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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 591


Chapter 591: Chapter 591 - Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise

Chapter 591 - Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise

Qin Nan was slightly touched after seeing the Blood-Winged Vermilion Bird’s willingness to help him.

The Blood-Winged Vermilion Bird clearly knew his true identity, and it was still willing to offer its assistance. As such, it showed how trustworthy the Blood-Winged Vermilion Bird was.

“Senior, it’s fine for now.”

Qin Nan shook his head. The Blood-Winged Vermilion Bird had just revived, thus its cultivation was only at the first-layer Martial Sacred Realm. It was definitely not a smart idea for them to wage a war against the White Tiger Platoon now. Besides, he could not solely rely on the Vermilion Bird Platoon to do all the work, he had to improve his own strength too.

“Master, not so soon…” Zhou Bihua let out a wry smile.

“Fine then!” The Blood-Winged Vermilion Bird clearly knew the situation they were in. It nodded its head and suddenly asked as if it something had come up in its mind, “Little Qin Nan, do you still have more Primary Force on you?”

“Mm.” Qin Nan nodded his head.

The Blood-Winged Vermilion Bird was startled. Its eyes flickered with astonishment that Zhou Bihua was unaware of.

The other might have no idea, but it was familiar with the significance of Primary Force.

Humans were different from beasts. Humans were able to cultivate through their Martial Spirits, but beasts relied on their bloodline. As a matter of fact, all beasts would have Primary Force inside their bodies. It was possible to alter their bloodline if they had enough Primary Force.

If Qin Nan actually had an unlimited supply of Primary Force, once he headed to the Western Continent...

Upon having this thought, the Blood-Winged Vermilion Bird’s figure shuddered. However, it chose not to tell Qin Nan the truth now, as his strength was still too weak, and it was still too early for him to proceed to the Western Continent.

“If possible, you should pay a visit to the Black Tortoise Platoon!” The Blood-Winged Vermilion Bird let out a hollow laugh, “Among us three, the Skyhowl White Tiger is the most bloodthirsty and vicious. If it weren’t for the previous emperor, it would have plotted a revolt ages ago. The Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise is a stubborn one, but still a nice guy. Its Primordial Spirit is getting pretty weak, so you might consider resurrecting it too!”

The words caused Qin Nan’s eyes to glitter.

If the Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise was resurrected, he would obtain the support from the Black Tortoise Platoon! Hence, his influence in the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom would grow significantly.

“Master, what if the Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise turned against us after it’s resurrected?” Zhou Bihua frowned. He had already thought of this question before.

“Take this feather and ask the Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise to refine it before it’s resurrected!” The Blood-Winged Vermilion Bird said coldly, “If it decides to turn against us, I can easily beat it up!”

While saying this, a scarlet feather landed in Qin Nan’s hand.

“Disciple, go with Qin Nan. I have just revived, thus my body is is still too weak. I will need some time to recover to retain my strength!” The Blood-Winged Vermilion Bird said.

“Sure!” Zhou Bihua’s eyes flickered with excitement.

He had been preparing for this moment since a few hundred years ago after being instructed by Sacred Leader Qinglong. As a result, he had saved up an incredible amount of resources for the Blood-Winged Vermilion Bird to recover its strength.

A few hundred years, a few hundred goddamned years of waiting. He could not wait to see the Blood-Winged Vermilion Bird reappear in public and display its splendor.

“Qin Nan, let’s go.”

Zhou Bihua withheld the excitement in his heart and tore the space apart, bringing Qin Nan to the Black Tortoise Platoon.

The Black Tortoise Platoon was located inside a cave.

However, unlike the Vermilion Bird Platoon, the Black Tortoise Platoon was a relatively large city, and a Sacred Weapon too.

...Currently, at the dojo situated at the center of the Black Tortoise Platoon.

Longhu placed his hands behind himself and stared at the young men standing in front of him with passionate looks. He purposely waited for a while before breaking the silence, “That day! The clone of the Skyhowl White Tiger came! To everyone’s surprise! How smart I am, the moment it appeared, I knew that it was there to kill Duan Qing…”

The young disciples were listening with great interest. Their gazes toward Longhu were filled with admiration.


The space was torn apart before two figures stepped out from it, who turned out to be Zhou Bihua and Qin Nan.

Longhu and Nan.

Longhu and the young disciples were startled after learning the identities of the guests.

Why was Zhou Bihua here?

And why was Duan Qing with him as well?

“Long...Tian.” Qin Nan was surprised to see Longhu too, before he let out a laugh and glanced at the disciples. Their talents were not bad, each with a third-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit.

“What are you doing here at the Black Tortoise Platoon?”

Longhu glanced at Zhou Bihua beside Qin Nan and asked in a soft tone, completely different than his previous prideful look.

As for the rest, they were lost for words, and did not dare to make a sound.

“What an honor to have Platoon Leader Zhou paying us a visit, I apologize for the lack of a welcoming party!” At that instant, Vice-Platoon Leader Xiong’s voice appeared.

“Bring me to your Platoon Leader, it’s urgent!” Zhou Bihua went straight to the topic.


Vice-Platoon Leader Xiong was stunned. Why was this man interested in meeting their Platoon Leader today? Wouldn’t they be starting a fight as soon as they met?


Zhou Bihua’s eyes became cold as a terrifying aura descended upon the .

The entire city began to tremble.

“Zhou Bihua!” Following this, a furious roar could be heard, “Why do you have to bring such an attitude every time you are here! What the hell do you want? Are you planning to destroy our Black Tortoise Platoon? I’m telling you, don’t you dare cross the line. Otherwise, I’ll fight you at any cost!”


A figure flew out from the city and floated in the air.

It was the air.

It was a handsome middle-aged man wearing a white shirt. However, this good-looking man’s face was currently twisted due to his rage.

Qin Nan was startled. Were they enemies of each other?

“I’m not here to talk nonsense with you. This is important for the future of your Black Tortoise Platoon!” Zhou Bihua calmly spoke. “Lin Fengxiao, bring me to the Great Core’s Hall!”

Vice-Platoon Leader Zhou and Longhu were dumbstruck hearing this.

The Great Core’s Hall?

Zhou Bihua wanted to go to the Great Core’s Hall?

Everyone knew that only the present Platoon Leader of the Black Tortoise Platoon was allowed to enter the place! Even the Sky-Scorching Emperor was not permitted to enter the Great Core’s Hall!

“Great Core’s Hall?”

Lin Fengxiao was stunned, before his eyes turned into blazing flames, “Zhou Bihua! Are you playing a joke on me? Trying to enter the Great Core’s Hall? Get the f**k out from my sight!”


A peak Martial Highness Realm aura burst out from Lin Fengxiao’s body, as if he was ready to start a huge fight.

Zhou Bihua stared at Lin Fengxiao, before shaking his head and saying, “You’re no match against me.”


Lin Fengxiao could only feel a heavy blow to his chest.

“Enough, cut the bullshit! I’ll get straight to the point—Duan Qing can resurrect the Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise, bring us to the Great Core’s Hall right now!” Zhou Bihua transmitted his voice to Lin Fengxiao.

“What...what did you say?”

Lin Fengxiao’s anger completely vanished, as his expression was replaced with a blank look.

Resurrect…resurrect the Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise?


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