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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 613


Chapter 613: Chapter 613 - The Astounded Deceased Emperor

Chapter 613 - The Astounded Deceased Emperor

The Spirit of the Deceased Emperor could only see his surroundings changing, devoured by darkness, as if he had fallen into an endless void while an indescribable chill exploded within his heart, stopping him from moving.

He slowly raised his head as he could sense something above him. His mind turned blank following a glimpse, as if he were struck by lightning.

In the midst of darkness, he could see Duan Qing with his eyes closed, as if he had fallen into a deep sleep.

A magnificently terrifying, imperious human-figured Martial Spirit stood behind him staring down at him. Its left eye was filled with disdain.

It felt like a mystical being from the Nine Heavens was staring down at a mere human.

In the past while establishing the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom, the Deceased Emperor had encountered countless experts, and had even fought against Martial Progenitor Realm experts and witnessed Martial Monarch Realm experts. However, he had never felt so scared before.

The terror originated from his soul, an instinctive reaction!

Currently, it felt like he was only a tiny little ant, and the one standing before him was not a giant, but a god of war that could destroy the world!


The Spirit of the Deceased Emperor opened his mouth wide, which began to tremble.

Such a terrifying Martial Spirit was only an eighth-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit?

Even a Tian ranked Martial Spirit would not be this terrifying!


At that instant, an icy voice could be heard as a copper mirror appeared out of nowhere in the darkness. A woman could be seen standing inside the mirror with an imperious aura, staring down at the Spirit of the Deceased Emperor.

“Sky-Scorching Emperor! You’d better watch your words carefully! Otherwise, you won’t be able to bear the consequences of your mistakes!”

A raging roar took place as an ancient pagoda appeared from the darkness.

The pagoda turned out to be the Martial Serendipity Pavilion!


The Spirit of the Deceased Emperor felt like his scalp was going to explode.

The aura from the copper mirror had completely surpassed the strength of the Martial Monarch Realm!

And this pagoda before him was the legendary Martial Serendipity Pavilion!

Why would such terrifying presences accompany Duan Qing?

And it seemed like they were only here because of Duan Qing’s eighth-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit!

“Wake up! Don’t make it into a great trouble!”

The woman in the copper mirror snapped coldly.

Qin Nan’s figure shuddered violently as his eyes sprang open.


The space disappeared as the scene around them switched back to the Heaven-Worshipping Ground, with the crowd scolding and the eyes of the Skyhowl White Tiger and its crew flickering with excitement.

It felt like nothing had happened a moment ago.

However, the Spirit of the Deceased Emperor had definitely experienced it, and if he still had his flesh, he would have collapsed to the ground by now.

What had happened just then... was too terrifying!

Meanwhile, Qin Nan Nan had no idea about the sudden appearance of the copper mirror and the Martial Serendipity Pavilion, including the frightening change of the divine Battle Spirit.

He only remembered that the divine Battle Spirit was infuriated, and himself too!

Following that, it seemed like the copper mirror had yelled at him, allowing the rage within his heart to dissipate.

“What were you saying!”

Although his fury was gone, the murderous intent in his eyes showed no sign of going away. His body began to accumulate all his force to execute the Heavenly Accumulating Strike to unleash his strongest attack!

“I…” The Spirit of the Deceased Emperor trembled. He quickly collected his thought and blurted out, “Duan Qing! I apologize for what I said just then, I hope you won’t mind! I mean it! Besides, your Martial Spirit is indeed stronger than me, I was as blind as an owl.”

The words were sincerely uttered.

Duan Qing might not have any idea what had just happened, but he had truly witnessed it with his own eyes.

The fear he had experienced when facing the divine Battle Spirit, and the astonishment from his encounter with the mysterious copper mirror and the Martial Serendipity Pavilion struck his soul like a nail, something that he would never forget for the rest of his life!

The words immediately stunned the entire crowd.

What had just happened?

Was it real that they are witnessing the Spirit of the Deceased Emperor apologizing to Duan Qing?


Qin Nan was startled. Why was startled. Why was the Spirit of the Deceased Emperor apologizing all of a sudden?

Could it be...

A sudden thought came to Qin Nan’s mind. It was highly possible that the divine Battle Spirit had revealed its power to the Spirit of the Deceased Emperor.

“Listen up, everyone! You should not say anything further regarding this! No objection whatsoever!” The Spirit of the Deceased Emperor turned around and glanced at the crowd as he snapped, “Mark my words! Those who disobey them shall be considered the enemy of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom!”

The crowd was stupefied hearing this.

Wasn’t the Spirit of the Deceased Emperor furious when Duan Qing had rejected his offer?

Why had his behavior changed within the blink of an eye?

“Young lad Duan Qing, that was my bad. I hope you won’t make a fuss with me.” The Spirit of the Deceased Emperor glanced back at Duan Qing and spoke with a sincere tone.

At that instant, the crowd was dumbfounded once again.

F**k me!

The Spirit of the Deceased Emperor was actually apologizing to Duan Qing!

Twice in a row!

“Don’t worry about it.”

Qin Nan’s face became calm seeing this, but his voice remained cold.

“Great.” The Spirit of the Deceased Emperor let out a sigh of relief. His eyes were filled with a hint of regret.

He had made a huge mistake this time! Who would have thought this Duan Qing would be related to such a mysterious Martial Spirit, not to mention its connection with the Martial Serendipity the Martial Serendipity Pavilion and the mysterious copper mirror!

If he had known this before, he would not dare to scold Duan Qing in the first place!

“Alright! Let’s forget what just happened!” The Spirit of the Deceased Emperor adjusted his thoughts and faced the crowd, “Since Duan Qing has rejected my offer, I shall choose another person as my successor!”

The crowd became excited.

Even though it was strange that the Deceased Emperor’s attitude changed all of a sudden, and he had even apologized to Duan Qing twice in a row, he still needed to choose a successor, whose status would soon skyrocket!

The eyes of the Skyhowl White Tiger and Di Fengyun flickered with excitement.

“Deceased Emperor——”

Di Fengyun stepped forward and said.

Since Duan Qing had rejected the offer, he was the only one left in the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom qualified to be the Deceased Emperor’s successor!

However, before he could finish his words, the Spirit of the Deceased Emperor snapped, “Piss off, will you!”

Di Fengyun’s brain buzzed loudly as he was stunned in place.

Why...had the Deceased Emperor asked him to piss off?

What did he mean by that?

Before the crowd could react, the Spirit of the Deceased Emperor turned around and said to Qin Nan with a smile, “Duan Qing, how does this sound? Since I won’t be able to give you the Martial Spirit, it doesn’t really matter who I’m giving it to now. You will decide who I should give the Martial Spirit to.”

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