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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 596


Chapter 596: Chapter 596 - May I Know Senior's Name

Chapter 596 - May I Know Senior’s Name

Di Fengyun’s arrival had caused the experts to feel gloomy.

However, the arrival of the mysterious expert in the Left Star Room had stunned the entire crowd!

That mysterious expert was a complete legend!

Many experts who had come to the Starry Pagoda when he was there previously could not even get their hands on a single Starry Stone!

Even Di Fengyun was lost for words.

He was here at the Starry Pagoda to collect some Starry Stones, but to his surprise, this mysterious expert was here too!

At that instant, following a loud explosion, a brilliant Starry River flowed rapidly toward them from a distance away. Each glowing star in the river represented a Starry Stone.


Qin Nanwho was in the Left Star Roomhad no idea that his presence had caused the experts to lose their thoughts. He immediately made his move and grabbed at the edge of the river.

He ended up taking three hundred stones with a single grab. Most of them shattered into pieces, while a hundred and thirty of them turned out to be Starry Stones, as they emitted blinding glows.

The experts were utterly stunned seeing this.

One hundred and thirty Starry Stones in a single attempt!

This mysterious expert of the Left Star Room was way too scary!


“It’ll be gone if we don’t act now!”

“F**k me!”

The experts collected their thoughts and took their turns, grabbing the stones crazily.

The first Starry River was soon depleted, and the highest number of the Starry Stones among the crowd was merely ten, a great difference when compared to Qin Nan’s result.

An hour later, the Second Starry River appeared!

Qin Nan was the first to strike once again and acquired eighty Starry Stones.

The main reason being that the Starry Stones were more scattered this time, thus he could only get this many.

Following this, as time gradually passed, the third Starry River had arrived.


Qin Nan made his move and grabbed three hundred stones from the river. However, to the crowd’s astonishment, he had acquired two hundred and thirty Starry Stones this time!

Three Starry Rivers, three attempts, and he had collected four hundred and forty Starry Stones!

The total number of Starry Stones was only nine hundred, and this mysterious expert had almost taken half of them.

In the Right Star Room, Di Fengyun was wearing a dull expression. He had only managed to acquire fifty Starry Stones in the three attempts, which was significantly worse than his usual income.

“Right, why don’t I try inviting this mysterious expert? He rejected my invitation last time, but he might be interested this time?” A sudden thought came to Di Fengyun’s mind.

According to his speculation, the standard of the mysterious expert in the Left Star Room was on par with Progenitor Wen Dao. It would bring him tremendous benefits if he managed to establish a relationship with him.

Di Fengyun soon summoned a maidservant. He wrote a letter and ordered the maidservant to deliver it to the Left Star Room.

Meanwhile, in the Left Star Room, Qin Nan put the Starry Stones in his bag and was about to return to the Vermilion Bird Platoon to rank up to the Martial Highness Realm.

As Realm.

As he opened the door, a maidservant came up to him and said in a soft tone, “Master Duan Qing, this is a letter from Di Fengyun…”

The Starry Pagoda was under the supervision of the First Duke, who was a senior of the Vermilion Bird Platoon.

As such, the servants and maidservants of the Starry Pagoda were sided with the Vermilion Bird Platoon, and were familiar with the conflict between Duan Qing and Di Fengyun, thus they would not expose Duan Qing’s identity to Di Fengyun.

“Di Fengyun?”

Qin Nan raised his eyebrows, as he did not expect Di Fengyun to be in the room beside him.

Qin Nan received the letter and opened it, which read, “Senior, I’m Junior Di Fengyun. I was beside your room when you showcased your outstanding capabilities last time here at the Starry Pagoda. It’s a surprise to stumble into senior once again, which could be considered as a fateful encounter. I have asked the maidservant to send this letter as I’m greatly interested in meeting you in person. I hope senior is willing to pay a visit to the White Tiger Platoon.”

The letter was written more sincerely this time, as if each sentence was carefully constructed.

Qin Nan’s expression became strange.

This Di Fengyun still thought he was a mysterious expert?

He even referred to himself as a junior?

“Since you’ve assumed that I’m a mysterious expert, I’m more than happy to make use of the chance without mercy.” Qin Nan soon collected his thoughts. A smirk appeared on his face.

Previously, he did not have any personal conflict with Di Fengyun, thus there was no need for need for him to trick Di Fengyun.

This time, it was completely different. They were now one another’s greatest enemies!

Following this, Qin Nan wrote a letter and had the maidservant deliver it to Di Fengyun.

Di Fengyun wore a nervous look when he saw the maidservant returning to his Right Star Room. He received the letter and quickly read it. Following a glance, he immediately became joyful.

“There is a rule for anyone that wants to meet me—you must prepare three gifts. Otherwise, even if you’re old Wen Dao, I have no interest in meeting you!”

The words were spoken in an imperious manner. He had even called Progenitor Wen Dao ‘old Wen Dao’ instead.

Di Fengyun did not have the slightest suspicion. It was common for some of the outstanding experts to have weird tempers. Besides, an ordinary cultivator would not be able to mimic such imperious words.

“I guess I should offer him some good stuff…”

Di Fengyun’s eyes flickered with a hint of unwillingness, before he clenched his teeth and took out three objects, placing them into a storage bag. He wrote another letter, and asked the maidservant to deliver them.

In the Left Star Room, Qin Nan was startled seeing the storage bag and letter handed to him by the maidservant.

Did that Di Fengyun really give him three gifts?

Filled with doubts, Qin Nan opened the storage bag and scanned its contents with the left eye of the divine God of Battle.

He was dumbfounded after taking a glimpse.

The objects were the ‘Thunderous Droplet’, ‘Flame Soul’ and ‘Emperor’s Orb’, each of which possessed an outstanding value and pure energy within it, which were comparable which were comparable to the Dragon Abyss Fruits.

“Impressive, very impressive, as expected of the Platoon Leader of the White Tiger Platoon!” Qin Nan sincerely exclaimed, before he instantly put the items into his bag.

“Now the letter.”

Qin Nan swiftly opened the letter, which read, “Senior, how are the gifts? By the way, I apologize for not asking for your name beforehand.”

“Asking for my name?”

Qin Nan’s eyes glittered seeing this.

Since you were so sincere and gave me three valuable treasures, I’m more than happy to tell you my name.

That being said, Qin Nan had scammed three rare treasures from Di Fengyun. If he continued to do so, Di Fengyun would surely be suspicious, and it was unlikely for him to offer any more treasures.

Qin Nan immediately wrote a few words on a new letter and handed it to the maidservant, before he left the place.

The maidservant brought the letter and knocked on the Right Star Room’s door. Di Fengyun instantly withdrew the aura, but was confused when he saw only the maidservant standing outside. Did that mean the senior was not interested in the gifts?

Filled with doubts, Di Fengyun received the letter and read it.

At this moment, even Di Fengyun was extremely nervous. After all, they were strangers to one another, thus he was clueless as to the senior’s personality, not to mention that he had gifted him three rare treasures.

It would serve as a great loss if the senior took the gifts but was reluctant to meet him still.

Having this thought, Di Fengyun took a glimpse at the letter, which only had four words written in an eye-catching manner.

“My name’s Duan Qing!”

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