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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 584


Chapter 584: Chapter 584 - I'm... Not Dead Yet!

Chapter 584 - I’m...Not Dead Yet!

The whole Emperor’s Audience Hall fell into a dead silence.

Elder Wang, whose eyes were bloodshot, was left with a blank expression, as if he had just witnessed something unbelievable.

...On the screen...

The Skyhowl White Tiger continued to battle intensely with the Dragon Abyss Tree, resulting in a greatly astonishing sight.

Meanwhile, at the bottom of the cliff, a human figure suddenly appeared.

The figure was covered in blood, stumbling forward with an extremely weak aura, leaving footprints of blood in his wake, as he slowly made his way to the peak.

Even though his figure seemed extremely tiny physically, in the eyes of the ministers, his presence was no smaller than an ancient giant!

Duan Qing, was still alive!

He had survived the attack from the Skyhowl White Tiger’s clone!

Although the clone was only a half-Martial Sacred, although the power of its attack had diminished due to the Dragon Abyss Tree interfering, it could still easily kill a seventh-layer or eighth-layer Martial Highness Realm cultivator!

Duan Qing was only a peak Martial Dominator Realm cultivator, and he had managed to survive the attack?


Someone among the crowd suddenly took a deep breath, breaking the silence of the hall.

Following this, the ministers collected their thoughts and blurted out simultaneously!

“He’s not dead! Duan Qing is still not dead!”

“What exactly is going on! How did such a powerful attack fail to eliminate him?”

“Did Zhou Bihua provide him with some sort of protection?”

Elder Wang instantly recovered hearing the screams. He finally confirmed that it was not a dream;Duan Qing had really survived!

It did not matter how he had survived, as his survival was far more important than that!

It was enough that he was still alive!

In comparison, the smile on Di Fengyun’s face stiffened while his face turned slightly pale.


How was it possible that he was not dead!

...Meanwhile, at the Heartbroken Cliff...


Longhu uttered a great roar. The outstanding strength from his bloodline of the Heavenly Dragon and Thunderous Tiger was displayed as the battle continued, allowing him to resist the waves of attacks unleashed by the Second Prince.

The Third Prince and Jiang Bilan both executed some forbidden techniques to boost their cultivations.

Either due to anger or some other reason, the strength that they displayed was scarier than usual!

At that instant, the Second Prince Song Li was losing the battle as his figure was constantly knocked backward.

“Master White Tiger! Please help! Slay them all!”

A hint of fear could be seen in his eyes as he raised his head and yelled out.

The Skyhowl White Tiger, who was busy battling against the Dragon Abyss Tree, became enraged hearing the words, “Useless prick! Duan Qing is already dead, and you still still can’t get rid of the others!”

In the midst of his speech, the Skyhowl White Tiger’s eyes fired two bloody beams across the space.

“White Tiger, you dare try and kill again! Not on my watch!”

The Dragon Abyss Tree let out a furious roar as branches were spread rapidly to shroud the sky, blocking the two bloody beams.

“Dragon Abyss!”

The Skyhowl White Tiger roared.

The development of the battle had completely exceeded its expectation. Initially, it had assumed that the Dragon Abyss Tree would not dare to oppose it, but to its surprise the Dragon Abyss Tree had fought back daringly. In addition to that, the Second Prince who had consumed the Spirit Enhancement Pill was still no match against the Third Prince and his crew!

If it continued like this, it was impossible for the Second Prince to acquire the title of the crown prince!

“Screw it! Now that Duan Qing is dead, it’s only a matter of time until the Vermilion Bird Platoon is eliminated! Even if the Third Prince is chosen as the crown prince, once my plan has succeeded, I could even get rid of the emperor!” The Skyhowl White Tiger quickly adjusted its thoughts. Its only concern now was to leave this goddamned Dragon Abyss Mystical Ground.

The Second Prince was startled after seeing that the Skyhowl White Tiger had failed to assist to assist him.

“Third Prince, take a look around you! Duan Qing is dead! You have lost your hope! Surrender at once, and I shall spare your lives——”

The Second Prince snapped demandingly.

He was extremely depressed knowing that he had still failed to acquire the title of the crown prince after spending so much effort to kill Duan Qing.


Longhu, the Third Prince, and Jiang Bilan became enraged and executed greater attacks against the Second Prince.

“Crap! There’s no chance I’m winning this! Forget it, that doesn’t really matter! Duan Qing is dead now, thus the Vermilion Bird Platoon has lost their hope! The White Tiger Platoon will continue to grow stronger, and eventually we’ll wipe out the Vermilion Bird Platoon! By then, even if Third Brother is appointed the crown prince, I can easily dethrone him!”

The Second Prince firmly made up his mind.

There was no need for him to continue fighting the Third Prince. His priority now was to save his own life!

With a kick, his figure flew forward like a sharp blade as he grabbed the fainted Yao Ji and prepared to flee.

“Trying to escape?”

Jiang Bilan’s eyes turned icy.

“HAHAHA, Third Brother, your Second Brother won’t be competing for the title of the crown prince anymore. It’s all yours now! A piece of advice though, you’d better stop chasing me and look for Duan Qing’s corpse Duan Qing’s corpse instead! Otherwise, the beasts in the lake might devour his body…” The Second Prince burst out laughing.

Jiang Bilan, Longhu, and the Third Prince held their breaths.

The words served as a heavy blow to their chests!

If they did not go and search for Duan Qing’s corpse at once, it might be gone forever!

“We must find him regardless whether he’s alive or dead! Even if Brother Duan Qing has fallen, we can’t let his corpse be devoured by the beasts! Let’s go! I will deal with this prick after the trial ends!” The Third Prince yelled out with bloodshot eyes.

Longhu and Jiang Bilan’s hands trembled slightly.

The Second Prince was enlightened seeing this. He had made the right guess, as these idiots would definitely go look for Duan Qing’s corpse, giving him the chance to escape. He had plenty of time to deal with them in the future.

However, as the Second Prince was about to leave the place, a hoarse voice could be heard all of a sudden.

“Second Prince, sorry for letting you down. I’m...not dead yet!”

The words served as a shocking explosion.

Everyone could only see a swaying human figure thoroughly covered in blood approaching them while panting heavily. It was as if he would fall to the ground at any second.

The person was none other than Qin Nan!

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