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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 603


Chapter 603: Chapter 603 - Ascension of the Crown Prince

Chapter 603 - Ascension of the Crown Prince

...Vermilion Bird Platoon, Yellow Soil Dojo...

“The Heaven-Worshipping Feast is starting, Elder Wang, you’re in charge of them!”

Zhou Bihua’s figure appeared and briefly said, before he opened up a rift and teleported the crowd to White Tiger City.

The Heaven-Worshipping Feast, a grand celebration for the entire kingdom!

The venue was at the Heaven-Worshipping Ground situated at the inner part of the royal palace.

Zhou Bihua was one of the top three experts of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom and the Platoon Leader of the Vermilion Bird Platoon, thus he was required to arrive at the place in advance. As for Qin Nan, Elder Wang, and the others, despite their status, they had to follow the rules of the Heaven-Worshipping Ground and enter the venue after passing ninety-nine main paths from the entrance of the palace.

During the Heaven-Worshipping Feast, apart from Martial Sacred Realm cultivators, no one was allowed to fly in the air, and death was the penalty for those who opposed the rule.

“This is it!”

Elder Wang pointed forward and said to his crew.

Qin Nan raised his head and glanced forward.

The entire place looked like a huge bowl, with lines of seats filling the surroundings. There were at least a thousand seats being set up. The normal chairs were replaced with redwood chairs, white jade chairs, and golden dragon chairs closer to the middle.

The chairs represented the status of the people sitting on them.

Meanwhile, at the very center of the place was a huge altar with ninety-nine steps. The altar was completely black in color, and its walls were filled with mysterious fiery crystals that emitted a powerful energy as they vibrated vigorously.

On the altar stood a statue.

The statue was ten zhang tall and thoroughly white. It resembled a middle-aged man holding a giant sword and wearing an armor-plate, slightly raising his head staring into the distance. An ancient imperious aura could be felt from the statue, stunning the crowd.

“That statue is the Statue of the Deceased Emperor! Rumors say that if the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom were in a great crisis, this statue would display its power and protect the kingdom! Meanwhile, within the statue lies a great treasure, which no one has managed to retrieve still, as it’s apparently waiting for the chosen one…”

Elder Wang explained in detail.

Qin Nan nodded his head slightly. Suddenly, he could feel something shuddering in his mind.

The sensation was from the Demon God’s Robe.

“The emperor is dead,” Qin Nan mumbled in his heart, “Don’t worry, I’ll surely accomplish the task that he has left for me. Follow me, and I’ll restore your glory in the future…”

The Demon God’s Robe went silent for a moment, before letting out a soft buzz, as if it was responding.

A Monarch Weapon has its Weapon Spirit, thus it was important to convince it with his stance for it to submit to his will.

Following this, Elder Wang brought the crew to their seats. Although they were quite close to the middle, the chairs were perfectly normal.

The normal.

The reason being that Qin Nan and his crew were fresh recruits of the Vermilion Bird Platoon, thus their status was relatively ordinary.

Even though Duan Qing’s reputation had skyrocketed in the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom, he was nowhere close to being the limelight today!

Qin Nan was not fussy about the chair. Besides, it did give him an opportunity to observe the others.

“The auras of those ten people were quite terrifying, especially that guy, whose cultivation had reached the half-Martial Sacred Realm. If I’m not mistaken, they are most likely the Ten Dukes…”

Qin Nan glanced at the people consisting of eight men and two women sitting in the redwood chair zone with his left eye of the divine God of Battle and was slightly astonished.

The First Duke who had reached the half-Martial Sacred Realm turned his head around and wore a calm smile facing Qin Nan as if he was aware of his gaze.

Qin Nan immediately brought his fists together.

Following this, the Minister of Discipline, the Minister of War, and the rest of the ministers entered the Heaven-Worshipping Ground and proceeded to the redwood chairs.

The authorities of the royal guards, the city lords, and the authorities of various clans entered the venue took turns to enter the venue, but they were all seated on the normal chairs.

The Heaven-Worshipping Ground became lively at this instant.

“Di Fengyun is still not here…”

Qin Nan glanced toward the zone with the white jade chairs. There was only a limited amount of white jade white jade chairs, which were prepared for authorities like Zhou Bihua and Lin Fengxiao. However, Zhou Bihua and Lin Fengxiao had arrived long ago, and Di Fengyun had yet to show himself.


Suddenly, a figure descended from above, who turned out to be Di Fengyun.

The crowd subconsciously gathered their attention onto him, who steadily proceeded to the white jade chairs. Along his way, Di Fengyun turned his head around and discovered Qin Nan’s figure.

The moment they met eyes, Qin Nan responded with a charming smile.

“Duan Qing——

Di Fengyun’s expression changed instantly. He almost crushed his teeth from clenching them.

He had been nursing a grievance for the past few days, and had almost lost control of his temper when he recollected the scene of being tricked by Duan Qing, had it not been for the Skyhowl White Tiger’s advice.


Di Fengyun exhaled deeply and withheld his anger. He sat on the white jade chair, and did not even glance at Di Fengyun.

I can’t act on impulse now. Otherwise, it would ruin the plan!


At that instant, a shocking roar exploded all of a sudden. Its terrifying aura swept the entire Heaven-Worshipping Ground like a ferocious gust.

A giant figure leapt out from a rift, shadowing the place below it.

It was none other than the Skyhowl White Tiger!

That being said, its actual entity was three times bigger than its clone, with a cultivation of the peak Martial Sacred Realm!

“Master Skyhowl White Tiger!”

The eyes of many ministers and experts glistened, with a few wearing passionate looks.

For them, passionate looks.

For them, not only was the Skyhowl White Tiger one of the top three experts, it was also a symbol and spiritual sustenance to them.

“Skyhowl White Tiger…”

Qin Nan’s eyes flickered with an icy murderous intent.

However, he soon withheld his murderous intent and scanned the crowd with his left eye of the divine God of Battle.

He was astonished following a glimpse, as many ministers and city lords were wearing excited and passionate looks.

These people were most likely the seniors of the White Tiger Platoon!

Meanwhile, at that instant!


The space in the sky was shattered as a tall figure walked out from the boundless darkness. The moment it appeared, it was as if it had devoured all sources of light and become the only presence.

Although his cultivation was not on par with the Skyhowl White Tiger, his aura was nowhere weaker!

The Sky-Scorching Emperor had arrived!

“Master White Tiger, please be seated.” The Sky-Scorching Emperor gently said with a smile.


The Skyhowl White Tiger raised its head slightly and kicked at the ground. Its figure transformed into a fierce-looking middle-aged man, before he was seated at the white jade chair closest to the middle.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I’m delighted to see you here at the Heaven-Worshipping Feast!” The Sky-Scorching Emperor floated above the center of the Heaven-Worshipping Ground. His magnificent aura encapsulated the crowd as he uttered a thunderous roar, “Now, it’s time for the first part of the ceremony—the ascension of the crown prince!”

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