’s hand.

One could alter their destiny by disowning their Martial Spirit and refining the badge!

“Duan Qing, the Skyhowl White Tiger will be making its move soon. I’ll grant you the control over the guardian knight.”

The Spirit of the Deceased Emperor transmitted his voice into Qin Nan’s mind.

Qin Nan’s eyes flickered sharply, before he asked, “You’ve already taken that into account. Why won’t you do it yourself?”

The Spirit of the Deceased Emperor turned silent for a few breaths’ time, before he slowly replied, “I can’t make up my mind.”

The words were followed by a dead silence.

Qin Nan was slightly startled and let out a sigh, His eyes were filled with a hint of determination.

The Skyhowl White Tiger and Di Fengyun were both his enemies, and had been picking on him. It was now time to return the favor!

...Meanwhile, on the Heaven-Worshipping Ground...

The experts stared blankly at the white badge in Qin Nan’s hand.

So Duan Qing was really making the decision for the Deceased Emperor?

At that instant, the eyes of the crowd became fiery, with heavy pants. The badge was a chance for them to alter their fate!

“Duan Qing!”

At Qing!”

At that instant, a shocking roar could be heard, who turned out to be the Skyhowl White Tiger, “How could the Spirit of the Deceased Emperor let you make such an important decision! Since you’ve rejected the offer, the Martial Spirit should be Di Fengyun’s!”

Although the entire series of events had completely exceeded the Skyhowl White Tiger’s expectations, now was not the time to unleash its fury. Their priority now was to retrieve the badge from Duan Qing!


The Skyhowl White Tiger transformed into its true appearance of an enormous tiger, emitting a shocking ferocious aura.

The atmosphere of the scene intensified, as if a huge robe was being stretched tightly.

“Skyhowl White Tiger, not on my watch!”

A figure engulfed in flames rose into the air, who was none other than Zhou Bihua!

Beside him, Elder Wang and Lin Fengxiao appeared with a flicker.

Even though they were still utterly confused by the whole situation, Duan Qing had obtained the Martial Spirit in the end, thus the victory was theirs!

Therefore, they had to stop the Skyhowl White Tiger at all costs!

“White Tiger Platoon! Everyone! Reveal yourself now! And prepare to battle!” The Skyhowl White Tiger uttered a cry, which caused the sky to tremble violently.

Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh!

At that instant, many among the crowd sprang into the air, each with powerful auras, which combined into a total of over four hundred people!

These people were all the geniuses that the White Tiger Platoon had trained since the Skyhowl White Tiger was Tiger was in charge!

They were now summoned by the Skyhowl White Tiger, forming a powerful army!

“Vermilion Bird Platoon!”

“Black Tortoise Platoon!”

Zhou Bihua and Lin Fengxiao cried out their command respectively, but only a few hundred figures responded to the cry and showed themselves.

However, many still remained seated and did not budge. A grand battle was about to take place, and the consequences were unpredictable if they were involved.

“HAHA, do you really think your platoons stand a chance against us? Charge!” The Skyhowl White Tiger led the way and emitted a tremendous force of the Martial Sacred Realm.

Even Zhou Bihua, Lin Fengxiao, and their crew could not resist it!

Even though they were considered the top three experts of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom, the Skyhowl White Tiger was the strongest among them, whose cultivation had reached the peak Martial Sacred Realm despite its declining strength.

“Master Skyhowl White Tiger, we are still within the boundaries of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom. It’s not wise to fight here. Why don’t we follow the Deceased Emperor’s orders?”


A figure appeared before the army and spoke gently, who was none other than the Sky-Scorching Emperor.

He was still unsure of what happened between the Deceased Emperor and Duan Qing, but he did admire Duan Qing’s talents to begin with, and due to the decision of the Deceased Emperor, it went without saying that he would be partial toward Duan Qing.

“Emperor! Are you going to meddle in the affairs between the three platoons? Are three platoons? Are you going to help them?” The Skyhowl White Tiger emitted a terrifying aura and showed no sign of backing off.

The Sky-Scorching Emperor had never taken part in the disputes between the three platoons over the years past.

The reason being that it was impossible to bring out the best outcome regardless of the platoon he sided with.

The Sky-Scorching Emperor glanced at Duan Qing before he calmly said, “I will only follow the will of the Deceased Emperor.”

Follow the will of the Deceased Emperor!

Which meant helping Duan Qing!

“Very well! So you think you two can stop me today? I will kill whoever opposes me!” The Skyhowl White Tiger uttered a blasting roar, shaking White Tiger City.

At that instant, a rare phenomenon took place!


Parts of the sky above began to shatter into pieces as figures stepped out from the rifts, each with a cultivation of at least the peak Martial Highness Realm. There were thirty of them in total!

The three cultivators who were leading them were at the Martial Sacred Realm, and the middle-aged man among them in particular was the peak Martial Sacred Realm, whose strength was not any weaker than the Skyhowl White Tiger!

At that instant, the crowd was stupefied.

Even the faces of Zhou Bihua, Lin Fengxiao, and the Sky-Scorching Emperor became incredibly dark, as they had not expected the Skyhowl White Tiger to go this far!

The trio...were the Leader, Vice-Leader, and Supreme Elder of the Trading Alliance!

The Skyhowl White Tiger...

Had colluded with the Trading Alliance!

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