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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 6


Chapter 6 - Longhu Mountain Range

In the following few days, Qin Nan immersed himself within his cultivation.

The divine Battle Spirit hovered behind him, attracting the Qi of Heaven and Earth;causing it to overflood. As Qin Nan inhaled and exhaled, the Spiritual Qi had turned into two large serpents as it entered his body.

After the divine Battle Spirit had increased to seventh-grade, his cultivation speed had also increased by two-fold.

Despite this, Qin Nan still used a full three days to break through to the second-layer of Body Tempering Realm.

’’Body Tempering Realm. It is divided into ten layers, and each layer strengthens the physique further. The more layers you break through, the more difficult it will be, and the more Spiritual Qi is needed.’’

’’Although I possess the divine Battle Spirit, I still can't relax. I still need to put in my best efforts.’’

Qin Nan's gaze was firm and resolute as he promptly immersed himself once again in his cultivation. Even though he had a formidable Martial Spirit, the strength of his second-layer Body Tempering Realm was still relatively weak.


At this moment, within the Conference Hall of Qin Clan.

Qin Tian draped a purple mink fur cloak and sat upright on the seat of the chief. His lofty figure emanated an incorporeal pressure of power.

Underneath Qin Tian sat three old men.

The leader of the group of old men was dressed in a golden gown and had a flushed complexion. He completely ignored the powerful pressure emanating from Qin Tian. Moreover, he hadn't even glanced at Qin Tian since he first entered the Conference Hall.

His name was Qin Tieba, and he was also the Supreme Elder of Qin Clan, as well as the father of Qin Changkong.

The two old men behind Qin Tieba were Qin Clan's Second Elder and Third Elder. Both of them held a prominent authority within Qin Clan.

The Second Elder and Third Elder cautiously sat in the back, their eyes flickering as their gazes observed Qin Tian and Qin Tieba. Ever since Qin Changkong awakened his Martial Spirit, the Supreme Elder, and the Patriarch's conflicting views had been very obvious!

’’What is the purpose of calling us here today? Is there something we can help you with?’’ Qin Tieba held the tea cup with both of his hands as he asked indifferently.

The Second Elder and Third Elder also had their own doubts. The time for the clan conference should still be a while from now.

’’Since the Supreme Elder has asked me, then I'll be completely truthful,’’ Qin Tian replied with an indifferent expression on his face, ’’Today, I have gathered you here to inform you that I, using my title as Patriarch, will transfer a thousand Body Tempering Pills to Qin Nan to cultivate.’’

These words were like thunder resounding throughout the hall. Qin Tieba and the two Elder's complexions immediately erupted.

Qin Tieba was dumbstruck to the point where he had even spit out his tea, which was then followed with by an angry voice, ’’What? Qin Tian? What did you say? You actually want to transfer one thousand Body Tempering Pills to that waste? Are you insane?’’

The Second Elder and Third Elder's faces were also filled with shock. That was one thousand Body Tempering Pills!

Qin Tian didn't give them any further thoughts and said in apathy, ’’Since Supreme Elder doesn't approve of this, then I can do five hundred Body Tempering Pills. Since I took a step back, shouldn't you also take a step back?’’

’’What did you say?’’ Qin Tieba yelled with a sharp tone. The few words spoken by Qin Tian within this brief moment caused him to nearly go insane from anger.

What do you mean you took a step back? From a thousand Body Tempering Pills to five hundred Body Tempering Pills?! You call this taking a bloody step back?

’’Qin Tian. I'll tell you right now, I will definitely not approve of this! Even my son only gets ten Body Tempering Pills a month. You'd actually give your waste of a son five hundred Body Tempering Pills? You're out of your mind!’’ Qin Tieba bellowed in rage.

The Second Elder also shook his head, ’’Patriarch, I also won't approve of this. Five hundred Body Tempering Pills is equivalent to five months worth of cultivation resources for our Qin Clan's disciples. We didn't retort when you gave Qin Nan ten Body Tempering Pills, but five hundred Body Tempering Pills is simply impossible!

The Third Elder promptly responded in the same way. At first, he didn't plan on participating in the argument between Qin Tian and Qin Tieba, however, Qin Tian's demand was simply too excessive.

Qin Tian's complexion remained indifferent as he said in apathy, ’’I didn't call you here today to discuss this matter. I have already decided on this. Don't worry;from today on, all of my monthly earnings will be used to compensate for this demand.’’

As the Patriarch of Qin Clan, he received fifteen Body Tempering Pills per month.

