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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 592


Chapter 592: Chapter 592 - It's Been a Few Hundred Years, Is Th

Chapter 592 - It’s Been a Few Hundred Years, Is This What You’ve Wanted?

Lin Fengxiao glanced at Duan Qing. Although it felt like a question, he was actually mocking him.

It went without saying that he knew who Duan Qing was—the one who had stirred a great chaos at the Dragon Abyss Mystical Ground. Lin Fengxiao could not believe it when he had first heard the news, but was finally convinced of Duan Qing’s capabilities after investigating it. Despite that, he did not have high hopes for Duan Qing.

At least for now, the White Tiger Platoon was still the strongest among the platoons, and Duan Qing was currently the most wanted by Di Fengyun and the Skyhowl White Tiger. Even with Zhou Bihua protecting him, he would not be able to survive.

“That’s right!” Zhou Bihua frowned, “You don’t trust me?”


Lin Fengxiao wore a cold grin while his eyes showed great disdain.

Resurrecting the Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise?

They had tried many ways and elixirs for countless years and nothing had changed! They could not even stabilize the Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise’s life force, let alone resurrecting it.

And now you’re telling me Duan Qinga mere peak Martial Dominator—was able to resurrect it?

Zhou Bihua was not angry, as he would not have believed Qin Nan could do it himself had it not been for the incredible strength that Sacred Leader Qinglong had displayed. He immediately said in a serious tone, “Lin Fengxiao, although there’s something we need to settle between us, I’m absolutely serious right now! Duan Qing can actually resurrect the Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise! You might as well let him have a go!”

“Have a go? Zhou Bihua, do you think I’m stupid? Only the Platoon Leader is allowed to enter the Great Core’s Hall! I don’t care if you’re planning something fishy, but there’s no way I will allow you to enter the Great Core’s Hall!”

Lin Fengxiao added with a hollow laugh, “See you, bye bye!”

He was chasing them away!

Zhou Bihua frowned.

He did not expect this Lin Fengxiao to be this stubborn.

Even though they were communicating through their divine Sense, thus no one knew what they were talking about, Qin Nan could speculate about their conversation through the gaze Lin Fengxiao was casting toward him. It seemed like this Lin Fengxiao did not trust that he could resurrect the Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise.

“Platoon Leader Lin, do you mind if I say something?” Qin Nan suddenly spoke.

“Go ahead.”

Lin Fengxiao said coldly.

He did not have a great impression of Duan Qing due to their sudden arrival.

Longhu, Vice-Platoon Leader Zhou, and the others were stunned. What now?

“This might be harsh and sudden, but let me ask you.” Qin Nan hesitated before saying with a stern look, “Are you really satisfied after coming last for a few hundred years in a row?”

Hearing this, Vice-Platoon Leader Zhou, Longhu, and the rest were stunned.

The grin on Lin Fengxiao’s face stiffened completely.

The words served as a knife stabbing at his chest.

Everyone was aware of the Black Tortoise Platoon’s decline, which was now considered the weakest among the three platoons. However, Qin Nan’s words felt like their last piece of cloth had been taken away, exposing them right before a a crowd.

“How bold!” Vice-Platoon Leader Xiong became enraged.

Even Longhu was wearing an unpleasant look. Although he had somehow ended up here at the Black Tortoise Platoon to pick up girls, he did not feel great when the Black Tortoise Platoon was being criticized.

“So what?”

Zhou Bihua raised his brows as an aura burst out from him.

“Duan Qing, let me remind you! Even though you are strong, the Black Tortoise Platoon is not something you can humiliate!” Vice-Platoon Leader Xiong showed no sign of backing off facing Zhou Bihua’s aura. Instead, he uttered a furious roar like an angry lion.

“You’re mistaken. I wasn’t humiliating you. I was only speaking the truth. Besides, I would like to let Platoon Leader Lin know that our trip here shall not be in vain. He should let us have a go instead of chasing us away.” Qin Nan wore a calm expression.


Vice-Platoon Leader Xiong flung his hand toward Qin Nan, causing Zhou Bihua’s eyes to turn cold instantly.

“Hold on!” At that instant, a roar could be heard from Lin Fengxiao.

“Plat...Platoon Leader…” Vice-Platoon Leader Xiong halted his actions.

“You’d better not lie to me. Otherwise, I will make you pay at any cost.” Lin Fengxiao took a deep breath before he continued, “Of course, if you really do it, you will be the Black Tortoise Platoon’s savior! If there’s anything that we can help with, we will provide our assistance without a second thought!”

Upon saying this, Lin Fengxiao immediately led the way.

“Follow me to the Great Core’s Hall!”

Without any hesitation, he turned around and flew toward the city.

“I apologize for that.”

Qin for that.”

Qin Nan brought his fists together toward Vice-Platoon Leader Xiong and glanced at Zhou Bihua before they immediately followed Lin Fengxiao.

Vice-Platoon Leader Xiong, Longhu, and the rest were left with blank expressions.


Under Lin Fengxiao’s guidance, Qin Nan and Zhou Bihua proceeded deep into the city, and arrived before an ancient chamber after passing through ten formations.

The chamber was shut tightly in complete darkness. On its door was the silhouette of a godly beast with a mystical aura.

Qin Nan scanned with his left eye of the divine God of Battle and immediately learned that the door was solid enough to resist the attack of a peak Martial Sacred Realm expert.

Lin Fengxiao inhaled deeply as he looked at the door with a determined look.

The Black Tortoise Platoon was strict about following the rules, and no outsider was ever allowed to enter the Great Core’s Hall. He would have to take responsibility if any outsider stepped into the Great Core’s Hall, and he would even be punished for that.

However, Duan Qing’s words had brought him sorrow, and…a hint of dissatisfaction.

A few hundred years; the Black Tortoise Platoon had been desolate for the past few hundred years.

If this kept on continuing, when the life force of the Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise’s Primordial Spirit eventually depleted, the Black Tortoise Platoon would most likely be eliminated too.

If that was the case, what was the reason not to have a gamble!

If he lost, he would merely be punished, but if he bet it right, the Black Tortoise Platoon would rise once again!

Upon having this thought, Lin Fengxiao raised his hand and placed it at the center of the door.


Countless glowing the door.


Countless glowing runes spread out from the center to the sides, as if the door had come alive, which was slowly pulled open from both sides, resulting in a creaking noise. The scent of decay emerged from inside.

“Let’s go.”

Lin Fengxiao grumbled and stepped into the chamber, followed by Qin Nan and Zhou Bihua.

Inside the chamber was a few hundred meters wide palace in complete darkness, apart from the center of the palace where a formation could be seen floating in mid-air. Inside it lay a giant beast with a faint breathing, as if it would disappear at any time.

This was the Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise!

However, it no longer had its previous imperious appearance, nor the power to protect a kingdom as the legend mentioned. They could only feel a sense of desolation from it.

“Who’s that?”

The Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise opened its eyes and immediately saw Qin Nan and the others, causing it to become infuriated, “Lin Fengxiao! What have you done! You dare bring outsiders into the Great Core’s Hall?”

Lin Fengxiao was startled, before he blurted out, “Master, this is Duan Qing. I’ve brought him here to resurrect you!”


The Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise was stunned, before its huge eyes subconsciously inspected Qin Nan.

“HAHAHA!” The Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise suddenly burst out laughing, “Lin Fengxiao! You’ve brought a peak Martial Dominator Realm cultivator here to resurrect me? How interesting! How f**king interesting!”

Qin Nan frowned slightly.

Following this, the Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise withdrew its laughter and uttered a terrifying roar.

“Be gone!”

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Editor: DOCuinn


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