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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 586


Chapter 586: Chapter 586 - Slaying the Second Prince!

Chapter 586 - Slaying the Second Prince!

...Meanwhile, at the Emperor’s Audience Hall...

An uproar instantly took place among the crowd when they saw Qin Nan suppressing the Second Prince with a single move.

Duan Qing still had such a terrifying strength despite the severe injury he was suffering from!

Little did they know that Qin Nan’s cultivation had reached the Law-Defying Martial Dominator Realm to begin with. His Primordial Spirit had overwhelmed the boundaries of the Heavens and Earth, while the energy in his body was unlimited. Even when he was severely injured, his strength would not be affected.

However, everyone was absolutely stunned when they saw Qin Nan raising the saber in his hand.

What was Duan Qing planning to do?

Was he going to kill the Second Prince?

Although the Second Prince and the White Tiger Platoon had broken the rules this time by sending the clone of the Skyhowl White Tiger to the Dragon Abyss Mystical Ground, things would get complicated if the Second Prince ended up dead.

That was the Second Prince, no matter what he had done, he was still the son of the Sky-Scorching Emperor!

Besides, the rules of the Dragon Abyss Mystical Ground did state that no killing was allowed, let alone killing a royal kin!

It would definitely stir up a great chaos in the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom!


The joy on Elder Wang’s face disappeared as his body became tense. If Duan Qing actually swung the saber downward, even the Vermilion Bird Platoon would not be able to save his ass from the mess!

...Meanwhile, at the peak of the Heartbroken Cliff...


The Third Prince screamed, “Duan Qing, you can’t kill him! The consequences would be unbearable! Calm down!”

Longhu and Jiang Bilan stood aside quietly.

The Dragon Abyss Tree and the Skyhowl White Tiger were startled. Judging from Duan Qing’s action, was he trying to kill the Second Prince?

He was completely out of his mind!


The Skyhowl White Tiger suddenly burst out laughing, with a great hint of mockery, “Duan Qing, if I were you, I would have done it by now! Even though I have no idea how you survived, there’s no doubt that you were almost killed by him! How could you bear such a thing? Are you still a man? Well, of course, if you’re scared, just ignore my words!”

“Duan Qing, don’t listen to his bullshit! Calm down! You have plenty of time to get your revenge. This is not the only chance to do so. Either way, you can’t kill him at the Dragon Abyss Mystical Ground!” The Dragon Abyss Tree blurted out. It was a miracle for Duan Qing to survive, thus it had no intention to let Duan Qing bring a disaster upon himself!

“That’s right! The Dragon Abyss Tree is right! Don’t do it! You must endure it! You must lower your head! You shouldn’t act on impulse! You must wait to get your revenge! You wouldn’t dare to do so after all, since you’re nothing but a coward!” The Skyhowl White Tiger’s tone grew even more piercing, which felt like a giant sword stabbing at Qin Nan.

“Shut Nan.

“Shut your mouth up!”

The Dragon Abyss became infuriated and unleashed a tremendous attack.

Meanwhile, Qin Nan held the saber in his hand while glaring at the Second Prince.

The Second Prince’s heart skipped a beat as the icy chill of death rose within his heart, causing him to blurt out, “Duan Qing! Think twice before you act! My father will never forgive you if you kill me today! Even the Vermilion Bird Platoon would not be able to protect you! You’d better let me go!”

“Let you go?”

The iciness in Qin Nan’s eyes grew stronger.

So you, the Second Prince, had the right to target him, and had even summoned the clone of the Skyhowl White Tiger here to kill him!

He would have been dead now if it weren’t for the left arm of the divine God of Battle!

“Duan Qing, don’t do it!”

The Third Prince uttered a roar as he sprang into the air. His hands transformed into a pair of claws grabbing at Qin Nan’s figure, trying to stop his actions.

“No one can stop me today!”

Qin Nan let out a roar as he spat out flames from his mouth, knocking the Third Prince back.

At that instant, Qin Nan’s eyes were filled with a determined look.

He was the owner of the divine Battle Spirit, the one that waged war against the Heavens and Earth, there was nothing he would not fight, nothing that he would not win against!

There was nothing he was scared of in his life—he aimed to follow his own will freely!

If he endured it, if he if he compromised, what was the point of his life in this world?

Not to mention that he had promised Sacred Leader Qinglong!

That he would never lower his head!

Even against a surging flood, if he was feeling unpleasant, he would raise the butcher’s knife in his hand;he would fight until the very end!

Only fresh blood could calm the rage in his heart!


The ancient saber Ira fired a tremendous saber aura with an icy intent.

The Second Prince wore an astonished look seeing this, “Duan Qing! You’re f**king insane! If you murder me, my father will never forgive you! The White Tiger Platoon will never forgive you! Everyone will never forgive you! You will drag the Vermillion Bird Platoon with you into the grave——”


The ancient saber slashed at the Second Prince’s head without hesitation.

Call him selfish, reckless, or crazy, but he would not be satisfied if he didn’t slay the Second Prince today!

That was his decision, whatever the consequences!


The Skyhowl White Tiger in the sky became excited. This Duan Qing was extremely daring to actually murder the Second Prince, and once he had done so, he would face his death eventually. No one would be able to protect him anymore.


The Dragon Abyss Tree was shocked, who reached out its branches trying to stop Qin Nan.


At that instant, a surprising occurrence took place. A force struck Qin Nan on his shoulder, and although it was not powerful, it was enough to alter the path of the slash, thus the saber aura missed.

The Second Prince was not dead!

The one that dead!

The one that had attacked Qin Nan was Jiang Bilan!

“Jiang Bilan!” Qin Nan straightened his face and growled, “What do you want?”

Jiang Bilan wore a calm face as she suddenly charged in Qin Nan’s direction ferociously and hurled punches at him without any warning.

“This f**king bitch! I knew she was up to something!” Longhu became furious instantly. This Jiang Bilan was vicious indeed, to ambush Qin Nan at this time!

Qin Nan’s pupils contracted as his left eye of the divine God of Battle flickered thunderously, allowing him to dodge the attack before lashing out a slash.


With a flicker, Jiang Bilan’s figure dodged the slash at an incredible speed. Her figure halted above the Second Prince while her hair danced freely with the wind, giving her a gracious look.

“Cultivator Jiang, great job!”

The Third Prince became joyful. He had to prevent Duan Qing from killing the Second Prince at all costs.

The Dragon Abyss Tree let out a sigh of relief too, as the disaster had been avoided.

As for the Skyhowl White Tiger, its face turned dark instantly. Who the hell was she, stopping Duan Qing from killing the Second Prince!

“Are you trying to save him?”

Qin Nan snapped.


The word took everyone surprise, as she raised her hand. The Death Qi was released from the tips of her fingers, forming a huge saber.


The next moment, Jiang Bilan flung her hand downward and decapitated the Second Prince’s head, causing blood to splatter everywhere.

“I shall be the one to kill him!”

At that instant, the place fell into a dead silence!

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