According to the calculations, this method wouldn't be much of a problem and Qin Tian would only suffer a small drawback.

’’No! Definitely not! No matter what you say, you are definitely not giving it to that waste...’’ Qin Tieba sharply shouted. Originally, he wanted to transfer a large amount of Body Tempering Pills to Qin Changkong to cultivate. But now, Qin Tian is taking five hundred Body Tempering Pills at once;how was he going to give Qin Changkong the Body Tempering Pills?

Before Qin Tieba finished his sentence, a thundering voice was heard that promptly resounded within his ears.

’’That is what we will do. You can leave!’’

Qin Tian commanded loudly with the power of Xiantian Realm contained in his words, the pressure surged instantaneously.

Qin Tieba's angry complexion immediately paled in an instant. He was unable to withstand the pressure, and neither could the two elders behind him. Their eyes revealed a trace of fear.

Qin Tian was Qin Clan's number one expert, and the sole ’’Xiantian Realm’’ existence.


Qin Nan naturally did not know of the matters within the Conference Hall of the Qin Clan. Currently, he was wholeheartedly immersing himself within cultivation.

The order of a person's cultivation in the Body Tempering Realm should start at skin and flesh, then continue to muscles and bones, then viscera and blood.

’’Although the Realm of Body Tempering does increase the overall strength of the physique, it still requires one to cultivate it step by step.’’

’’My skin and flesh have already become extremely solid, so I should now temper the muscles and bones!’’

Ever since Qin Nan had awakened the divine Battle Spirit, it was as if he had entered an entirely different world. This caused his thoughts to be increasingly perceptive;he was now able to completely comprehend the more complex and complicated questions from just pondering over it for a short while.

Regarding this point though, Qin Nan himself wasn't quite sure.

After pondering over this, Qin Nan proceeded to guide the vigorous Spiritual Qi to flow toward the muscle and bones within his body.

As the Spiritual Qi integrated with the muscle and bones, Qin Nan exerted his muscle as well as his bones and struck out, causing a weak explosion to resound. This action showed that the strength of his physique had increased by another fold.

Time slowly passed;a full three days had gone by.

Qin Nan incessantly guided the Spiritual Qi to circulate throughout his body. Presently, he had entered a state of selflessness. Even Qin Nan himself wasn't sure how many times the Qi had circulated throughout his body.

Suddenly, Qin Nan's body began to quiver and he felt a dreadful power surging from his body.

Qin Nan's eyes abruptly opened as he stood up. The muscles and bones within his body gave out a series of explosions, as well as an incorporeal power. Powerful Qi within Qin Nan's center surged, causing the smoke and dust to waft in all directions.

’’This is.....the third-layer of Body Tempering Realm!’’

As Qin Nan felt the surging power from his body, his eyes couldn't help but reveal a happy expression. It seemed like the cultivation that he had put his whole heart into for the past few days had not been for naught.

However, Qin Nan was unaware that if the news of him breaking through the third-layer in just a few days was to spread, then there'd be a lot of people who would become agitated to the point where they would cough blood and die. This was because the speed of Qin Nan's cultivation was excessively monstrous.

A seventh-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit is, indeed, of no small matter.

’’Hu.... Since Father promised me, then he will definitely bring me five hundred Body Tempering Pills. However, giving me five hundred Body Tempering Pills must be troublesome, so they probably won't arrive within the next few days.’’

Qin Nan thought about it a little. Although he didn't know about what happened at the Conference Hall, he could still anticipate up to this point.

’’It's not enough if I were to just focus on increasing my cultivation;I also need to practice my Martial Skills. Only through this would I be able to unleash the full potential of my combat power. Since this is the case, then I'll head toward Longhu Mountain Range and cultivate the Thundercrash Saber Art!’’

Qin Nan's gaze flickered as he quickly decided this.

Longhu Mountain Range is located in the northern part of Linshui City. The legends spoke of a person who had heard groans of a dragon and the hisses of a tiger within the mountain, hence the name of the Mountain Range.

(TL note: Longhu, 龙 long means dragon, 虎 Hu means tiger.)

Of course, there is no evidence to support this legend, however, there were many Demonic Beasts within the Longhu Mountain Range. Thus, this is the best place for practicing the Martial Skills.

Before Qin Nan had awakened his Martial Spirit, he frequently practiced his Martial Skills in the Longhu Mountain Range accompanied by guards from his family.

He also attained the divine Battle Spirit due to getting struck by lightning when he was practicing in the Longhu Mountain Range.

However, Qin Nan didn't imagine that during this training session, he would encounter the people he would least expect.


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