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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 585


Chapter 585: Chapter 585 - Raising the Butcher's Knife

Chapter 585 - Raising the Butcher’s Knife

At that instant, it was as if time had frozen.

The Second Prince’s figure halted in mid-air as the grin on his face froze. His eyes were thoroughly filled with great astonishment.

In addition to him, the Third Prince, Longhu, and Jiang Bilan’s figures shuddered violently when they heard the familiar voice.

Duan Qing was still alive?

They subconsciously turned their heads around. Their minds went blank when they saw the familiar face.

He was still alive!

Duan Qing didn’t die!

He had survived after being attacked by the clone of the Skyhowl White Tiger!

Meanwhile, in the sky above the Dragon Abyss Mystical Ground, the battle between the Dragon Abyss Tree and the Skyhowl White Tiger came to a pause as they were aware of an aura, causing them to glance downward.

Following a glimpse, they were both dumbfounded.

That figure, wasn’t it Duan Qing?

He....was still alive?

In particular the Skyhowl White Tiger, one of the top three experts of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom who had lived a few thousand years and had experienced a great number of battles and stumbled into countless geniuses. Its heart was filled with disbelief upon seeing Duan Qing’s figure!

Although its clone only possessed the strength of the half-Martial Sacred Realm, the move it had used on Duan Qing was incredibly powerful. It could easily kill ten Duan Qing, let alone a single one!

However, Duan Qing was still alive right before it!

“HAHAHAHA!” The Dragon Abyss Tree burst out laughing in the midst of the astoundment, “Skyhowl White Tiger! You went this far in sending your clone here to kill a young junior! But you never thought that Duan Qing would survive!”

At that instant, the Dragon Abyss Tree felt incredibly pleasant!

The fact that Duan Qing was still alive served as a great slap to the Skyhowl White Tiger’s face!

“Die now!”

The Skyhowl White Tiger’s expression turned hideous as it collected its thoughts.

It would be the greatest joke if the public was told that the clone of the Skyhowl White Tiger had failed to murder a mere peak Martial Dominator Realm cultivator!

“The same thing again? Not on my watch!”

Duan Qing’s return had boosted the Dragon Abyss Tree’s morale. In just the blink of an eye, the Skyhowl White Tiger was whipped with countless branches, causing its figure to be gradually knocked back.

Meanwhile, the others at the peak reacted too.

“HAHAHA, I knew that you won’t die easily! F**k, that scared the hell out of me!” Longhu burst out laughing in joy.

“Duan Qing…well done!” The Third Prince’s eyes reddened. Tears almost rolled out from his eyes.

It was rare for men to tear up, especially someone like the Third Prince.

However, when he saw Duan Qing standing alive in front of him, he almost lost control of his emotions due to the great impact.

“I guess it’s extremely hard to kill kill you.”

Jiang Bilan’s face was extremely calm, as if Duan Qing’s death was never her concern. However, a line of tears rolled down her cheek and dropped onto the ground unnoticed.


The Second Prince’s figure trembled as he pointed his finger at Qin Nan. His words were unclear due to him stammering.

“What about me? Second Prince, how impressive of you! Planning a scheme against me with the White Tiger Platoon, such that even the Skyhowl White Tiger was willing to send its clone just to murder me! I’m pretty flattered to be honest!”

A hint of anger could be seen from Qin Nan’s pale face.

Had it not been for the outstanding defense of the left arm of the divine God of Battle in the nick of time, the attack was enough to shatter him into ashes!

Even though the left arm of the divine God of Battle had managed to protect him from the attack, the strong impact had resulted in severe injuries to his organs and meridians!

It was impossible to recover without paying a great price!

How could he not be angry?

“Drop to your knees!”

Qin Nan snapped as he exerted the remaining energy in his body and kicked at the ground. Following this, he appeared above the Second Prince and stomped his foot downward, summoning a giant bell that encapsulated the Second Prince’s figure, before the bell was struck heavily, producing a tremendous force.


The Second Prince received Prince received a heavy blow, causing him to spit out a mouthful of blood.

Upon seeing this, the Third Prince and the others were astonished once again.

Furthermore, the ministers in the Emperor’s Audience Hall who were spectating the battle—including Di Fengyun and Elder Wang—were absolutely speechless.

Not only had he survived the attack of the Skyhowl White Tiger’s clone, but he still had such an outstanding strength!

What kind of monster was he?

“Duan Qing, you——”

The Second Prince awakened after receiving the heavy blow. His eyes were filled with icy murderous intent as he snapped, “You chose the path to hell instead of the path to heaven! I’ve consumed the Spirit Enhancement Pill! There’s no way you would stand a chance against me! Now die!”

Seven golden rays were emitted from the Second Prince’s back, together with an icy beast in a pouncing stance.

The beast uttered a furious roar, firing glaciers toward its target.

“Duan Qing!”

The Third Prince and the others were startled, and immediately prepared to interrupt.

Judging from Duan Qing’s aura, he was suffering from severe injuries. He would further injure himself if he were to battle against the Second Prince now.

“Stay away from me! Heavenly Accumulating Strike!”

Qin Nan stopped the Third Prince and the others, before his eyes displayed a tremendous battle intent and he opened his mouth wide. The power of the Phoenix Soul-Consuming Fire and the Vermilion Bird Striking the Heavens was accumulated into a light dot a light dot firing at his enemy.


A huge explosion took place.

The Second Prince was left in a devastating state due to the terrifying explosion.


The Second Prince’s voice became weaker, with a hint of agony.

His eyes finally displayed a hint of terror now.

As the Second Prince of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom, his life had been smooth since he was young, as he was able to defeat countless foes that he had faced.

However, he had experienced his first defeat in Duan Qing’s hands, and continued to fail for the second, and now the third time!

It was as if this man had countless trump cards up his sleeves, granting him a boundless strength. He could never be defeated no matter how hard he tried.


Qin Nan’s eyes turned cold.

He did not hesitate. Following a clank, he drew out the ancient saber Ira, which emitted a shocking saber aura aiming at the Second Prince’s head.

If he did not slay the Second Prince today, he would not be able to calm his rage!

That being said, apart from the Second Prince, the fault lay with Di Fengyun and the Skyhowl White Tiger too!

Although he could not get his revenge now, he would avenge himself when the time came!

He respected those who paid respect to him! However, if one were to draw his sword at him, he would show no mercy either!

Meanwhile, the Third Prince was stunned seeing this.

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