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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 594


Chapter 594: Chapter 594 - The Statue of the Deceased Emperor

Chapter 594 - The Statue of the Deceased Emperor

“HAHAHA! It’s been a few hundred years!” The Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise burst out laughing, “I’m finally revived! I have finally come back to life!”

Lin Fengxiao stared with a blank expression, whose figure shuddered violently. His body was trembling due to the excitement, which he could not describe with words.

The Black Tortoise was resurrected. The day the Black Tortoise Platoon rose was finally here!

“Master…” Lin Fengxiao slowly recovered from his shock and spoke with a hoarse voice.

“What are you still waiting for? Hurry up and bring the Primary Stones for our friend Duan Qing!” The Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise cast a stare at Lin Fengxiao.

Lin Fengxiao could feel a chill flowing down his spine. He quickly ran out from the chamber.

The Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise immediately turned its head around and its eyes flickered with wisdom, “I remember that you’re Zhou Bihua, right? Tell me everything that has happened lately. I can tell there must be some reason you guys are here to resurrect me and that old prick demanding to control me!”

Zhou Bihua raised his head slightly. As expected of the Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise, being sharp as always. He immediately explained everything that had taken place at the Dragon Abyss Mystical Ground.

“What? You managed to survive an attack from the Skyhowl White Tiger’s clone?” The Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise gazed at Qin Nan with utter astonishment. Not only did this kid have an abundance of Primary Force, his strength was that outstanding too?

Qin Nan nodded his head, but he did not appear to be proud of himself. He had only managed to survive the Skyhowl White Tiger’s attack with his left arm of the divine God of Battle. Besides, the Dragon Abyss Tree had enfeebled the attack beforehand.

If the Skyhowl White Tiger’s clone had actually attacked him with its strongest move, it was hard to tell if he could survive it.

The Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise soon collected its thoughts. Its eyes flickered with a murderous look, “Di Fengyun has joined the White Tiger Platoon after betraying the Vermilion Bird Platoon. The Skyhowl White Tiger is surely planning something behind the scenes! It’s the most cunning one among us, and it’s highly possible that it is aiming for the thing inside the Statue of the Deceased Emperor, in my opinion! If it dared to attack in the Dragon Abyss Mystical Ground like you mentioned, it means that they have finished their preparations! They will surely strike during the Heaven-Worshipping Feast!”

“I agree!” Zhou Bihua nodded his head with a stern look.

“May I ask, what’s the Statue of the Deceased Emperor? And why would the Skyhowl White Tiger and its crew strike during the Heaven-Worshipping Feast?” Qin Nan was completely lost. He was clueless about the situation.

“The Statue of the Deceased Emperor—it’s the statue that the first emperor of the kingdom constructed with his own flesh before he passed away, and it’s currently sitting deep within the palace!”

The Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise explained in a deep tone, “The emperor had left a mysterious treasure inside the statue, and the benefits it would give to the one owning it are said to be unimaginable! The Skyhowl White Tiger desires to claim possession of the treasure, and has been trying to do so for the past few hundred years to achieve its mischievous goals!”

Qin Nan Nan was startled upon hearing this.

The Deceased Emperor, the first emperor that had established the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom.

Even though he was clueless about the emperor’s past, it was obvious how powerful and extraordinary he was, being able to gather three godly beasts and convince them to serve the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom, and eventually build a kingdom here in the Eastern Continent.

However, Qin Nan had never thought that the Deceased Emperor would go this far—constructing a statue with his own flesh and placing a treasure inside it, which was surrounded by traps!

Zhou Bihua added, “The Heaven-Worshipping Feast is a ceremony that worships the Heavens, then the Statue of the Deceased Emperor! The Skyhowl White Tiger has already planned his scheme since he recruited Di Fengyun to his side!”

While saying this, his eyes flickered somewhat with a hint of sorrow.

Di Fengyun was once his successor that he had had high hopes for.

“But why is Di Fengyun in the picture to begin with?”

Qin Nan was confused.

The treasure was hidden inside the Statue of the Deceased Emperor, which the Skyhowl White Tiger had failed to acquire for a very long time.

Why would Di Fengyun make any difference now?

“It’s because Di Fengyun has an eighth-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit!” The Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise exclaimed, “Only those with an eighth-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit or above could activate the Statue of the Deceased Emperor! If my guess is right, the Skyhowl White Tiger is planning to use Di Fengyun to activate the statue! That being said, I’ve no idea how it will be done exactly.”

Zhou Bihua let out a sigh.

Even though Duan Qing was strong and had brought a few miracles in a row, he only had only had a sixth-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit, nowhere close to the requirement.

Di Fengyun was the only one with an eighth-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit in the entire Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom, thus there was no other way to stop the Skyhowl White Tiger.

The only way now was to revive the Blood-Winged Vermilion Bird and the Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise, and oppose the Skyhowl White Tiger and the White Tiger Platoon with brute force!

“An eighth-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit?”

Qin Nan was stunned.

He did not expect that to be the requirement of activating the Statue of the Deceased Emperor.

Besides, hadn’t his divine Battle Spirit ranked up to the eighth-grade Di rank?

“It’s fine, there’s no need to tell them about my Martial Spirit’s rank. It’s not too late to reveal it when Di Fengyun and the Skyhowl White Tiger make their moves during the Heaven-Worshipping Feast…” Qin Nan mumbled to himself and made up his mind.

It was better for him to hide his trump cards for as long as possible.

The reason being that it was totally unpredictable how the situation would develop during the Heaven-Worshipping Feast.

Not long after, Lin Fengxiao returned with three million Primary Stones and handed them to Qin Nan.

Qin Nan’s hands began to tremble when he received the storage bag. The little detail instantly startled Lin Fengxiao and the Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise when they noticed it.

Why would this Duan Qing lose his ground for mere Primary Stones?

“Let’s call it a day. Same as with the Vermilion Bird, I will need to go into seclusion for the time being as well to try to recover my full strength before the Heaven-Worshipping Feast! Keep in Feast! Keep in mind that it’s important not to leak out the fact that we have been revived!” The Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise reminded in a serious tone.

If the Blood-Winged Vermilion Bird was described as absolutely tyrannical, then the Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise would be considered as exceedingly intelligent.

“Duan Qing, take this badge with you!”

Lin Fengxiao flicked his finger and fired a blue badge into Qin Nan’s hand.

The badge was somewhat similar to the Vermilion Bird Sacred Badge, and was known as the Black Tortoise Sacred Badge. Once it was activated, the people of the Black Tortoise Platoon would provide their assistance.

“Thanks, Senior!”

Qin Nan brought his hands together. With these two badges in his possession, it was the same as him having the full support of the Vermilion Bird Platoon and the Black Tortoise Platoon!

No one in the entire Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom was comparable to him in terms of backing.

Qin Nan and Zhou Bihua took their leave after chatting a little longer with Lin Fengxiao.


Lin Fengxiao glanced at the Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise.

“Xiao’er[1], you’ve made the right decision.” The eyes of the Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise flickered sharply, “This kid has an abundance of Primary Force. His future is unimaginable. Once he proceeds to the Western Continent, he could easily become a formidable presence there! From today onward, if Duan Qing has any needs, regardless of his identity, the Black Tortoise Platoon shall help him at all costs!”

Lin Fengxiao’s figure shuddered as his eyes displayed a firm determination.


Translator: XephiZ

Editor: DOCuinn

[1] TL Note: Nickname for Lin Fengxiao, same kind of logic as Qin Nan was being referred to as Nan’er by his father.


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